Pennace Photography: Photography for the Free Spirit in NYC!

Y’all! I’m delighted to introduce one of APW’s newest sponsors: Laura Pennace, the powerhouse behind Pennace Photography. Laura is located in New York City, and travels to New England and Massachusetts for really cheap (rad), and super affordably anywhere else. But better still? You guys are going to love her.

When Laura emailed me about advertising with APW, she sent me this list describing herself. And I knew right away that she was a keeper. So let’s get started with what I’d call the basics of Pennace Photography, via Laura herself:

  1. I’m awesome (I am probably a bit biased but I feel it’s good to start this list strong).
  2. Someone at a wedding once called me “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” because of how I photograph (very unobtrusively).
  3. I’m fun, personable, and kind of goofy – which makes people feel comfortable around me!
  4. I’m always willing to work with a couple to achieve the photos they want with the budget they have. I think everyone deserves beautiful wedding photos, and that this can be done. In addition to packages. I also have an hourly rate.
  5. I’m LGBT-friendly and am listed as a vendor on So You’re EnGAYged (Editors note: I think all photographers should be. Get on that, photographers!).
  6. I’ve shot weddings of various sizes – from 3 people (the bride, groom, and officiant) to 250+ people.

Beyond Pennace Photography clearly being a perfect match for APW (I mean, come on. Girlfriend started the list by telling us she was awesome. That’s how I’d start my list!) she loves Team Practical. Laura told me this, “APW couples are amazzzing! Down-to-earth, totally chill, and unique. I LOVE that. Every couple is different, and I want to capture you as you are – perfect for each other and uniquely you – while making you laugh the entire day (at either me or my super bad jokes! Good thing I didn’t decide to do stand-up!).”

Besides that, she has great rates. Her general, all inclusive wedding photography packages start at $3,400, but because she particularly adores APW-ers, she’s offering you guys her much simpler, top-secret, $2,000 package. She means it when she says she wants to make sure everyone can afford excellent wedding photography.

Laura told me that she looks at photography as a grand adventure. It’s, “celebrating a couple and capturing who they are in one of the most memorable moments of their lives.” Oh, and did I mention? Pennace Photography’s tag line is “photography for the free spirit.” Somehow, I have a feeling you guys are going to make magic together. So, New York City and New England ladies? Today is your lucky day.

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  • I’m a free spirit! I need her!! Lol. I have a friend lined up, but hey welcome! :)

  • Darcy

    Wow, can I just say more bridal photography needs to be done on the back of a horse? Gorgeous work.

  • Liz

    I can tell you all firsthand, of the awesomeness that is Pennace Photography. The first picture in this post is from the shoot that my fiance and I had with Laura this past week. She is a wonderful person to work with, and she made us immediately feel comfortable (even though it was about a million degrees!). She will walk all over the city, and take you to the most beautiful places. The girl will even lie down in the streets of NYC to get the picture that she wants. So far, we’ve only seen two pictures from the shoot, but I have no doubt that the rest will be equally as fantastic. Book her for your wedding! Now!

  • ajesh

    hai meg its nice one