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When I started APW, part of my foundational philosophy about wedding vendors was that the best people to work with are those who are artists, but happen to make their livings working on weddings. As someone who grew up around working artists and then went to art school, nothing makes me happier than seeing incredibly talented artists paying the bills by doing work that they love. Today’s post could not be a more perfect example of that philosophy. Many of you remember that last fall, after I went to Mighty Summit, I told you about Cecily of Uppercase Woman, who I met and adored. Today, I’m honored to write a post for her very best friend, Sarah of Photography Bloom in Philadelphia (you can also see her amazing fine art work, like the picture above, as Sad and Beautiful on Flickr). Today’s post is a surprise birthday present for Sarah (Happy Birthday!) and an excellent present for you east coasters looking for a fine art photographer to shoot your wedding (affordably… her rates start at just $1,500 for weddings). So let’s meet Sarah:

Sarah’s work is wide ranging and jaw-droppingly good. Cecily told me that she’s shot, “rappers and musicians for a local label, photographed authors (Meg’s note: like Jennifer Egan, holy sh*t!), and also of course her personal art series of doing self portraits in abandoned buildings.” And that self portrait series? Brilliant doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

But it’s not just her work work that’s a great fit for Team Practical; it’s Sarah herself. Cecily says:

I think Sarah would be a great fit for APW couples because she’s open minded, open hearted, and has an amazing gift of cutting through the clutter and seeing the hearts at the center of a wedding. She’s also very talented at alternating between the traditional and the truly creative and unconventional; she can help the couple look their best in whatever way they WANT to look their best. She’s also open to all kinds of marriages and weddings and will not blink an eye at any aspects of the couple’s relationship. She’ll happily indulge their every whim, too. Sarah also has her own unique love story and journey to marriage – as a single mom, she met and fell in love with a work colleague who was living in Europe. Eventually he moved here to be with her; they married after only seeing each other in person only a handful of times and without living together for more than a week! Still happily married, too, six years later.

But perhaps my favorite part of the whole post is this bit. It’s why Cecily got her this post as a present, why she loves Sarah’s work, and why she thinks you’ll love Sarah, too:

I think Sarah is awesome for so many reasons… first, we were not-sober friends and roommates, then we got sober at the same time and learned to be true friends in the face of that. Secondly, I have been blessed to watch her blossom into her full self over these last ten years, and her photography has been a big part of that. She’s got an uncanny artistic sense that makes her portraits (whether of herself or others) sing, and being lucky enough to be on the sidelines while she went through that process is just f*cking spectacular. She’s my best friend, my daughter’s godmother, and the best damned photographer I know.

All that, and Photography Bloom‘s wedding photography starts at just $1,500. You’re welcome Philadelphia, you’re welcome. So go, browse her Flickr stream, look at her blog, get in touch. And Happy Birthday Sarah, from all of Team Practical!


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  • Stephanie

    What an awesome birthday present…And damn, that is some impressive photography!

  • Love the pictures!

  • Scrolling through these images, it’s actually impossible not to be inspired. It’s evident that Sarah is passionate about music and fashion.

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