Pop! Wed Co. Pop-Up Weddings And Elopements In D.C.

The no-work, all-play way to get married

Pop! Wed Co. | A Practical Wedding
Once upon a time, when Michael and I were young and broke and just getting started wedding planning, we ran off to the courthouse to elope so that we could take advantage of Michael’s health insurance and the tax breaks that would subsequently pay for most of our wedding. In 2009, eloping wasn’t a thing you publicized, and it certainly wasn’t something you were allowed to be excited about (which is why we kept ours a secret for so long). But I’m glad that things have changed. Because even though Michael and I loved our big, fat, crazy wedding, our elopement was one of the most romantic things we’ve ever done. And now Pop! Wed Co. is here to make eloping in the D.C. area the easiest, most fun way to get married. For just $1500, they do the planning, the officiating, the photography, and when it’s all over, they put together a beautiful album to remember the day by, effectively taking the experience from, “Uh, I guess we’re eloping?” (me) to, “OMG WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” (you).

Pop! Wed Co. | A Practical Wedding

To help explain what they do, Pop Wed Co.‘s founders and partners in crime, Steven and Maggie, have put together this awesome stop-motion video that gives you all the information you need to know, plus dinosaurs:

Can’t watch videos at work? Don’t like dinosaurs? Here’s the rundown of what you get with Pop! Wed Co.:

A legal wedding ceremony: Steven will marry you with a custom secular ceremony—short and sweet, with any readings, vows, or other things you would like to add!
all The annoying paperwork: D.C. requires couples to apply for a license and then wait three full days before marrying. But Pop! Wed Co. takes care of your application FOR YOU so that when your wedding day comes around, you can get legally married, without having to spend hours in line at the courthouse!

Pop! Wed Co. | A Practical Wedding

Ceremony photography & a portrait session: Maggie will photograph the ceremony, and then together you’ll explore the neighborhood for about an hour to capture awesome wedding day portraits of just the two of you! A few weeks after your wedding, you’ll receive a link to your online gallery where you can view, share, and download your wedding photos at full resolution.
Some fun wedding day treats: Depending on the location, Maggie and Steven will even bring your choice of wedding day treats and in some cases a couple props for a fun sendoff!

Pop! Wed Co. | A Practical Wedding

We’re not quite any one wedding vendor—we’ll probably be your only wedding vendor! Steven is a Humanist wedding officiant and coordinator, and I’m a photographer and weddingawesome designer. With Pop! Wed Co., you choose a date (and location), we customize a package to you, and then you show up on your wedding day with your partner, any guests, and an awesome outfit! We’ll have a rad location, all the paperwork ready for a legal D.C. marriage, and some awesome wedding-day treats.

So why elopements and pop-up weddings? Maggie and Steven say, “A lot of the wedding industry absolutely baffles us. There are so many societal expectations and everyone is trying to upsell couples left right and all over the place. And sometimes the real part—the love part—gets lost. We want to photograph/officiate for/hang out with APW couples because you guys are all about the love and marriage part, and that’s the part we love the most too.” Maggie adds, “I love to capture a tiny slice of my couples’ lives so that you look back at the photos and remember exactly how you felt at that moment. Giant grins and happy tears. The snap of two grooms running full speed towards the camera as the sky opens up during their portraits. A couple on Metro in wedding dresses looking amazing and awesome and happy. I love the moments that happen in between things—the loving, excited hugs and nervous pre-wedding giggles.”

Pop! Wed Co. | A Practical Wedding

There are a lot of wedding trends that the industry likes to foist on couples, but turning elopements into rad events and making pop-up weddings a thing is a movement I can one hundred percent get behind. So if you’re officially over wedding planning and are thinking that eloping or a D.C. pop-up wedding might be the thing for you, head over to Pop! Wed Co. and schedule a call with Steven and Maggie. And don’t forget to check out their Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to all your burning questions (such as, “Can we have guests at this wedding?” and “Is this thing legal?”) and their newly launched Tumblr for kick-ass elopement inspiration. Then kick back, relax, and do… nothing. Because with Pop! Wed Co., the only thing you’re responsible for is being in love (and maybe finding a hot outfit).

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  • Andrea

    Let me be the first to say that Maggie and Steve are amazing photographers and I had the great luck to find them about 3 weeks before my now husband and I turned a planned engagement party into a wedding in our backyard last year – and I owe much of my wedding plans to APW too! Maggie’s photos were phenomenal and I could not have been more pleased. I am so excited for them with this new venture – you will not be disappointed with their excitement and attention to detail.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Eventually my partner and I will “elope” to either NYC or DC. She wants NYC, I want DC. This could seal the deal!

  • jealous DC bride

    I AM SO ANGRY THAT I CAN’T DO THIS FOR MY WEDDING. I’m getting married in DC in a month and I wanted an elopement sooo badly, but my fiance really wanted a wedding, so a wedding it is. If only I’d known about this a year ago when we got engaged; I think I totally could have talked him around!

    …with that said, does anyone know if they do vow renewals?! :) :)

    • I bet your wedding will be awesome though! :D

      We do vow renewals too though, and we’d love to meet you another time!

  • Caitlyn

    OMG, I live in Baltimore and I have been really wanting to elope, but fiance wants a wedding… I might be able to sell him on this. Stop-motion animation with dinosaurs should help :) I just checked out their website and was in tears over how awesome the weddings are and how much this is exactly what I want… now if I can only convince my man!

  • foxandowl

    Looks a lot like Emily Alt who started offering this awhile ago. Seems like a good idea is spreading.

  • Dianne
    • Ahhh Dianne this image made me grin soooo much :D Thank you!! I hope you guys are doing awesome :D