Printable Press APW Inspired Foodie Invites

A few weeks ago we hosted an inspiration contest for long time APW sponsor Printable Press, who just launched a line of printable non-wedding invitations (Party! Baby! Shower!), and today the designs inspired by your suggestions are in (eeee!). Kimi has this to say about the comment that inspired the design:

I was completely smitten with JenMac‘s entry, where she happily admitted to being obsessed with food (yay foodies!), but also admitted to wanting to include healthy options. And she’s so right. There are now new designs on our Party Invitation site—one devoted to fruit, and one devoted to vegetables (more colors available on Big Cartel). So here’s to you JenMac, both for the entry and reminding me how delicious and beautiful ALL kinds of food are. It was a total inspiration. JenMac, you can use one of these invitations or any other you like for any party you might throw. 

But… I got swept up in all the food suggestions, I just couldn’t help it. So I have created some invitations for the carnivores out there as well (like you, Caroline!) because I believe eating should be celebrated (again, more colors and design variations on Big Cartel). 

And thank you to all who gave suggestions, you have given me tons of ideas. The APW community is so wonderful—inventive, smart, funny. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.

So JenMac, you get a free printable press invite. The one designed with you in mind, or another one. Your choice. Email me and we’ll make it happen And everyone, I’d stay tuned to Printable Press’s Big Cartel shop. It contains the foodie invites in a wide variety of colors, plus new designs (like the baby shower invite above, which I want to eat). Knowing Kimi, the goodness will probably keep coming, so stay tuned.

And for everyone else, while we’re talking about Kimi and the APW community, did you see her house on Design*Sponge (with pictures of the nursery and their trees on Kimi’s blog Field Papers?) I’ve been to Kimi’s house, and it’s even more inspiring in person… particularly as the home of two working artists in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. (I’m tired of pretty million dollar homes, y’all. Of course you can make your house pretty with millions of dollars. I want things I can aspire to!)

And if you want more APW community related goodness like this (or pretty stuff/ fascinating links) stay tuned to the APW Facebook page where I’m sharing these things every day now. Think of it as APW: the extras.

And yay APW community!

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  • Caroline

    Oh my goodness!!!! I don’t have any money for them right now, but in a few months when I do I am going to buy some of those chicken invites. Thank you!!! That is so cool!

  • Dang, those are cute!

  • These are quite touching invitation cards. It takes a lot do design this kind of work to be done.