Printable Wedding Logos, Stickers, and Stamps from Printable Press

For $25. What?

by Meg Keene, CEO & Editor-In-Chief


How Do I make everything cute, Fast?

It’s spring. For many of you getting married this year, it’s suddenly crunch time. And if you’re anything like me, that means you want to make everything as pretty as possible with as little effort as possible. Can you maybe just get a THING that you can put on all the THINGS, so it will look like you’re one of those super stylish pulled together people? Can this thing be magically easy and also really cheap? Is that too much to ask??? IS IT? Well, no. Turns out, it’s not. Because Kimi, the magician designer behind Printable Press has just rolled out printable wedding logos, stickers, and stamps.


#LazyGirl Projects You can… Order Online

Printable Press’s wedding logos are not, like, corporate logos. Instead, they’re little bits of personalized pretty that you can buy for just $25. You pick the style, your initials, and the colors. Printable Press sends you a high-res file, which you can then use to make a bunch of different projects. And by “make projects,” I mean “order things online.” (Which, cough, is exactly my style. #LazyGirlCrafts)

First, Kimi herself is offering printed stickers and coasters and personalized rubber stamps of the wedding logos. Through Printable Press, you can order 2” x 2” stickers in round or square, 4” x 4” double-thick card stock coasters, and 2” x 2” wood-backed rubber stamps. Stickers start as low as 40 cents per sticker, coasters are $1.50 each, and rubber stamps are $55 (and can be used in so, so many ways).

Here is what else you can order with your new, totally gorgeous wedding logo:

  • Order temporary tattoos for the after party. The APW team is a big fan of Tattoo Sales (fast delivery, high quality). And uh, let magic like this happen.
  • Print stickers and labels. You can do this at home using your standard Avery labels, or you can decide you’re too lazy (I don’t judge), and order them through Zazzle. Put the stickers on… everything. Envelopes, gift tags, favor boxes, packages of confetti, PACKAGES OF CONFETTI.
  • Print iron-on transfers (at home!) with your pretty little logo, and iron them onto muslin favor bags, tea towels, napkins… basically the prettiest.
  • Order custom paper napkins. Or if I do say so myself, order custom foil paper napkins. It’s going to be a little while before you have an excuse to order yourself custom cocktail napkins again.
  • Or custom boxes of matches? Eh?
  • Or my very favorite: coasters.
  • Or my other favorite: balloons.
  • And of course you can go big and do custom tote bags (the files are totally big enough), or put your logo on your seating chart.
  • Or, you can just print them at home on your inkjet printer, and cut them using a fancy circle cutter (like this or this), cut them into squares, or cut them into tags. No need for shopping if you don’t want to go shopping.

You’re only limited by your imagination here, so the sky is the limit.


Fancy Up Your Wedding Website

Lots of the coolest wedding websites (Glosites, Squarespace) look extra good with a tiny bit of graphic design love. There is nothing like uploading some photos and thinking, “If I just had a cool logo, I could make this wedding website look bad ass with no work at all.” And then pondering if you can build a logo in… Word? Or PowerPoint maybe?

So maybe you don’t care about stickers and muslin favor bags. Maybe you’re not even crafty enough to order crafts online. But you do want an awesome wedding website with… little to no design work on your part. Yeah, I feel you. God bless Printable Press, for providing a $25, customizable, totally cute solution to your problem. Order your logo, upload it to your new website, pat yourself on the back, and then go take a nap.


More from A Printable Press…

Printable Press launched on APW back in 2009. (In fact, back then, printable wedding invites were really uncommon, so I suggested the idea for the business to Kimi, after seeing her amazing invitations to her own wedding, that she printed at home. Kimi is a super established graphic designer, whose work is seen on everything from large-scale artwork, to covers of children’s books. But working with APWers on their wedding invitations and wedding designs is one of her favorite things. She says, “Our customers who are devoted readers of APW are the absolute best. We know that they will be both fun and believe in the importance of a wedding as the initiation into marriage, two things so close to my heart. The best thing about my job is making people happy. The greatest party of my day is hearing that we have made something personal for our couples, and made the whole wedding planning process a little bit simpler, in a whirlwind time.


Printable Press has always been motivated by providing high-end design at any budget. Their printed cards are very affordable, on luscious thick textured paper, or you can print your stationery yourself at home, through an online printer, at a professional print shop, or some can even be letterpressed. At Printable Press, they really truly believe that everyone deserves beauty. Plus there is more to come! Kimi says, “We are always evolving and always eager to hear about what couples want. We will be adding magnet save-the-dates soon. Sign up for our newsletter (right on the top of our main page) to be the first to know.”

P.S. Pro-tip. Go get lost in their free downloads section.

Meg Keene

Meg is the Founder and EIC of APW. She has written two best selling wedding books: A Practical Wedding and A Practical Wedding Planner. Meg has her BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children. For more than you ever wanted to know about Meg, you can visit #NASTY

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  • macrain

    We chose those foxes for our invites! Love them!

    • Meg Keene

      Fun fact: those foxes are from KIMI’s invites, which are the ones that inspired me to tell her she should start Printable Press.

  • Jessica

    I’m not saying I *would* love a wedding more if there were tattoos available, I’m just saying I would be *more likely* to love a wedding more if I woke up with a temporary tattoo sleeve filled with my friends’ initials as I walk down to brunch.

    • Meg Keene

      And you wondered how it got there…

  • Laura C

    Oh. Wow. That’s very interesting.

    BTW, our Printable Press invite (All Lit Up) has gotten a lot of compliments. I don’t know, maybe everyone is told by several people that their invitations are pretty, but I’ve been amazed that people, like, mention it to my mom, or text my fiance as soon as they get the invitation.

    • Jessica

      I received no notes about people loving our invite–All Lit Up was my favorite design from A Printable Press though.

  • Emily

    Oh, A Printable Press. You guys always crush it. SO GOOD.

  • Rachel Morris

    Thank you for the Pro Tip. I will now happily get lost in their site.

  • Alison M


    I really like some of the logo options listed (especially the leafy ones and the hands tying a knot) but I really wish there was one of two hands giving a high five!

  • Jess

    so, i discovered the vellum stickers at paper source for our printables….omg address labels never looked so good. i added a border around the edge of the label so between the texture and the see-through-ness of the vellum, it looks like washi tape or something. gorgeous.

    also, i wish post this had been posted like, 3 weeks ago. too late for us! :(

    • emmers

      Do you have a photo of what you did with the address labels? Because they sound hott!

      • Jess

        you know, i’m not sure. i will check and get back to you! :)

  • Best. THING. EVER!

  • question: I design on my own already, and have had such a hard time finding a reliable printing source that has quirky options like kraft paper stickers and whatnot that will still let me use my own print-ready designs. Do you recommend a place for this?

  • I think we might be in need of a family logo now to put on all the things.

    And of course I need my own personal logo.

    Now, what should they look like?