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Today’s sponsored post is for a Printable Press, a sponsor who’s been working with APW for forever-ever. The story is this: after Kimi got married (remember her amazing wedding dress?) I suggested to her that she start a business selling printable wedding invitations, because the wedding invitations she designed and printed at home were stunning. Back in late 2008, there were not a lot of printable wedding invitations on the market, and I really really wanted there to be. That, and Kimi happens to be a stunningly talented designer, and I loved the idea of her designs being affordable.

So, a few months later, a Printable Press was born, and it was excellent. Printable Press sells you customized jpgs of wedding invitations and full wedding suites for a crazy low cost. Then, you can take your pick of how to print them. You can print them at home on a color printer. I did this for my bridal shower, and my 30th birthday party (Kimi actually re-designed these invites especially for my 30th), and it was easy as heck. But for those of you that are freaked out by even DIY light, you can also have the invites printed by a local affordable printer, or even Kinkos (a How-To post on this is coming soon).

I didn’t think it was possible for Printable Press to get better, but today I’m proud to announce that it has. Not only have all of their designs been tweaked and made more lovely for 2011, but they are launching a whole new way to customize invites. Last year, APW hosted a giveaway for a new custom design by Printable Press. As the ideas flowed in on the kind of invitations that you guys wished existed, Kimi had a ‘ah-ha’ moment. What if she gave people a way to customize their own affordable invitations, giving people the chance to show their personality and display the style of their event in an easy and beautiful way? After a lot of hard work, Kimi came up with three sets of customizable designs, which are having their big launch on APW today!

Love Symbols (invitation seen above) has 20 different logos (also above), to show your personality and your reception style—from wedding bells for the traditional and utensils for the gourmands, to a bubbling chemistry set for the geeky lovers. You can mix and match any two symbols.

Kindred Spirits (which is Kimi’s secret favorite) has 12 animal couples you can choose from, which you can think of as totems or heraldic symbols. There are tigers bumping noses for the wild at heart, squirrels touching hands for the urban rustics, deer for the woodsy types.

(And because this is APW and Printable Press, the lions, tigers, deer and chickens can all be made same-sex rather than two different genders. The rest are non-gender specific. Also? There are Narwhals.)

In The Stars (this is my secret favorite) has constellations, and you can choose the two partners’ zodiac signs and combine them in a starry sky – for those whose love is written in the stars, or just really love the zodiac… or pretty things.

So how cool is that? Seriously, HOW COOL? That officially makes stellar design affordable, and it makes stellar customizable design affordable. Plus? The whole thing was inspired by Team Practical. So go, browse, customize, enjoy.

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    Eeek! Printable Press is the Best Ever! Kimi customized the “All Lit Up” invitations for our weddings, and we got all kinds of compliments, especially from my mom’s circle of artistic friends.

    I want to get married all over again next week just so I can use another one of her designs… like NARWHALS! So frickin’ cool!

  • aaaaahhh! I want to get married again, just so I can order those star invites. We should renew our vows. Six months in. Okay, maybe not. But I LOVE these.

  • Alyssa


    Notice the amount of yelling that is going on here? We’re all screaming with joy. And sadness that we’re already married.

    Must go plan an event. I need the narwals on SOMETHING in my life.

    • Mattingly

      totally! narwhals make everything in life better.
      no joke, my husband got me a book on narwhals for christmas. and it was a legit romantic gift for me… ;P but then again, i’m a marine bio major who adores whales. so perhaps i’m just odd. lol

  • Rizubunny

    HOLY CRAP AWESOME. We still haven’t decided what to do for invitations, and although I love the idea of Printable Press, none of the existing designs really called to me. But narwhals, and lions, and wine bottles. Awesome. Very, very possibly winners.

  • Katie

    I was super glad to find Printable Press. It not only saved us a bunch of money, but we got tons of compliments. We went with Shining Night, and Kimi customized it so that the background color matched my wedding flip flops. Seriously awesome.

  • Mallory

    Coming from a potential customer, I want Glo and Printable Press to have a love child. Printable Press has the most beautiful, trendy, artsy, unique designs I’ve seen but I love the eco-friendlyness and ease of the Glo invites and RSVP system. Potential future vendor collaboration…? I hope so!!!!

  • Aly

    I love the designs! If one of the “Kindred Spirits” had been dinosaurs, I would have scrapped all my current invitation designs in a heartbeat. Sadly, we are just not narwhal people, so I will stick with my current invite plan, but I do love all of these options!

    Seriously though, if you ever expand the Kindred Spirits line- kissing dinosaurs (brontosauruses or whatever they’re called these days, not t-rexes)! I tried sooooo hard to find dino invites but all I could find were ones for kids birthday parties. :(

    • Andrea

      OMG kindred-spirit dinosaurs. OMG.

  • Alicemay

    Love the octupi. Or octopuses. Or however the heck you pluralise octopus.

  • I almost want to scrap our invitation plan just to order some of those Kindred Spirit ones with the deer. We call each other “deer” instead of “dear” (because we are oh so clever) and I can’t believe that they have a girl and boy deer together. It’s almost impossible to find an image like that with them not being mirror images. Want! Want!

  • Gah! So lovely! I wanna get married all over again just so I can get these invitations!


    I’m so glad I’m not married yet, so that I can use those one day – if I can wait that long. I might just throw a party as an excuse to use them.

  • suzanna

    I have long admired Printable Press for their amazing designs and incredible concept. They just turned it up to 11. Thank you, jeebus!

  • Every time I settle on an awesome DIY invitation plan, you post something AMAZING and INDEPENDENT to distract me and make me be all, “but what if…?” Gawd. Damnit.

    And I mean that in the best way possible.

  • I love this idea. Lu-huh-huve it! That the designs are beautiful too is just icing on an already awesome cake!

  • (And because this is APW and Printable Press, the lions, tigers, deer and chickens can all be made same-sex rather than two different genders. The rest are non-gender specific. Also? There are Narwhals.)

    Why are APW vendors SO GOOD?!?!????

    I love all of you.

  • lolo7835

    I’ve had PP bookmarked for months, and this is yet another reason we’re thinking of doing our invites with them. Have you seen their stuff they do with trees? AH-MAH-ZING

  • Kate

    can’t WAIT for the How To post!!

  • janna

    I am sorry to be in ANY way negative..but I gotta know….there are SEVERAL designs here that are IDENTICAL to Bella Figura designs. Like, not maybe pixel for pixel identical but way, way past “similar concept”. Did Bella Figura (which IS pricey, admittedly) rip off PP or vice versa? And again – sorry to be neg- but it’s undeniable. Both companies have some pretty self-righteous stuff about copying on their websites, so someone is a bit…..well you know.

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