A Printable Press Does It Again

Featuring new watercolor designs

by Meg Keene, APW Executive Editor

Sometimes it seems like the no-win dilemma of the wedding industry is: you can choose custom work from amazing independent artists, or you can choose mass market products that you can actually afford. Four years ago, A Printable Press stepped into this gap, with beautiful hand designed wedding invitations that you could print at home, at a copy shop, or with a professional printer. (Fun fact: Kimi and I were in cahoots with the original idea for the business, and APW got to announce A Printable Press when it launched.) But over the past year or so, Kimi has seriously upped the ante. In an industry where wedding printables often just means someone-with-access-to-photoshop, Kimi is the real deal. She’s a trained artist (see that huge black and white work of art in the first picture of her home tour? That’s Kimi’s own work.) And this year she broke out her watercolors and designed this beautiful watercolor wedding invitation collection that’s just as affordable as all the rest of APP’s work.

Since A Printable Press‘s motto is the John Muir as saying “Everyone needs beauty as well as bread,” they believe in affordable art for your wedding. With APP, you have two options: you can buy personalized printable pdfs of the invitation for just $79, and print them at home or at a copy shop or where ever you want (see a full APW tutorial on how to do that easily here). But, for the lazy girls that don’t want to print at home, you can have APP do the printing for you. Or, for $127 TOTAL, you can get a personalized design printed with APP and get 50 invitations including envelopes on deliciously thick paper—check out the full printing catalogue here. (Pro tip: you only tend to need about 50 invites for a wedding with 100 guests, because couples and families only get one). I don’t need to tell you those are insanely good prices, so what I will tell you is this: the printing quality is spectacular. Kimi did our birth announcements (stunning, obviously), and the printing was flawless.

But before you go thinking that the art in A Printable Press’s designs is limited to just invitations, take a good hard look at each of the suites featured in this post. Kimi doesn’t just duplicate the invitation design over and over again; instead each separate element within a suite is its very own work of art (hello, can we talk about the save-the-dates?) And now Kimi even offers accessories to match your wedding invitations, from belly bands and backers to menus, programs, place cards and table numbers. Each one is gorgeous, and gives the feeling of hand done custom work, without the price.

Whether watercolors or woodland creatures, it’s obvious that the designs at A Printable Press are lovingly created with a ton of heart; like this updatable Kindred Spirits Invitation above inspired by Kimi and Paul’s original wedding invitation. Not only is it the design that started it all, but you can customize the animal kindred spirits with different animals, in the same or different genders (narwhal wedding, anyone?) And the vintage destination suite below? You can update it with any state or country. Not to mention the fact that you can pick your colors (and paper!) on all of A Printable Press designs, and you have customized artistic work, for the best price you could possibly wish for. (Oh, and they do baby announcements and posters and more!)

Everyone needs beauty as well as bread. And with A Printable Press you don’t have to choose. So go ahead and get your gorgeous, artist-created custom designs without having to sacrifice on other important wedding-related things. Like booze.

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  • Emmers

    “Pro tip: you only tend to need about 50 invites for a wedding with 100 guests, because couples and families only get one”

    This totally makes pro invitations seem more affordable. Thanks for the tip, APW! Good one.

    • Rachel

      Yessss! I just had the light bulb moment on this last week when looking at invitations. It’s like finding $5 in your pocket, basically.

      • Meghan

        As someone having a big wedding and needing to keep a solid count on a huge-by-wedding-blog-standards list, I had every guest strictly separated out to be counted individually. Creating the master mailing list was a real light bulb moment for this – the “needs invitation” column on an APW spreadsheet actually triggered it. Woot so many less invites!

  • Rachel

    Yay, we’re currently in the invitation choosing phase…I love the woodland creatures and the last suite! Off to browse now!!

  • Laura C

    I was so excited to find Printable Press on a previous APW post because I really want my invitations printed on recycled paper at my local union shop, and this lets me do that while also choosing from a whole bunch of invitations I really love.

  • Laura K

    Those watercolor invitations are GORGEOUS. And I love the state map with a little heart for the city!

  • Marie

    Oh man, these are BEAUTIFUL. We’ve been thinking about just making our own invites and save-the-dates to save money, but these seem like an amazing option.

  • Holy goodness. Could these be any more perfect? And the fact that the top two suites are in my wedding colors is, like, a huge personal bonus.

  • Emily

    Oooh, the watercolors are so dreamy.

  • Great money saving tip! I agree with your motto, and I often use a complementary one by Azar Nafisi: “Art is as useful as bread,”

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