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When we were arranging for photographers to donate their services to Yay New York (our two free wedding, mass Team Practical party love fest this past August) Leah & Mark out of Atlanta volunteered to fly up to New York to participate right away. This wasn’t surprising since Leah & Mark photography offer free travel all over the US for APW-ers because they like you guys so much. But I was surprised and delighted when Mark told me that he was bringing +Raven, one of their associate photographers to shoot with them. Yay! I hadn’t met +Raven! I was excited! And then, the morning of the event, I showed up with coffee and a frazzled look on my face, and was greeted by a wry, hilarious Raven… and I was thrilled. (Hint: You can see lots of +Raven in this video of Yay New York that Leah & Mark shot.) Who was this girl? This deadpan, hilarious lady, making all the jokes, and climbing on ladders making things happen? Who was the girl cracking a joke and then taking a shot with the camera and then cracking another joke? I liked her.

Well that was +Raven. And lucky for you, you can hire her to shoot your wedding. And she’ll shoot it affordably too, because she likes you as much as you are going to like her. +Raven’s wedding rates start at just $2,400, and she’s offering 20% off for APW readers. She always offers no travel fees east of the Mississippi, with low travel fees in the west. /! (Drumroll please!) She’s currently offering free travel all over the US for APW-ers, if you book her before the end of 2011. All in, this is such an amazing deal, with a photographer you are going to click with so beautifully, that you can’t afford not to get on this!

This spring, when I introduced +Raven to you, she was just building her wedding portfolio. But Team Practical, being the fierce supporters of developing artists that you are, leapt at the chance to work with her. And now, her portfolio is worlds away from where it was a few short months ago. Her work has a great balance between emotion and stillness. She captures simple beauty and raging dance parties with equal clarity. She says, “I’m working on emphasizing the realness of my couples.  I’ve always made it my goal to present them naturally, but recently especially I’ve been really focusing on the completely raw emotions of the moments, of capturing the day in a series of feelings and details and pieces that all tell the entire story.” Beautiful, right?

Plus, she loves you. +Raven said, “Since last you all saw me on here, I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with a number of APW couples. (Who, needless to say, are stellar.) I keep falling in love with the APW couples I work with; we always have so much in common, which is so, so, so important to me. I need them to get my jokes, and I need to get theirs. I adore meeting people for the first time and feeling like we’ve always known each other. And they’re always so laid-back, which is another really awesome quality. Even through all the stress and nervousness, they know that everything will be okay, and that I’m there to help it become so.” And seriously. Y’all will get each others jokes (at least, if you get mine…)

When it comes to what +Raven is working on, I think you’ll enjoy it. Though long time readers know about my hatred of the “fake wedding” shot, +Raven is working on convincing me that there are styled shoots worth doing. Achem. Specifically she says, “Currently, we’re working on turning the wedding industry on it’s ear. We’ve done a couple of styled shoots lately, but they’re nothing like you’ve ever seen before. (Trust me; blood and kimonos were involved.) Also, I’m working on bringing back 80s lingo, like triumphant. As in, ‘those were some triumphant wedding pictures you took.’ Or, ‘wickedly triumphant guitar solo, man.'”

So like I said. You’ll like her. And her photos. And you have to take advantage of her great deal, all of the USA. You’re welcome, love me.

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  • having +Raven there was totally one of my favorite parts of Yay New York! Hire her you guys, you will love her too.

  • Rizubunny

    YES. Raven came with Mark to Miami to shoot our wedding (that’s my hands with the henna! And that’s us in the first picture! Rock on!). She is so awesome, at making pictures and jokes and at giving emotional support when the dude who is supposed to do your hair the morning of the wedding shows up 45 minutes late because he forgot about the appointment and then gives you a modified mullet-looking thing. Hire her now.