Reminder: Join the APW Team for 2013

If you haven’t already submitted your intern application yet, we just wanted to remind you that the deadline is this Saturday, December 1st (only a few days left!) I had a couple of twelve-hour flights last week and spent most of my time nose-deep in the current pool of applications, wondering how it is that all of our readers are so flipping smart (seriously, you guys are an impressive bunch).

As a reminder, we’re opening the internship program to two different kinds of intern positions this year. First, we will once again be looking for a writing intern. For this position, you should be someone who is in the middle of wedding planning, who will be getting married in mid/late 2013 or early 2014, and is interested in writing about planning at least every other week (possibly more) over the course of the next year.

We’ll also be opening up a spot for a business intern. This position is for anyone, married, pre-engaged, engaged, just lurking for fun, etc. who is interested in learning the business of running a blog and who can make a commitment of at least ten hours per month for the next year. Both are unpaid positions, but you’ll be joining an awesome team and you’ll get to learn a whole ton about online writing and publishing. We’ll work to make your resumé better and your life a little more fun (our staff email chains are epic). We’re committed to teaching you what you want to learn and letting you dive into projects you’re passionate about. That, and if you happen to be in Northern California, you’ll get to come to our super fun photo shoots and APW staff parties (they are good ones).

Applications will be accepted through midnight December 1st and should be submitted by e-mail to team at apracticalwedding dot com. 

And for those of you who missed the original post, the details:

The Writing Internship:

  • This is an internship position for someone who is in the trenches of wedding planning, who is getting married in mid/late 2013 or 2014, who wants to write about it.
  • The intern will be responsible for at least bi-weekly writing (possibly more) on wedding planning and will need to meet deadlines and accept edits with grace.
  • We expect you to understand, and be on board with, the APW voice and mission. Bonus points for writing that is both funny and deep.
  • That said, you can be dyslexic (Meg is). You just have to be a good writer.
  • We’ll ask you to tie in the APW book to your posts now and then, as you work through the planning process.
  • This is an unpaid internship and won’t necessarily result in a paid position.

The Business Internship:

  • This is an internship position for someone who wants to learn the back end of blogging, from submissions to social media to advertising to reader interaction.
  • The intern will work closely with APW’s editors learning the inner workings of APW and is responsible for committing to at least ten hours of work each month.
  • We expect you to understand, and be on board with, the APW voice and mission. Bonus points for anyone who is excited about and even has ideas for how to make the site grow, or has passion projects they want to work on.
  • While it’s not required, it’s extra awesome if you have graphic design skills.
  • This is an unpaid internship and won’t necessarily result in a paid position.

What we’re offering:

  • A chance to work with the (awesome) APW team for a year. You will love them.
  • Opportunity to learn about the business of online publishing, and build your social media resumé.
  • The chance to showcase your work (design work, writing work, social media work, etc.).
  • Any perks we can throw at you. Staff parties. Cocktails. Trips to Maddie’s pony farm.

What you need to include in your application:

  • A cover letter that includes
    • Which internship you’re applying for
    • Your Twitter handle if you have one
    • Your blog URL, if you have one (Don’t worry! You don’t have to have one!)
    • What you hope to learn
    • Writing Internship: What experience you will bring to the role
    • Business Internship: What kind of work you are interested in contributing to the site
    • Your relationship with APW
  • A resumé
  • Writing Internship: Two writing samples of posts you would write on wedding planning (These can include posts you’ve already written for APW.)
  • Business Internship: Any samples of recent graphic design work (optional)
  • Links to any past APW posts, if you’ve written any (again, not mandatory)

We’ll be looking over the writing samples, cover letters, and resumés, and will contact a handful of people to interview in January. And while it breaks our hearts not to be able to offer a slot to everyone who applies, we are so excited to meet the new interns, whoever they are. So let’s do this!

Photo of the APW Staff by Emily Takes Photos


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  • Alexandra

    On some level, I keep thinking I should apply. But then, I’m also very good at finding reasons why I shouldn’t too. I am terrible at motivation.

  • Meg

    Oh man why did I just get a job. I would LOVE this.

  • Aero

    Does a June 2013 (Australian winter) wedding fall into this time frame or is too early?

    • Maddie

      I think it’s right on the cusp, so I’d submit anyway!

      • Aero

        Thanks :) I will do!

  • One More Sara

    What time zone is the midnight deadline counted from?

    • Maddie

      Let’s say PST.

  • Katelyn

    Will you be emailing everyone that you have received their applications? I’m paranoid mine didn’t go through.

    • Katie

      I’m paranoid too!

      • Aero

        I am in the same boat – is there any sort of confirmation that are applications were received?