Reminder: Submit Your Venue to the APW Venue Directory Contest!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to submit your venue to the APW Venue Directory, for a chance to win one of these amazing new state necklaces from Turtle Love Co.

You can read the full details of the contest in our original post here, but the short of it is: from now until November 12th we’ll be collecting entries to the Venue Directory. Then on November 13th we’ll draw from all of the venues in the directory (which means if you’ve already submitted your venue, you’re already entered) and five of you will win one of the fabulous necklaces above.

So! If you liked your venue and you want a chance at sporting some cool geographic bling, just go fill out this form and voila! After that, all that’s left to do is figure out which state necklace you’ll want if you win. Which may actually be the most difficult part of this whole thing, if you ask me.

This contest is sponsored by Turtle Love Co. Thanks, TLC, for supporting the APW mission.

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  • mimi

    I wanted to submit venues where I’ve been to weddings, but I’m not married, so I haven’t had a wedding, so this is not an option for me. I would submit venues from the guest/bridesmaid perspective, if that were an option!

    • meg

      We really want them to be from people that have USED the venue (if you rented it out for a non-wedding, that’s good too). The thing is, a wedding can feel RAD as a guest, and then if you start asking, you find out their contract was all effed up, the management handled things badly, etc. So we want submissions from people who know the good and the bad.

  • Carrie

    I’m submitting my venue! But I have a question. How exact do I need to be on the “Lowest price” and “Highest price” fields? Should I include tax and gratuity in those numbers or not?

    • meg

      Give a ballpark! I wouldn’t have thought to include tax or gratuity myself, so there you are.

      • Carrie

        Yay! Submitted!

  • Rebecca

    Should I see a new screen once I’ve submitted my venue, or should it just revert back to the blank form? I may have possibly submitted mine twice just now, and I’d like to know before I bombard you with any more copies. :P

    • meg

      You should get a final (out of date, I think, whoops) thank you screen.

      • Rebecca

        I switched browsers and it worked much better — thanks, it’s submitted!

  • I submitted my venue awhile ago (Irvine Nature Center), but for some reason it doesn’t come up when I type in Maryland – it is up there on the map, but not in the results – is that a bug, or am I just not seeing it? (Like in the pictures on the results, if that makes sense.)

    Also, that means I’m entered, yes?

    • meg

      Nope, it does! It’s just map driven, so if you simply type in Maryland, you need to zoom out (or move the map around) to find it. You could also search it by name. And yes, you’re entered.

  • So stoked about this! As someone looking for a wedding venue right now I’m thrilled you are running this contest. You already know what I need, “that perfect industrial venue that seats more than 150 people and will allow outside catering and self-serve booze” (from the first contest post). Somewhere in or near Ocean Beach, San Diego please :)

    Come through for me APW community!!

  • Ale

    Outside caterers and a reasonably priced place in LA please ;-)