Rent Your Bridesmaid Dresses with Little Borrowed Dress!

Last week we talked (and talked and talked) about the last few months of wedding planning and the unexpected stresses that can come up in the final push to the finish line. For me, this stress was bridesmaid dresses. I wanted so much to be a laid-back bride, so I rejected the idea of telling my friends what to wear, but that didn’t stop me from pinning paint swatch after paint swatch into my wedding notebook (this was before Pinterest, clearly) and sending them countless color palettes that I’d created using the collage tool in Picasa and sort of trying to coordinate their looks while also telling them I didn’t care what everything looked like. It turns out I did care about bridesmaid dresses, I just wanted them to be inexpensive and easy to obtain for my bridesmaids while also being stylish and, well, somewhat coordinated (and maybe something they’d wear again? We can dream, right?)

Looking back, it’s so easy to see how much easier this process would have been with Little Borrowed Dress, purveyor of stylish, affordable, bridesmaid dresses that you can rent and then return for only $50-$75! In fact, Little Borrowed Dress is such a no brainer for me that it’s hard for me to understand how it took this long for someone to come up with the idea.

So here’s how Little Borrowed Dress works:

  • First, choose your dresses. Since Little Borrowed Dress isn’t one of those sites that requires you to sign up before browsing (because, no thank you), you can tweet or pin your favorite dresses and crowdsource your wedding party for opinions. Or you can skip right to ordering a free fabric swatch to check out the colors you like in person.
  • Next, try it on! (Or don’t!) Little Borrowed Dress has a showroom in NYC if you want to try on their dresses. But if you’re not local, don’t worry, because Little Borrowed Dress includes a backup size in every order they send out.
  • Then place your reservation online and wait for your dresses to arrive. They’ll be there two weeks before the wedding, professionally cleaned and ready to go!
  • The next step is on you. Have a little too much champagne. Do the Cupid Shuffle. Eat as much cake as they’ll let you.
  • Finally, drop your dress in the mail using the prepaid envelope provided by Little Borrowed Dress and never think about it again.

And in case you’re worried about fit or style, the entire collection at Little Borrowed Dress (which is 100% silk, y’all. I can’t even make sense of how that’s possible at $50 a pop) was created to allow for fit adjustments (plus, don’t forget that backup size), so you can rest assured that your dress will be comfortable and flattering (we used Little Borrowed Dress for our summer hair and makeup tutorials last year and were able to outfit the whole diversely-shaped crew with dresses from Little Borrowed Dress, and everyone looked pretty dang hot if you ask me).

So if bridesmaid dresses are causing you distress, and you just wish the process could be easier dammit, then Little Borrowed Dress is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. So go browse the collection, order yourself a swatch, and then buy yourself a badass pair of shoes with all the money you won’t be spending on something you’ll never wear again.

Photo credits: Photos with text by Elizabeth Messina, navy bridesmaid dresses by Amanda Summerlin and yellow bridesmaid dresses by Feng Images. For photos with text, flowers were designed by Flowerchild and Hair & Makeup is courtesy of Erin Skipley.

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  • Moe

    LOVED these dresses!!

    My ethnically diverse, multi-sized bridesmaids with various tastes in style all looked fantastic in their Little Borrowed Dresses. Each of them found their own unique way to accessorize them and make them their own.

  • Rachel

    These dresses are all SUCH pretty colors! Currently looking to see if there’s a good option for the wedding I’m in later this summer!


    I’m having my women use LBD, or at least get a swatch to match to if they don’t find anything they like. This was a life saver- there aren’t a lot of ways to please fourteen women of various economic and ethnic backgrounds with one option.

    Felt. Like. A. CHAMPION.

  • Remy

    I was the supposedly laid-back bride who didn’t care what her bridesmaids wore, as long as it was some solid shade of purple… but I got progressively less laid-back when it got to be a month out and none of the three HAD a dress! I must have suggested LBD at least 3 times. Those dresses are pretty, simple, and don’t have to live in the closet afterward. No one showed up naked to the wedding (and they actually did wear purple!), but I would have saved some stress by going the LBD route and saying, “Plum. Deal with it.”

  • I haven’t read the post yet, but my girls are ordering from LBD, and even more exciting, one of my bridesmaids is in the textile industry and is now WORKING WITH LBD to provide them with even more amazing fabrics!

    HOW COOL IS THAT? I feel like I know a celebrity :P

    • Maddie

      Answer: That is the COOLEST.

  • Kess

    Oh how I love this idea and these dresses! If only they shipped to Canada, I would be so all over that.

    • Sarah

      SAME. I’ve been looking for a Canadian equivalent of this since the last post about them went up and no luck :( was the closest I could find, but designer dresses aren’t gonna cut it and aren’t at all bridesmaid-y.

  • I wish they had them in black. :(

    I’m in a wedding in October, and we’re all required to wear any floor length black chiffon dress. I’d totally go LBD if they had black. Maybe they will add it before this wedding.

    • Moe

      Do you have a bridesmaid dress from another wedding you were in? You can send it to and in return you get a little black dress.

  • Hintzy

    I love this idea, and silk! real silk!

    now if only they had any dresses with shoulder coverage or sleeves…

  • Melanie

    I love love the idea of LBD and am planning to have my bridesmaids use them for my wedding next summer. I’ve already ordered swatches and e-mailed with a few questions and the staff has been super great/easy to work with!

  • I don’t know if LBD has considered marketing to the military community, but there are a lot of women who can’t afford to buy a dress for balls and none of us need more stuff to move. Now that I’ve bought a ball gown, I feel like I pretty much need to wear it every time when it would be so much more fun to get to wear something different and then return it.

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  • tatli mona
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