Little Borrowed Dress: Stylish, Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Rent!

Nothing thrills me more than a wedding business that is so flat-out brilliant it manages to solve a bunch of your wedding-related problems in one fell swoop. Which is exactly the case with longtime APW sponsor Little Borrowed Dress, a company founded on the belief that bridesmaid dresses should be affordable, stylish, high quality, and best of all—returnable. But the best thing about Little Borrowed Dress is that in the past few years, they’ve managed to streamline the process of renting bridesmaid dresses so well that I honestly can’t think of any question they haven’t answered or variable they haven’t accounted for. Which means that for those of you who have been dreaming of matching bridesmaid dresses since forever (or who just want the ease of different styles in matching colors and fabrics), you  no longer have to feel bad about asking your best ladies to drop hundreds of dollars to make it happen. Or try and convince them that they’ll totally wear it again. Because, really?

But it’s not just that Little Borrowed Dress is affordable (their dresses start at just $50 to rent or $150 if some of your wedding party want to buy them), it’s also that their process is so, so, so simple you’ll want to use them for every time you have to buy a fancy dress. Here’s how it goes:

  • First, choose your dresses. Since Little Borrowed Dress isn’t one of those sites that requires you to sign up before browsing (because, no thank you), you can tweet or pin your favorite dresses and crowdsource your wedding party for opinions. In the meantime, feel free to order a free fabric swatch to make sure you’re getting the color you want.
  • Next, try it on! (Or don’t!) Little Borrowed Dress has a showroom in NYC if you want to try on their dresses. But if you’re not local, don’t worry, because Little Borrowed Dress includes a backup size in every order they send out. Which is so awesome it makes my size-confused heart want to hug them.
  • Then place your reservation online and wait for your dresses to arrive. They’ll be there two weeks before the wedding, professionally cleaned and ready to go!
  • Dance the night away.
  • Finally, drop your dress in the mail using the prepaid envelope provided by Little Borrow Dress and never think about it again.

Magic, right? The funny thing is, I keep talking about bridesmaid dresses like the default is something you’ll hate wearing. But the collection at Little Borrowed Dress is honestly so stylish that you may actually end up liking the dress more than the price. In fact, we used them for our Hair & Makeup Tutorials last summer, and they were an absolute hit with our staff. And because of the way the dresses are designed and cut (they include built-in adjustments so that you can customize to your body!), they fit all of the different shapes and sizes in our group and were flattering on everyone.

But the proof is really in the pictures. If I’d found these images anywhere other than the Little Borrowed Dress blog, I’d have no idea the bridesmaid dresses were rented for $50-$75. And it’s not just that they are stylish and affordable. These are also bridesmaid dresses you can feel good about. Each one is 100% silk (that’s right, not an ounce of polyester on these bad boys) and manufactured locally in New York City’s garment district. Rad.

Plus, at the end of the day, working with Little Borrowed Dress means supporting a female entrepreneur who loves APW and wants to change the wedding industry as  much as we do. Which is just a win all around. Corie, the brains behind Little Borrowed Dress, told me, “We are fundamentally trying to change the wedding industry. In five years’ time, I sincerely hope that renting a bridesmaid dress will be as ubiquitous as renting a tuxedo. But when you are trying to change an industry as traditional as the wedding one, the status quo is not always going to be welcoming. Honestly, when I discovered APW it was my safe haven. Reading about your weddings reminds me why I started this business in the first place—to give smart savvy brides like you a better option. You guys inspire me. So I am always flattered when you trust us enough to be a part of your wedding. (Plus you throw great parties and we love it when you send pictures!)”

And since Corie really does love you guys, she’s offering APW readers 10% if you order a free swatch tomorrow and put APW in the “how you heard about us” field! Or if you just don’t know what colors you might want, send an email to hello at littleborroweddress dot com by the end of the week and they’ll email you a code back!

So if you’re tired of feeling conflicted about wanting great looking matching bridesmaid dresses and not wanting to stick your favorite people with something that will collect dust in their closets, I don’t think I have to tell you that Little Borrowed Dress is the answer. So go. Browse the Little Borrowed Dress collectionorder a free swatch, get a great discount, and then feel awesome about it. Because with Little Borrowed Dress, there really isn’t any other way to feel.

Photo credits: Photos with text by Elizabeth Messina, green bridesmaid dresses by Ryan Flynn and grey bridesmaid dresses by Elizabeth & Rich. For photos with text, flowers were designed by Flowerchild and Hair & Makeup is courtesy of Erin Skipley.

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  • Amy

    I’m thinking about how adorable those empire waisted dresses are, especially if you’ve got a fancy party to attend/bridesmaid to be whilst pregnant.

    • Yes yes Amy! We have had many an expecting bridesmaid wear our dresses. Check out Tiffanie’s wedding on the blog ( Two of her bridesmaids were pregnant! The best baby bump styles are the Cheryl or the Julie.

    • Jen

      Hi Amy,

      We have had many pregnant bridesmaids wear our dresses! Another great style for expectant mothers is our Julie dress which also has an empire waist. Please be sure to check out our blog- There we have some photos from Tiffani’s wedding. Two of her bridesmaids were expecting and loved wearing the Julie dress.

      Little Borrowed Dress

  • Lizzie

    The “order a free swatch” links give an error message…can someone check them so we can take advantage of the neat offer?

    • Maddie

      Try it now, should be fixed! Or just go to:

    • Jen

      Hi Lizzie,

      Were you able to get your swatch request sent through? I just tested the site and it seemed to be working however if you still have trouble please email hello@littleborroweddress. We can put in your request for you- and get you the exclusive APW offer!

      Little Borrowed Dress

      • Lizzie

        I sure did…worked like a charm! Thanks Jen!

  • Kathy

    Is there any chance of more colors by early June? More selfishly, I’m looking for a kelly green sort of option.

    • Jen

      Hi Kathy,

      Our current palette consists of the 18 different colors you see listed on our website. We are always looking to grow however we don’t know yet when we will be adding more colors to the collection. If we do set our sites on Kelly Green you will be the first to know!

      Little Borrowed Dress

  • Oo I just got my swatches the other day! The colors look very true to the colors shown on the website. Definitely will consider this for my bridesmaids!

  • Class of 1980

    I love that dress that ties on one shoulder!

  • Emily

    yayyy LBD! I’m using them for my wedding in June and also will be picking up a dress for myself for a wedding I’m in in August. This process is seriously so easy and the dresses are really cute!

  • Love this concept, but as a large-busted lady (think G cup!), I’m totally gun shy about picking a style. So many “fit lots of types” dresses just don’t work when you get to the outer edges of the bell curve of bust size. Any advice? I looked at your blog and the collection, but there just aren’t many pictures that show me what the dress might look like on me.

    • Maddie

      Check out the last few photos in this tutorial. Some of our models from the last Hair & Makeup shoot were really busty, though obviously it depends on your overall shape.

      I will say, when we were trying to figure out which dresses would go with which person, I was really surprised by how many would have worked for more than one person. There’s a lot built into them to make them workable. (My favorite for busty ladies is the one-shoulder one though).

    • Jen

      Hi Sarah and Maddie,

      Thanks for linking Sarah to great photos! As Maddie said, our Catherine dress is great for larger busts. It has an adjustable tie at the shoulder which makes it very accommodating for different bust sizes and nips in at your waist to create a very flattering shape. We are always more than happy to help guide you into a style that will be a knock out! Please feel free to email us at and we can guide you through measuring yourself and talk to you about all of the different features of each style.

      Little Borrowed Dress

  • Keeley

    Thanks for this post, I had already decided to use LBD for my bridesmaids, and they were really excited about it. I’m glad I can send them the link so they can see more pictures (especially since I’m getting one of the green shades).

  • Sarah

    This is one of my FAVOURITE things I’ve come across in the chaos of wedding planning and I’d love to use it, but as I recall LBD doesn’t service Canada :( The closest thing I can find in Canada is Rent Frock Repeat but it’s not at all what I’m looking for.

    Corie, are you thinking of expanding to Canada in, say, the next year? Any Team Practical members out there who can guide me to a source that’s Canada-inclusive for this kind of thing?

  • After getting to try on several LBD dresses at the APW hair and makeup tutorial shoot last summer, I can honestly say that I would’ve *killed* for such an easy, affordable, and flattering dress option when I was getting married and, more importantly, the many times I’ve been a bridesmaid. These dresses are comfy and hot as hell; I’m convinced there’s some serious magic involved in their construction.

  • Amber

    My bridesmaids just ordered their dresses in “sage” for our August wedding! I’m so glad (as are my bridesmaids) that LBD was an option! I had a little glitch in ordering swatches (they got lost in the mail…thanks USPS!), but the ladies at LBD were super helpful, extremely responsive, and made sure I got my swatches, even though it meant sending them twice. I can’t wait to see the dresses on my bridesmaids!!

  • So, I’m using LBD for my wedding in October, and I’m so excited. My sister (who lives in NY) called me after she went to try on her dress style that I had picked an amazing company. Another one of my bridal posse told me that she’s been spreading the word with everyone she knows, and everyone agrees that it’s freakin’ brilliant.

    There are so many reasons why I think this is crazy practical (the money, the fit, the ability to not have to keep the dress). One thing that factored big in my decision was environmental impact.

    As an environmentalist (who’s looking to have a low-waste wedding), this is an amazing service to the planet as well as my friends whom I love. How many bridesmaid dresses have ended up in landfills? I’m willing to bet a lot. This seriously cuts down on waste and guarantees the dress will be worn again (albeit by someone else).

    Thank you for creating this company that can help those of us getting married tread lighter on the earth.

    Also: I’m not finding a ton of pictures of the plum dresses online. If anyone has some good ones, could you post a link?

  • M

    I like the idea but they don’t seem very bra-friendly which is what my bridesmaids need. You know, something with real straps so they aren’t forced to do one shoulder or strapless if they aren’t comfortable doing so. The v-neck comes close but I know from experience that wouldn’t do it. Sad!

  • Anya

    Question: One of my bridesmaids is an 80 pound tiny woman who I don’t think would ever fit into a size 0. Any way to get her fitted?

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  • dawn

    I like the idea and the dresses a lot. Unfortunately, I know that at least one of my bridesmaids wants a more traditional neckline of some kind, with 2 straps, and not a halter style. I’m guessing such styles might be less versatile in terms of fit.

  • Rebecca

    LBD is one of the best ideas ever and I definitely will be using them for my wedding when the time comes. I would love love love if they expanded by offering matching sashes/belts for the bride for rent or purchase, especially since there is even less of a chance of reusing a bridal sash after a wedding!

  • I love the idea! LBD is simply the best! I will definitely consider LBD when the time comes for me to tie the knot. I love their dresses and yes, prices are affordable as well. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Hi M & Dawn – we are working hard at getting a “bra-friendly” style into our collection! This is by far the biggest request we get. If you sign up for our newsletter or like us on FB, you’ll be the first to hear once it is ready!

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  • I discovered my dream dress and perfect bridesmaid dresses. ( Imagine my pleasure at finding out mine was $300 and my bridesmaids’ around $80. No need to rent!

    Now I almost wish I did have to rent! SOO cute!