Royal Steamline: Vintage & Steampunk Wedding Invitations

Fact about me: I’m a fan of Steampunk. I grew up around a community of artists who were involved in the early Steampunk movement, and I’m really into old things made new, mixed with whimsy, and a sense of humor. And I’m really into the sense that we can constantly re-imagine the world around us. So I’ve been a big fan of Royal Steamline and their wedding paper goods for a long time (they do Steampunk and way, way more), and I’m delighted to introduce them as brand new APW sponsors.

Royal Steamline is a family owned business made up of a husband and wife team, Aerin and Jeremy. They describe their company mission thusly, “We are committed to creating wedding stationery that veers slightly off course.” Which I could not be more down with. Plus, they’re so excited about working with Team Practical that they are offering APW readers a discount on (regular priced) Thank You cards through September. Use the code to get a 25% discount at checkout: RSHEARTSAPW11.

Royal Steamline offers Readymade Wedding Invitations (pricing starting around $152), custom wedding invitations (I’m dizzy just thinking about what they could dream up with you), Save The Dates, extras, and beautiful wedding websites (Fact! APW editor Kate used one for her wedding). Their styles span Vintage, Retro, Steampunk, and Gothic, and they say, “There’s a lot of crossover, which is part of the fun! Looking for something simple, with an understated but noticeably vintage look? No problem. Or perhaps ripped Victorian wallpaper and an anatomically correct heart as your seal? We go that way too.”

Royal Steamline’s designs are beautiful, original, and fascinating, and I wanted to know more about their creative process. I asked Jeremy to share a little about why they do what they do and how they create such beautiful work. This is what he told me:

As far back as 2003, Aerin was making wedding invitations for her friends who were having fairly traditional weddings, but had unconventional tastes. It was just a friendly favor since she was a creative manager at Disney and Warner Bros. at the time. But as word spread and more requests came in, she decided to create Royal Steamline and make unconventional wedding invitations her focus. We aim to offer people alternatives to familiar options; eggshell, cream, and ivory are fine, but they shouldn’t be your only choices. So that’s what we do: offer choices. And that’s why we think we’re a good match for APW readers.

We incorporate a wide range of elements into our designs; from the country homes of Regency England to the palace of the Sun King, from a pirate galleon to a rockabilly roadhouse, we’re inspired by countless eras, textures and typography. We try to blend these elements (for example, a 1930s Japanese woodcut, a hand-drawn font from a 1890s Sears & Roebuck catalog, and 1960s fabric pattern) to produce something entirely new, but strangely familiar.

Each of our designs starts as a story. It may be the extension of a plot line from an old noir film watched the night before or a re-envisioning of a scientific schematic. It’s not uncommon to hear the words, “Do you know what would be really cool to make…” around our studio. Fulfilling our creative visions drives what we do, but most important is that our little “stories” befit such a variety of couples who then make it their own story.

And that explains what I love about Royal Steamline. Not only do they create fascinating one of a kind invitations, but they create art. They’re playing with combinations, with “what happens if…” and working hard to make something that’s a perfect fit for your wedding. And that’s the APW vibe, so I can’t wait to see what y’all do together. Have fun (like you could help yourself).

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  • Rizubunny

    We LOVED so many of their invitations…and we were thinking about getting the two-ring circus (the first picture) in red – but our names are just too darn long to look good on it. But they are so, so fabulous – and it makes me so happy to see them!!

  • SpaceElephant

    We used the two-ring circus template for our wedding website on It was so nice to find something that wasn’t flowery and pink; the circus feel really captured our personalities to a t.

  • Moz

    I love these guys! I found them on etsy about 2 years ago and they’re great.

  • These are gorgeous! I love the retro tattoo swallows design!

  • Love the polka dots on that last invitation. And their website is to-die-for!

  • I LOVE Royal Steamline!!!! I used them for my wedding in 2009. The invitations were absolutely beautiful and crazy affordable. I literally wanted to eat them up when they arrived. Also, they will totally work with you if you have an unexpected crisis; say the day your invitations show up on your doorstep is the same day you find out that your venue is going under and will no longer be available the date of your wedding. The venue that is now printed on invitations. Aerin was very generous in reprinting the invites with our new location for half off the original price. Aerin is very warm and personable and makes you feel very cared for.
    I am so excited that they are now an APW sponsor! Squee!!!

  • Kat

    I absolutely loved these guys too. They actually customized one of the designs to fit our theme a little more, but they were amazeballs. I don’t know if I can submit a photo of the invite anywhere, but if I could I would.

  • Love them all……good job guys..