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by Meg Keene, APW Executive Editor

One of the fun things about running APW is that APWers tend to be a bellwether for where trends are going. (Which is funny, since we’re so often calling bullshit on the wedding industry, and then a few years later they come tagging along after, but hey.) At home weddings and elopements? That’s been APWers jam for years… and it’s suddenly one of the hottest things around. Because of this, it’s been fascinating to see a new style of wedding photography start to surface in and around APW of late. It’s fiercely creative, moody, and joyful all at once, and it is a pure distillation of moments in time. I’m singularly obsessed with the few photographers out there that are making this happen. So today, I’m delighted to introduce APW’s newest sponsor, Sarah Gormley Photography in Washington, DC. Sarah brings cutting-edge style and fiery talent to DC, and we’d all better watch out.

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For those of you who are looking at Sarah’s work, falling in love with it, but trying to stop yourself because CLEARLY it’s one zillion dollars and you can’t afford it, good news! Sarah Gormley’s 2014 pricing is simple and down to earth. Eight hours (which… is more hours of wedding photography than we even had) goes for just $2,600, and she’ll throw in a second shooter for just $250. Plus, her destination wedding fee in the US is a flat $1,000, meaning you can get Sarah Gormley Photography anywhere in the US for just $3,600. Mention this post and you get $150 off. (Which means a second shooter basically for free…) Plus, in the no-bullshit APW way, she gives you your high-resolution images on disk. (And she does amazing photobooths.)

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When we asked Sarah Gormley to describe her style, she said:

I’m interested in unique photographs that capture authentic, natural beauty. My photography strives to be honest, reflective, creative, and visually inspiring. I don’t believe in poses or props or over-the-top camera tricks—photography is an incredibly stunning and timeless art form that is so suited to capturing the beauty and simplicity of love, and I feel incredibly blessed that my clients trust me to do this for them on such an important day in their lives.

And her photos are just that: simple and beautiful. There is nothing that takes more talent to produce.

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And finally, if you’re still hanging out here, and haven’t already rushed off to email in a mad dash to try to book Sarah before the rest of APW snaps her up, let’s talk about why Sarah loves you guys and wants to work on your weddings in particular.

The couples that I’ve connected with through APW have been absolutely incredible. Everything about them—from their unique personal styles to the way they prioritize love and happiness on their wedding days—seems to match up so perfectly with what I strive to do with my photography.

The sanity pledge pretty much says it all. APW emphasizes love and marriage in a way that many other wedding blogs breeze over in the flurry of wedding planning. Those millions of little details too often overwhelm the reason you’re having a wedding in the first place—and I believe that APW brings its readers back to the beautiful and simple love which is so important to remember throughout the planning process and most importantly on your wedding day.

APW couples prioritize love—not just love of their spouses, but love of the family and friends who have supported them and are there to celebrate their happiness on that day. And that much love all squeezed into one fantastic party is pretty much the most amazing thing in the world to photograph.

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Which? Scene. Send us your photos. Seriously. We can’t wait to see them.

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