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It’s rare that I use the phrase “knocked it out of the park” in the same sentence with “bridesmaids dress.” I mean, right? But last month when I was a bridesmaid for the second time, my dress knocked it out of the park, and I have APW Sponsor shop Joielle to thank for that. How do I know that dress was a home run? Well. First, I felt super hot in it. Which is always the most important thing. Second, the groom’s stylish-in-her-70s godmother cornered me to tell me just how good looking my dress was, and how she was stunned to see that in a bridesmaids dress. And fourth, a painfully hip early-20s cousin told me, “Hot. Wear it again.” Which I will.

Shop Joielle

But it wasn’t just that I was super happy with my shop Joielle dress (it’s a Lela Rose dress, and I am desperate for someone to buy it in white for their wedding dress). It was that the experience of shopping for it was excellent. When I brought shop Joielle on as a sponsor, I did it because they were the only collection of all stylish bridesmaid dresses that I’d ever found. (Fact #1: There are a lot of bridesmaid dresses in the world. Fact #2: Most of them are hideous. Fact #3: When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, I don’t want to have to sort through the ugly ones to find the winners.) But now that I’ve bought through the Joielle site, I can tell you what a dream it is to use. First, I just checked off that I wanted a purple dress (you can also sort by style, or designer). Then I scrolled through the dresses offered in purple, and found one I loved. Then I bought it. Done.

Plus, as a lady-run small business, their customer service is impeccable. When I was confused about sizing, they told me to just buy in my normal street size, to avoid the “extra ease room” that shows up in bridesmaid dress sizing. They told me exactly when to expect the dress and reminded me to leave time for alterations (my alterations were super minor, god bless them, nothing more than what I would have gotten done on any cocktail dress). And then I got it right on time, beautifully packaged in purple tissue paper. Hurrah!

In short, you guys, I love this dress. I paid a bit more (though frankly, not much more) then I would have paid for a super ugly dress at a big chain store, but made my money back (and then some) on the quality of the dress (heavy duty fabric! lined! well constructed!) and not having to pay a huge alterations bill on a poorly made dress. And the real winner? I will, for sure, legitimately, actually wear this dress again.

I mean, right? Cute, no?

So ladies, if you’re looking for stylish matching, or non-matching dresses for your bridesmaids and/or bridal brigade, I fully recommend shop Joielle. Stylish dresses, a totally painless shopping experience, killer customer service, and supporting a small business. And all that ends in hot dresses? Yes please.

Photos by APW Sponsor Rory Gordon Photo, last picture by APW Sponsor Emily Takes Photos

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  • Carolyn

    Yes! Love Joielle!

    My friends live across the country (Chicago, PA, different sides of MA) so I was dreading the whole “searching for bridesmaids’ dresses” experience. I stumbled across Joielle (through APW, I believe!) and loved their selection. My friends were able to choose their dresses and have them shipped to themselves, which is a bonus. Plus they got a discount because there are four of them, and I got a discount code to use for myself. Love!

    The dresses were high quality and they all loved them. They each picked a different style of the Alfred Sung dupioni silk dresses in Barcelona. They looked hot and got compliments all night. They reassured me that they *will* wear them again. I believe it, because they will make awesome holiday dresses.

    The customer service was impeccable too. I ordered swatches for the dresses in the beginning and got the nicest handwritten note with them. When there was a snafu with a discount code, it was fixed right away. Love these ladies!

  • Tegan

    I notice they’ve even got some decent maternity dresses!

  • Elle Marie

    I am definitely considering ordering my wedding dress through them – it’s so refreshing to see dresses offered in larger sizes AND such an awesome variety of colors. Glad to know that their customer service is great, too!

  • Kristine

    I found out about Joielle through APW and my best women ended up picking their dresses out from the website ( They were beautiful and totally wearable again.

    And then I had a little wardrobe meltdown of my own. The wedding dress I had custom made via Etsy turned out to be a disaster and with two months to go before the wedding I started frantically looking for other options. I checked Joielle and there it was. My dress:

    Exactly what I wanted for 1/4 of the price I paid for the original disaster.

    I emailed them to ask about the possibility of a rush shipment and they scrambled to get my order in that day. My dress arrived two weeks before the promised date.

    I love Joielle.

    • meg

      WEDDING DRESSES LADIES. I mean, riiiiiiggggggghhhhhhtttttttttt???? I was ok with $200 on a bridesmaids dress that didn’t suck and was quality and I would wear again, instead of $150 + $50 in alterations for some piece of garbage. But $200 for a WEDDING DRESS? I rest my case.

  • I might have a dress bookmarked from there that would be my perfect wedding dress. *cough*

  • Hannah

    I only spent a little time on the Joielle site, but WOW. There were a ton of styles that were so pretty, for not that much money. YAY!

  • I’d wear that dress any chance I got. I think ANY excuse for a champagne flute and a sassy dress is a good excuse. Today is Wednesday: time for champagne flutes and sassy dresses!

  • Steph

    We went with Shop Joielle for our bridesmaid dresses and could not have been happier! I loved that I could pick a color and the ladies could choose the dress they felt comfortable in. They all looked super hot that day and many feel they will wear it again. I cannot recommend them enough!

  • They have a category where you can search by POCKETS! That is amazing! One of the huge drawbacks of wearing dresses for me is that so few have pockets. There are some really beautiful options there that I could definitely see adding to my “wedding photographer wardrobe” in the future.

  • Catherine

    This is an amazing store front and the dresses are so lovely!!!
    That being said, I don’t think it’s totally fair to bash the stereotype of “a super ugly dress at a big chain store”. My bridesmaids and I are all college/fresh out of college, thinking about grad school kind of girls. So, they couldn’t really afford any more that $100, frankly. But, like everyone else I am sure, I was concerned about wear-ability, as if to say “these amazing ladies are spending their hard-earned, sometimes-hard-to-come-by money for me – I want them to be happy”.
    We selected a set of four different (one for each of my very different, very opinionated, lovely, super-fantastic girls) cotton sateen dresses from David’s Bridal. They are gorgeous and super stylish. What’s even better is that each girl got something that fits their personality and is able to wear it again.

    • meg

      Which is great! But it’s about knowing what’s right for you and your ladies. I did David’s Bridal dresses in college, and they were affordable, which is great (I couldn’t actually wear them again, though, in the end). But now at 31, that’s not the right fit for me. So, if you know David’s Bridal is for your ladies, go for it. But this is a FANTASTIC option if it’s not. And you know, there is always getting a less than $100 non-bridesmaid dress. Mmm, jersey dresses. Those I would wear again in heartbeat, and cheap!

    • Jamie

      I was surprised that DB has stepped it up in recent years. I was in a friend’s wedding last summer. We wore the cotton sateen dresses you were talking about and I’ve worn that dress 7 more times since then. And then my friend borrowed it and has worn it twice. And then my bridesmaids ended up getting the same versions in blues for my wedding, and both have worn the dress multiple times since then.

      I think the key about bridesmaids dresses is that if the dresses are short, people will be more likely to wear them again. I’ve never worn a long BM dress anywhere but the wedding I bought it for. I just don’t go to fancy long dress events.

  • I got a bridesmaid dress from Joielle this spring and loved working with them! They have wonderful and helpful customer service- especially helping me figure out my size (and I followed their advice and the dress ending up fitting great, and I didn’t have to do alterations!) The dress was comfortable and good quality- and the best part….it had POCKETS. It was my first bridesmaids dress with POCKETS- it was AMAZING. I hope to have an occasion to wear it again….hmm, maybe I have an idea to wear it this weekend! :)

    (And for those on a budget, this particular Alfred Sung dress was the same price as the last big chain store bridesmaids dress I bought a couple of years ago.)

  • You’re painfully adorable. Like, wince-inducing.

    • meg

      I try to make up for it by being bossy and funny.

  • I just checked out the site — those are gorgeous dresses! I’m going to tell everyone I know about them :)

  • I’m Australian and used Joielle for my bridesmaids’ dresses. I got them for a fraction of what I would have had to pay here, customer service was fantastic, quality also fantastic. Shipping was very affordable and insured in case something went wrong and they got lost.

  • April

    Is it wrong that I love the pic of you with belted dress and sassy patterned tights even more than the adorable wedding pic? You are so darling, by the way.

    And although there are no scheduled wedding attendant/bridesmaid-wearing dress occasions on the horizon for moi, I kinda wanna shop Joielle for just a regular cocktail dress! :-)