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{Ceremony by Joanna August Dresses, hott}

If there is one thing that we don’t spend enough time talking about on APW, it’s dresses. Because let’s be honest: finding bridesmaids’ dresses that are adorable is way harder than it should be. And that is why I’m such a fan of APW Sponsors Shop Joielle (and I’m not using that phrase lightly… I’ve used them, and I adore them). They provide a range of super stylish bridesmaid dresses, a website that’s super easy to navigate, and excellent customer service. Oh, and, APW ladies have been using Shop Joielle to buy their wedding dresses too (hello stylish bridesmaid dresses in white) with stellar results.

{Wtoo Dresses, Someone please where the white one as a wedding dress?}

But (and I didn’t think this was possible) Shop Joielle just got better. They have just expanded to three more bridesmaid dress lines: Watters,Wtoo, and Joanna August. All of these lines are gorgeous, but let me draw your eye to the Ceremony by Joanna August line in particular, which Maddie rightly described as BANGIN’. I mean, these dresses are so good, and so hip, that I want to buy them just to wear to parties, or around the house (um… true…). And how often does that happen with bridesmaid dresses? I mean, check them out:

{Ceremony by Joanna August, in lace, mmmm…}

Tammy at Shop Joielle (because, yup, this is totally a store run by female entrepreneurs) told me that the fab Ceremony by Joanna August line, “…is an exciting new line of chiffon and lace dresses that are trendy, comfortable, and most importantly, re-wearable. We love the many different styles within the same cohesive look. The dresses are just like the summer dresses you would find at high-end boutiques. The design construction includes true wrap styles and elastic waistbands which make the dresses easy to fit without needing alterations (big selling point for bridesmaids that are sick of spending so much money on alterations!). Certain styles can also be worn on or off the shoulder for multiple looks.” Short answer: the dresses are hot. Someone please buy me 8th Avenue Long or DC Long, stat.

{Me in Lela Rose, photo by Rory Gordon Photo}

I used Shop Joielle to buy my most recent bridesmaid dress. First off, it was super easy to find a dress that worked, because I could sort by color and shape (I’d been told to wear something purple and cocktail length), order fabric swatches to see what worked best, and then place my order (the ladies at Shop Joielle even gave me dead on sizing advice, so I could avoid the regular bridesmaid nightmare of having a dress too big that I had to take in). And then, of course, the dress was so good that I spent the whole wedding being pulled aside and complimented on it, with people using words like, “Seriously. Hot. You better be wearing that again.” (Also, today, I realized that the dress is so hot that my husband has set his Facebook profile to a picture of him… with me in the dress. Yeah, that’s approval.)

{The new Watters dresses. Someone get that first one!}

But, let’s get to the goods! Shop Joielle is offering an awesome and super helpful deal to APW readers:
1. $15 off any Watters, Wtoo, or Joanna August sample loaner dress with code APW15. This lets you rent a dress, try it out and see if you like it, and send it back. (So practical!) This is good for one week, until Friday, May 11th, so get cracking!
2. $10 towards any Watters, Wtoo, or Joanna August swatch purchase with code APWSWATCH. Good for 2 weeks until Friday, May 18th.

{The new Watters Dresses}

And, just for practicality’s sake, Shop Joielle offers a 10% discount for parties of four or more, and bridesmaids from various locations can be sure to get their dresses in the same dye lot by contacting Shop Joielle ahead of time so they can hold the orders and submit to manufacturer together. Oh, all that and super cute dresses and great customer service. So for your bridesmaid (and simple wedding dress) needs, get shopping. (And, buy me something, will you… I’m pretty sure Maddie won’t turn down a dress either…)

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  • Maddie

    No, but seriously. Someone buy me one of these dresses, please? PLEASE?

    • Snow Gray

      You two should list your sizes if you want presents ;)

      • meg

        SIX :)

      • Maddie

        Twelve. :)

  • suzanna

    I never comment on advertiser posts, but WOW! Those dresses are gorgeous and affordable and in a bajillion colors. I haven’t bought my wedding dress yet, and this site just shot to the top of my Wanted list.

  • Abby

    I used Shop Joielle for ordering bridesmaids dresses for the my wedding this summer (thanks, APW for the recommendation). Their prices were better than everyone else’s that I spoke to, they were SO friendly and incredibly helpful, AND they were super speedy at getting back to any of my questions. All of the bridesmaids said they had positive experiences with them.

    Oh, and of course, the obvious – all of their dresses are awesome.

  • I ordered a dress from them last year and they were great. They gave me excellent sizing advice (and talked me out of ordering a size that would have been way too big on me, and the result was a dress that fit with no alterations!) AND I have actually re-worn the dress! :) Which I have never ever done with a bridesmaid’s dress. Totally recommend them!

    • meg

      I know, they did that to me too! I was like “The chart tells me I’m an eight” or whatever, and they were like “Nah, you’re a six. Bridesmaid sizing is bonkers.” And it fit perfectly.

      • Me too! In fact, I was on the upper end of the size window I fell into on the dress label’s chart, so I almost ordered TWO sizes bigger (you know, just in case!) than the dress size they said I should get. Thankfully I listened to them….

  • Amy

    these dresses are sexy. Oh

  • good quality dresses.

  • hese dresses are nice.

  • That wedding dress is beautiful!! Amy looks stunning in it! Such a colourful wedding, the bridesmaids dresses are so cute!