Sponsor Appreciation Day {These Guys Rock}

Last week, I switched all my sponsors ads to smaller, sleeker ads, so they are a little easier to see. And, why am I telling you this? Well because they blew me away. Everyone re-designed their ads with you guys in mind. When I look down the wee pictures on the left hand side of the blog I see reflections (and in some case pictures) of all you sassy, smart, and independent ladies (and some men). So, because I’m excited about that, and am really grateful to all my sponsors for helping me take the time to write and build this community, I thought I’d do a little sponsor appreciation. Here they are. They are all wonderful, talented, reasonably priced, and kind. Look for wedding elves in your area, or for pretty rings, flowers, and paper. Because I give this crew a thumbs up. I like them very much. Very very much.

Thank you sponsors. You let me spend time building this site that I’d never be able to otherwise. Hip-hip-hooray! Now go browse, pretty please?

Staff Picks

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  • you know, they do look quite fabulous over there… i love how you give shout-outs to your folks.

  • Hi, your post is coming right in time… I was wondering yesterday about putting some ads/sponsors on my own blog (the traffic is quite good now) and I was wondering about the price. Could you perhaps send me a message about the price you charge for that ?
    Thanks !

  • We like you very, very much too Meg! :)