Sponsor Introduction: Blooms By The Box

So many of you are doing your own wedding flowers, just like we are, that I’ve been wanting to expand sponsorship of this site to some wholesale florists, and now I am. Hooray! Please welcome Blooms By The Box, the site’s newest sponsor. If you are looking to DIY your wedding flowers, go check them out. You can buy flowers through them for the same price they charge florists, and they focus on customer service. Want a flower they don’t have on the site? They will work with you to see if they can find it. Want ideas on how to arrange the flowers or need help figuring how much you need to order? Ask them. Go browse their site to other peoples DIY flower designs, or to get flower arranging tips, or heck – just browse for wedding flowers.

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  • What a fantastic link! I’ve asked my mum to prepare the flowers on my wedding day as something special she can share with me. She’s thrilled to do it, but was a bit nervous on how to arrange them. I’ve sent her the link for the arranging bouquets video page. Thanks a bunch! :)

  • Has anyone USED Blooms by The Box?

    Seems like a lot of online wholesale florists don’t delivery on Mondays. At least not certain flowers. Makes me worry that, with a later delivery, flowers wouldn’t open in time to arrange for a Saturday wedding…

    Success stories?

  • Meg

    I’d call them, Rural Girl, and ask. I’m not totally sure that you need them delivered that early – it may depend on the flower.

  • Paula

    Hi! I actually work for BloomsByTheBox.com and we DO deliver on Mondays! The only days we cannot deliver on are Sundays. Saturday delivery requires a separate fee. For a Saturday wedding we usually recommend receiving your flowers on Wednesday or Thursday depending on the flower and the time of year. By following the flower care directions on our site, your flowers should be open and beautiful for a Saturday wedding. I hope this helps!

  • Paula

    Correction – I am sorry for the misinformation but the first day of the week you can receive your flowers is Tuesday. Your shipping date can be Monday but you cannot receive your flowers on Monday. This is only because of the availability of both the warehouse and UPS. I am sorry for the confusion!