Sponsor Introduction: Christina Richards Weddings

LADIES! And a few gentleman. I believe we were speaking about dreamy inordinately talented artists-masquerading-as-wedding-elves-with-cameras? Yes. We were. Welllllll…. I’m *delighted* and maybe the tiniest bit squeakily excited to introduce you to the super talented Christina Richards, of Christina Richards Weddings. When Christina first emailed me to introduce herself as a photographer working the the San Francisco bay area, and I checked out her photos, and then checked out her prices, I emailed her back to say, “You understand you are undercharging for your talent, right?” (I have been a working artist, I know how these things go), and she emailed me back to tell me that her crazy-low-considering-wow prices were “Just for now, till she builds up her book and clients in the bay area.”

So. All you fellow bay area couples (and people who might fly in a photographer) run, do not walk to Christina’s site, where pricing starts, for now, at $1000 for 8 hours of coverage (with flexible pricing for few hours). First one who sends me a wedding shot by Christina gets a big virtual hug. I’m excited already. Now, GO!

Picture: is it bad that I pick the quirky arty shots that I love instead of the standard wedding-y ones? By Christina Richards Weddings, obviously.

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