Sponsor Introduction: Georgia, Philly, LA (and update: DC) Photographers

So today is the final installment of the new photography sponsors for the new markets plea/promotion that I did awhile back. And while we’re not 100% there yet, we are getting close to having an APW photographer within reach of most parts of the US (and all of the UK, with bits of Europe thrown in). So I’m very very pleased about that, and I hope you are too. As always, think big. Most of our photographers *will* travel a bit to work with you. So if you’re a state or two away, for goodness sakes EMAIL THEM. You guys are *RAD,* and these photographers are awesome (or they wouldn’t be here) and they want to work with you. So get on it, already.

And with that out of the way, drumroll please:

Twin Hearts Photography:Our first new photographers are Kelli and Lauren, and their photography studio is a collaboration between friends, aptly called Twin Hearts Photography. They are located in Athens, Georgia (Whooo! South!). Kelli got married this fall, and was on the Team Practical train… and now she has a budding wedding photography business. While their wedding photography business is new, these ladies are not new to photography or fine art, which is why their work is so bad ass. They want to work with you guys, because, well, they are PART of you guys. But here is the kicker: their work is excellent, excellent, excellent, seriously not joking, excellent, and their rates are AMAZING. Oh, and anyone that has a couple jump into a river with their clothes on for an engagement shoot? They are good in my book.

Bycherry Photography:
Ladddiiieeeessss (and a few gentleman), we have touchdown. We have, at long last, our first photographer in the greater Los Angeles area, Bycherry Photography! Wheee! Cherry works out of Santa Barbara (but don’t let that stop you LA proper ladies). Her own 2005 wedding was of the small, simple, love filled variety, and she wants to shoot more weddings like that… by which I mean she wants to shoot you. She has a photojournalist, in the moment style, and for LA? Her rates are great. So go, go, go.

Debi Parker Photography:
Next, we have Debi Parker Photography in Philadelphia (UPDATE: She’s really in DC, but used to be in Philly, and now shoots both places). I swear, one of the comments in the survey was something like, “Philadelphia photographers, please!” and here she is! Debi is a photojournalist, and she has a totally green business (with 10% of her profits going to environmental causes). But here is the kicker: Debi could not be a better match for this blog. I’m going to have to quote her, “I love weddings in small country churches. I love weddings under large old trees. I love weddings with bicycles. I love weddings in open fields. I love weddings in mountains. I love weddings in alleyways. I love handmade weddings. I love green weddings. I love punk rock weddings. I love salsa dancing at weddings. I love funky weddings. I love sweet weddings. I love truly thoughtful, creative, artistic, unique, different weddings and I’d describe myself and my photographic style as thoughtful, creative, artistic, unique and different. That is how I see the APW readers as well, and would love to meet more brides and grooms who are bringing a new perspective to their wedding days. Originality and ingenuity inspire me.” Sigh. So go make music together.

Leah And Mark:
And finally, Leah and Mark, of Atlanta, Georgia (can I just say, that every time I write or read about Atlanta, I have a urgent need to pack my bags and go see what it’s like? Y’all seem so freaking cool). Anyway! Since the last time I introduced you to Leah and Mark, you guys have booked them like crazy, and I love that. It tells me that they are as cool in person as on paper. They are talented, interesting, and just starting out. And in a town like Atlanta, which is starting to be known for it’s white hot wedding photography talent (for good reason), their rates are not going to last long. So, snap them up. Oh. Right. And they are offering 20% off APW weddings booked by April 2010, with **free travel** east of the Mississippi. So, really, why are you still here? Go.

And with that… we’re done. But just so the word’s out… I’d love to have sponsors in Texas, and Chicago… and a few more for the billions of you in Southern California. Just sayin.

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  • Just wanted to tell you Thank You for featuring photographers from Atlanta/Athens! I live in Atlanta and am getting married in Athens in June. Let me tell you, you are right about Atlanta… and if you do visit, you need to make a trip to Athens. I went to college at UGA and that town is magnetic and awesome! You would love it! The only thing I'm sad about in this post is that you didn't do Twin Hearts sooner. Their work looks beautiful. But I have a great photographer in Athens who is going to do an amazing job… who knows, maybe I'll even send in a graduate post with some of her work attached! :) Love the blog Meg, keep it up!

  • First, you should totally visit Atlanta. I will hook you up with a guest room and all the cool things to do.

    Second, I am so happy that we booked Leah and Mark before they got totally famous and booked on our date. And before they get "famous" prices, even though they'll totally be worth it.

    Third, our pre-wedding shoot with Leah and Marck is tomorrow. I'm sure it will be awesome because Mark said we're actually going to get IN the creek.

  • You find the BEST photographers? ANy from Colorado that I just missed.
    My email: ld2003@hotmail.com

  • Texas sponsors would be great.