Sponsor Introduction: Jenn Link Photography

I’m thrilled to get to write a post about Jenn Link Photography in Washington DC today, 1) Because this means I am *writing* for APW, writing about something I believe in (wedding elves) instead of just tagging posts, and 2) Because Jenn Link has been reading this blog for a long-*ss time (since close to the beginning), back when she was planning her wedding. And one of the happiest things for me is pairing up team-practical-business-women-and-art-makers with team-practical-getting-marrieds…. because such visible *joy* always results.
Oh, and as an aside, most of the pictures from this post are from a truly killer wedding she shot for one of her best friends, in an old movie theatre, where they spent around $6,000 (ok, big city ladies, b-r-e-a-t-h-e… I know.) The picture Jenn loves the most from this wedding and I love the most from this wedding is this one:The bride taking a deep breath to brace herself, before going upstairs to get married. Because ladies who haven’t done it yet – that is TOTALLY what it feels like, and I love that Jenn captured that emotion in a way that gives me goosebumps.So! More about Jenn! She describes herself as a little bit rock and roll and a whole lot of geek (she’s our people), so she wants to shoot your weddings, duh. She only take 15 weddings a year, and when I told her that was nuts, she explained that she wanted to wake up and say, “Oh my god I have a wedding to shoot I’m so excited,” every single time. She says she doesn’t ever want her clients to be just a paycheck (and to me that’s the magic ‘ohhhh, ok then, sigh of relief’ line).
She got married last year, and she says that changed everything, and while she loved her job before, now she cries at every wedding. She’s the lady that gets great shots even if everything falls apart and it pours rain or your caterer doesn’t show up or there is snow in August, because she says, ‘Who cares about the details? A new marriage is being born!’
And. I cannot lie. I opened several of these images and audibly gasped. So go already. She’s serves Washington DC and the surrounding area (the woman has a car for gods sakes, stop whining that you’re a state over, and call her already). I’m really excited to see the magic y’all make together. Because you will send pictures, right?

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  • That mirror picture is incredible. Made me tear up.

    I'm getting married in a couple of months. It's such a big deal, and I'm so excited. Lately all the details are on the back burner and I can only think about what we say in the ceremony, that moment when we're up there together, getting ready with my family and friends. And now, that picture.


  • Love that last picture…fun at the wedding. That's what I'm looking forward to!

  • Julianna

    beautiful photos, and thrilled to see another DC vendor. if we hadn't already booked a photographer we love, I would be calling Jenn this instant!

    p.s. I *love* that bride's dress!

  • ooh! i'm in DC. so good to know, thank you!

  • Hello gorgeous grey wedding gown!!! and amazing pics too…