Sponsor Introduction: Studio Mathewes Photography

I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest Practical Wedding sponsor – Studio Mathewes. Jocelyn is our first practical photographer in the mid-Atlantic – she’s located in the lovely Baltimore. First of all, poring through the Studio Mathewes blog is a joy – it’s artistic and thoughtful and chocked full of great pictures. But one of the things that blows me away about Jocelyn is her amazing down to earth wedding philosophy. She talks about the importance of having a wedding you can afford and says:

“What makes a meaningful and exciting (read: fun to photograph) wedding is primarily the energy and the atmosphere of the people involved. Of course, a beautiful locale, fancy dresses, and delicious food can certainly help get everyone in a celebratory mood. But the source of the celebration is you.”
And you must read her post about her flexible approach on pricing, which includes some of those jaw droppingly awful WIC tales. She says:

“What it comes down to for me is this: It’s energizing to be around people who are as excited about having me at their wedding as I am about shooting their wedding. It feeds my creativity, gives me energy, and keeps me excited about my work! Win-win all around”

My favorite photographers are the ones who balance what they need to charge to make the living they deserve with the idea that they want to shoot weddings of practical, low-key DIY couples, because those weddings are amazing and inspiring. I’m so excited to get to introduce you all to a photographer with just this philosophy.

One good look at the Studio Mathewes blog, makes in clear that Jocelyn is someone I’d like to pal around with on my wedding day. And for a photographer, isn’t that really the whole point? Now go look at her awesome images.

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