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It only seems fitting that today, while we’re talking about how to pick a vendor, I get to introduce all of you newly engaged readers to long time sponsor, A Beautiful Day Photography in Seattle. These days, when everyone has a digital camera, it’s pretty easy to enter the world of photography without a ton of experience. So it has been a real joy for me to work with Daniel Sheehan, the photographer behind A Beautiful Day.

Daniel brings a depth of experience to his work that is rare in the wedding business. He started as an award winning photojournalist (the man has a Pulitzer, I kid you not), and 14 years ago stumbled into doing wedding photography (this was before “wedding photojournalist” was a hip catch-phrase). Well, it turns out that there is a joy in shooting weddings that’s slightly different from the feelings you get shooting in war zones. And he loved it. Which means you Seattle couples? You win. (Oh, and can I mention? He shot Conan O’Brien‘s Wedding. Talk about experience.)

Daniel loves working with Team Practical couples, so he’s offering you all a special Valentine’s Day deal. Anyone who books A Beautiful Day Photography through APW before February 15th, gets 10% off their package. Hooray!

One of the great things about Daniel’s work is that he really gets, and focuses on, what matters. He specializes in beautiful panorama shots of everyone in attendance at your wedding taken on a Fuji 6×17 panorama camera (that’s film, people). These pictures are hard to take, but even harder to make into an art fromm. But A Beautiful Day does it. Daniel has this to say about his panorama shots:

On the wall in our dining-room there is a group photograph of all of the people present at our wedding in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was not a planned shot. It just happened as Suresh Karadia, a photojournalist friend from London, stepped out on a balcony while the rest of our wedding crowd exited the wedding palace after the ceremony. Out of all twelve-hundred and some pictures from our wedding, this is the one photograph we have framed and hanging up. Everyone is in it, looking up at us and smiling. Each time we look, we are reminded of all who witnessed our marriage vows. It is our favorite wedding photograph.

After working with standard format cameras for 30 years, I caught the panorama bug from looking at the work of the great Czech photographer Josef Koudelka. I had seen a lot of these large skinny photos before but they never seemed to be more than a gimmick. Koudelka showed me they could express so much more. In fact I am convinced that I see everything now in a panoramic format.

And I would argue that Daniel is right. While some of his wedding photos have a intimate intensity, he captures the grand sweep of the day in a way that I rarely see.

So for those of you in the Pacific Northwest who are looking for photojournalistic honesty, and solid experienced artistry – no trends, no tricks, just crystal clear and foundationally strong work, I’m pleased to bring you A Beautiful Day Photography… with and APW discount no less.

So go, browse, enjoy. (And will someone please send me pictures?!)

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  • Kristine

    We are already in touch and may very well book Daniel for our October wedding! THANK YOU for the recommendation – I submitted an online interest form and heard from him 10 minutes later. No joke. He is already a joy to work with. :-)

    • Kristine

      And we’re working on the contract as I type this! What a find!

      APW, you are saving my life in so many ways! :-)

  • Meg

    Every time you feature him, I just have to comment that Daniel is the best. We love our wedding photos and he was a joy to work with.

  • Ruth

    This sounds familiar to me. Daniel (if you’re even reading comments), did you write an article that ended with you leaving the reception at the end of the night, to respond to an emergency involving an elderly neighbor? I’m sorry I can’t remember more details, but I do remember the article touching me deeply and I was so overwhelmed with the humanity that was expressed through the story. If that was your article, kudos, and I would bet the readers here would love the link. If I have you confused with another photographer, please accept my apologies. One thing is sure–your photography is stunning!