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Good businesses are ones that solve problems, and fill gaps where the market really needed better solutions. So with that in mind, I’m delighted to introduce A La Carte Albums… which is… exactly what it sounds like. Wedding albums that you can buy, one by one, anytime. Because let’s be honest. Raise your hand if you’re married, but haven’t quite gotten around to getting your wedding album made yet.

Hand count? Yeah. That’s half of us, easily.

Well, you’re in luck. Jane of A La Carte Albums can help you design a wedding album you love for an affordable price. She told me, “my prices range from $80 to $5000, but realistically, most people fall in the $400-$1600 range.” Which gives you a huge latitude to design an album in a style that works for you. Plus, and this might be my favorite part, A La Carte Albums specialize in working on building albums not just for those of you with professional photography, but also for those of you that DIYed your photography, or for those of you that want to build an album with a mix of pro and family pictures. Rad, right?

Jane told me, “when many of my friends got married they were lucky if they even had professional photographers. I spend a lot of time with images from pictures taken by family and friends, including sometimes *fixing* photos from tipsy Uncle Bill that happened to be the only shot of, say, the first dance.” As for her business philosophy, she says, “I think the core of what I do is that everyone deserves to have their story told, beautifully. I entered the wedding industry at a high-end studio that really focused on taking care of our clients and making them gorgeous albums as a matter of course, and I want to extend that experience to people who, for whatever reason, didn’t get it.” And what could be more on point with the APW philosophy than that?

Plus, her albums are each handcrafted with care, and she works with you one on one to create something that makes sense to you. And by one on one, I mean she spends hours on the phone with clients, working out exactly what’s best for them. Jane says, “I don’t use templates, and I let the design flow from not only my clients stated preferences about style, but also the content and feeling of their images.  When I sit down to design an album, I spend several hours just looking at all the pictures, not only optimizing color and exposure, but also letting the gestalt of the day sink in, so the pictures flow naturally back out onto the pages.” Perfect for those of you that want a beautiful album, but don’t relish the idea of spending days hunched over the computer, trying to craft the darn thing (and then not even having access to high quality album options at the end of that infernal project).

She works with a variety of album vendors that sell green, quality, worker-friendly, and vegetarian/vegan-friendly albums, so she can accommodate as wide a range of budgets and personal styles as possible. All that and she loves her job. She says, “I mean, I get to spend my days immersed in wedding pictures that I didn’t have to take, and the “awww” moments just don’t stop, so yes, it’s all fun.” And that’s something I can get behind.

So ladies, if you don’t have an album yet… maybe it’s time to get on that. And have fun!

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  • Sara

    my hand is raised SO HIGH, and I’m also jumping up and down for joy just a little bit because of this…

  • Sarah

    This makes me so, so happy. As I’m sure many of us have experience, I’ve looked for MONTHS for someone to help design and print a flush mount album.


  • Not gonna lie, this service sounds pretty darn awesome.

  • Katie

    I love this idea!

  • Ha. Meg, you know I still need to take care of this album situation!

    • meg

      I did think of you when I wrote this ;)

  • I am so excited about this. We had a great photographer, but her album pricing did not seem ‘practical’ to me, and so we have yet to get one made. For Christmas this year, I finally made something on blurb.com for our parents/grandparents, but I have still been wanting something a bit more for ours. Perfect solution here – can’t wait!!

  • Class of 1980

    WOW. That she will work with people who DIYed their photos is fabulous!

  • What a perfect solution. I have to buy the rights to my photos (…sigh…) but when I do, this is what we’re doing for various albums.

    • Alyssa

      BOO. I know it protects the photographer and everything, but that was one thing that we specifically looked for when we were searching for photography, that we’d have the rights to our photos.

      BUT, at least you’ll save money on the albums!

    • meg

      I bought the rights to our photos… it seemed fair to me. I wasn’t paying them for prints, so I paid a little extra. Anyway, do it! Yay!

      • Yeah, it’s not that I think it’s not fair, it’s that I am very very over “big wedding expenses.”

  • Love your idea about my photos. I will look at this later… Thanks…

  • Interesting item. As a Cumbria Wedding Photographer based in the UK this issue is always a hot topic when a Client books a wedding. Great site!