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I always say (I mean, clearly, I’ve said it maybe four times this month…) that my favorite thing is when I get to introduce the APW community to new, amazing, sane sponsors. And while that’s true, I think that maybe my second favorite thing is when I get to come back a few months later and talk about how the sponsor is continuing to develop their business in a way that makes working with them the easiest part of planning a wedding. Which is exactly the case with Alaina Bos Photography in Chicago, who has combined affordable rates (starting at just $1500) with a focus on effortless wedding logistics, and artistry.

Alaina Bos Photography has managed to perfect the balance between loving weddings (lady LOVES her weddings) and understanding what really matters about them. Which means that she is totally there to help you figure out all the logistics of getting great photos that will last a lifetime (hint: timelines), but without adding any of the unnecessary junk.

The reason for this is that Alaina, simply put, understands why photos really matter. I asked if I could share with you guys the really personal reason she takes photographs, and she told me I could. She said, “As someone who’s lost a person close to me, I know the true value of a photograph. Photos are what keep my memories fond. So it makes me love taking them for others that much more.”

And I don’t think this perspective shows any more clearly than in her photos. Alaina’s eye is refreshingly unfussy, and her images have an effortless grace to them. It’s as though you can almost see right through the photograph and directly into the people inside. Alaina says, “I want a photograph to look like a photograph, not be full of Photoshop actions.  I like my couples to see the photos and feel like they look like a better version of themselves because emotion and personality shines through.” And that’s what you should be looking for: someone who is going to see you for you, and make you look your very best.

Of course, then there’s Alaina’s dedication to making everything about your wedding effortless. Not only does she put together a weekly email newsletter which consists of tips and tricks for wedding planning that are actually useful, but she also works with each and every one of her clients to make sure that their wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. She said, “Overall, it is very important to me that my clients have awesome customer service and a stress-free wedding day. In order to ensure this, I consult extensively with my couples about the timeline of the day. It’s easy to neglect building photo time into the overall timeline of the day so I talk with my couples about their specific needs and also provide sample timelines if they need them. That way, we will have a lesser chance of feeling rushed, which ultimately leads to being stressed.”

And lucky for you guys, APW couples are just about her favorite people ever. “What I’ve loved about the couples that I’ve booked is that they are low maintenance and excited about getting married. They have unique ideas about plans for their ceremonies and receptions; some things are traditional, others are not. And that makes it more interesting for me.”

So Chicago, this one’s for you. Alaina’s rates start at just $1500 for six hours of photography, and $2100 for eight hours, making her super affordable for the big city. So go! Get browsing, and then get talking.

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