Sponsored Post: Allsop Home & Garden Solar Garden Lanterns

Ok. So, you guys. So I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I tend to limit the number of sponsored posts I do on, well, ‘stuff.’ I feel like the whole wedding world is set up to sell you a bunch of wedding-y stuff you don’t need (flip flops that stamp the word Bride into the sand, anyone?) And the last thing you need is more stuff pitched to you on APW. So if you are selling wedding related objects, you have a really high bar to clear with me before you get on APW. So, what I’m getting to is that, I really really love what we’re talking about in today’s sponsored post. I think they are really cool, really beautiful, really eco, really helpful, and really freaking SENSIBLE. I know. Pretty and sensible. What?

They are, drumroll please……

A-freaking-mazing beautiful garden lanterns sold by Allsop Home and Garden for outside weddings. But wait for it…. they are SOLAR garden lanterns (gaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! falls over). So this is the way it works – you’re ready to set up for your wedding. You take your lanterns outside, and you hang them in the trees, off the eves, in climbing rose bushes. You just hang them. You don’t worry about wires, or extension cords, or utility plugs or anything. Then you leave the lanterns all day and they charge in the sun (or, achem, practical point, you can pre-charge them… and if you pre-charge them, you could use them inside). Then, you say your vows, dusk falls…. and your little lanterns start glowing all over the garden. Glowing like little fireflys, pumping out all that sun they soaked up all day. Happy sigh.

And did I mention that your party will look like Bilbo Baggin’s Birthday Party? Because it will.

Ok, so now on to practical details: Allsop Home and Garden sells a bunch of different kinds of these solar garden lanterns. The original nylon one’s start at $19.99, the be-u-tiful shimmery silk ones run $26.99-$28.99, and the magical-durable-super-design-y-ones-that-I-must-have-as-soon-as-I-get-a-garden run $38.99 (and you’ll keep them forever and ever and they’ll remind you of your wedding every night). So, all and all, I vote really good bang for the buck. Oh, and since I am super lazy, the fact that they have no wires to deal with? Ding! Sold. Apparently the lovely solar lanterns are so great, that brides routinely end up giving them out to members of the wedding party afterward, and practical and awesome mementos.

Oh. And they also have these solar string lights. Seriously? How much would these dress up a backyard wedding, or a picnic wedding? Or an indoor wedding with not a lot of plugs? Or your summer barbecue for years after your wedding? Genius. So go check out Allsop Home and Garden (did I mention they are a family run, eco-conscious business? Rad.) I think you will find them right up your alley.Photos for Allsop Home & Garden, first photo by Hillary Mayberry

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  • jolynn


  • I would love these in our back yard. What all around life awesomeness!

  • Julianna

    amazing!! i almost want to add some to our registry for when we eventually get a house + garden!

  • TrailTart

    LOVE these. We are moving into our new house-with-sweet-yard this weekend and these will be perfect for our porch, trellis, AND wedding! Freaking rad, Meg.

  • Rachael Eisner

    Want these. Badly. Wedding is done (thank goodness) but house party #1 is in the near future. Everyone’s yard should look like Bilbo Baggin’s party.

  • AHHHHH! Perfect. We’re getting married in the park and have limited outlets to use! Thank you!!!!

  • Emi

    You had me at “Bilbo Baggins.”

  • bex11

    I don’t recall where I saw these first, but I’ve completely fallen in love. While touring our venue on mother’s day with my mom :) we decided to get some of these as there aren’t many outlets – just not sure which style to go with yet! After the wedding they’ll go up in our yard with the Italian globe string lights we already purchased. Pairing blissful wedding memories with our cherished outdoor space – a match made in heaven.

  • eeewhydammit

    YES!! I have to de-troll just to say how excited I am for this post. I checked Allsop out earlier this week and everything was so beautiful! I bought 3 sets of the string lights for my parents.

    My FH and I are not even officially/publicly engaged yet, but I am already beautifying my parents’ yard in preparation for a backyard wedding. I so want a hobbit party!

    • meg

      I think you mean de-lurk, not de-troll. Unless you plan to leave comments that need to be reported ;)

      • eeewhydammit

        Yikes! Not in my plans, I assure you! De-lurk it is then.

        • eeewhydammit

          Eek, I just wikipedia’d trolling… um, never using that term for my own actions again – I love this community in which I lurk!!

  • Man, I would love something like that for our backyard once we have one… (Reception venue gets less sunlight than our current townhouse, so not so suitable for there!), but being down here in New Zealand, I’ve never seen them anywhere before… Bummer! :)

  • Leigh Ann

    I LOVE these! Exactly what I want for my wedding. Heck, just for my backyard!

  • Eliza

    Ooh — magical and eco-friendly. Love it!

  • Anna P

    we have a string of solar lanterns decorating our huge backyard planter. and I love them (although they are from Ikea and nowhere near as amazingly beautiful as handblown glass globes), but the SOJI MODERN. I am positively drooling over those. And plotting where I could hang them……. YUM.

  • Bethany

    Yay!! We’re having our reception in a friend’s backyard in August. Just yesterday my mom was talking about stringing Christmas lights way out to the back of the yard for when it gets dark. I really really didn’t want to drain our kind host’s electricity but didn’t know any other way to go… now I do! Perfect timing, thanks so so much! APW is probably my biggest wedding resource, and today just reaffirms why- Thanks Meg!

  • KWu

    I totally want some just for our living room. Not letting living in an apartment stop me from lovely evening lights!

  • Why yes, I DO need solar garden lights. <3

  • LPC

    Gorgeous. Even with no wedding in sight. I do want the flip flips however. Maybe they could just stamp “Mom” in the sand instead. Or even better, “Woman.”

  • SingColleen

    OMGOMGOMGOMG! Yeah, this is exactly the kind of stuff it’s totally ok to promote.

    I mean, no, I don’t need it (for one thing, my wedding is over), but yes, once we have a backyard we will need lights for it, and who doesn’t want lights that use our very best friend the sun for power?!?!?!?! And I, for one, have always wanted an eleventy-first birthday party with magical glowing orbs.

  • Ciara

    You see this is why its so refreshing to read APW! Practical honest adivice that reminds me of why we are celebrating a wedding and marriage, but also gets to show me pretty things that I didn’t know existed but solve my problems!
    Living in Ireland,(with the infamous wet weather!) weddings don’t tend to happen outside v often but my fiance and I have decided to cheat and go to france to hopefully pull off a garden ceremony (yes we are probably crazy)!
    I’ve been looking for lanterns that can light up our ceremony site and provide a bit of aesthetic distraction if the weather decides not to cooperate. Love that they don’t have to have a million wires and bulbs and we can just transfer them inside to continue partying as the night goes on! Thanks so much!

  • Megan

    Um…Solar anything…Yes Please!

  • I just ordered these a week or two after seeing them on another blog and they work perfectly (and arrive fast, too).

    The one thing I would edit from your original post is that the $20 ones aren’t paper, they’re weather-proof nylon, so they’re way tougher than your standard cheap ones. We love them! The white ones have a slightly amber glow that makes them look almost orange in the night, while the orange ones actually glow less orange. Just my 2 cents for anyone shopping!