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Ohhhh….. you guys. I get to write about photography a lot, but today I get to write about jewelry, or more specifically wedding rings the way they were meant to be, hand crafted by two woman designers that make up Bario-Neal. Yup. That’s indie wedding and engagement rings, at reasonable prices. Wheee!

Those of you who have been reading for a long time (or who have been poking through the archives) know that the first thing that made me realize that wedding planning was going to be complicated for me, emotionally, was the rings. We looked for rings everywhere, and every single mass produced wedding ring…. just….. didn’t feel right on my hand. I wanted a ring that felt like it had a tiny soul. And Bario-Neal’s rings have soul a-plenty. They make everything from thought provoking designs, to simple lovely bands that pull at your heart.

All of this is why I think Bario-Neal’s wedding and engagement rings are just so right. I love their hand crafted-ness, and I think they are among the most beautiful wedding rings I’ve seen. They are organic, they play with the form of the traditional wedding ring, but make it feel soulful and alive. And these rings allow you to wear and piece of hand crafted art on your hand for the rest of your life. And they also do custom work… rings that tell your story.

Because Bario-Neal’s rings are hand made, you need to allow about 5-6 weeks lead time for your order. I submit to you, wedding bands that you really need to look at (in order of the pictures in this post): the Aldine Band (braided, yum), the Dais Thin with Diamonds Band (I’m not even sure I can put into words why I adore this ring, but adore it I do), the Reticulated Band (which is one of the coolest men’s rings I have ever seen), and the Reticulated Narrow Band (for the ladies). All of their rings can be made in a variety of metals, natch. But check out their full selection of rings, because I can’t even get through all the ones I think are beautiful.

You should also keep in mind that they have jewlery that would make wonderful gifts for the women and your life that you are honoring (bridal brigades, mothers, women of awesome). I’m partial to the Knotted Rush Ring, above, which is affordable as heck. It’s how I first found Bario-Neal, when one of you used it as your wedding ring (tying the knot). It has now become something of a APW classic wedding ring, and I think I will be asking for it as a gift from David one of these days. Also look at the beautiful Aster Ring for a gift or a engagement ring, and their Hollow Earrings. If you buy wedding party gifts at the same time as buying your wedding rings, you even get a discount!

So go browse. I’ve gotten so many emails from you guys over the last two years, saying that you used Bario-Neal and you couldn’t be happier, and I love that. Oh. And their regular jewelry rocks too (see above bracelet that I am obsessed with). Now go, go, go.

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  • Liana

    I can testify. My guy got me the knot ring as an engagment ring -( I’m just not a diamond girl) and I LOVE IT!

  • These are really beautiful. I love the imperfect, rugged-yet-delicate, handmade look. I thought that last one was a ring as well and I was wondering how you could possibly wear it without worrying it would break all the time, but now that I see it’s a bracelet I understand better. I will be looking for wedding bands at some point over the next year and have a perhaps naive hope that the process can be as fun as it was finding an engagement ring for my fiancee.

  • Ophelia

    I’ve ordered the Dais Thin Band with Diamonds, and cannot wait to receive it. Bario-Neal have been so cooperative and nice to work with. The ring takes longer to arrive (I want it yesterday!), but I know that that is because they are making it by hand.
    I love love love the picture of this ring, and hope that I will love the band as much in person.

  • Molly

    I’ll add to the chorus: Working with Bario-Neal was an absolute joy. My boyfriend and I got very simple, somewhat conventional bands, but I was so thrilled to have them made by these two cool women, out of recycled metals that weren’t hurting people or the environment. We had the luck of being able to visit their new studio in Philadelphia, literally days after they moved in, and even though they were still unsettled they welcomed us in and let us hang around and just basically acted like people we would want to be friends with. Our rings are exactly what we wanted – like, we’re both having a hard time waiting to start wearing them until after the wedding. I foresee many jewelry purchases from Bario-Neal in my future.

    • meg

      Awwww…. yay!

  • I’m a diamond girl and would probably get lots of flak from many APW readers for my ring, but I have to agree how absolutely charming these rings are and how beautiful it is that they are sentimental without being fussy…and that’s nice. :)

    • meg

      Hey – they have diamonds! For sure.

  • Rianne

    We ordered our beautiful, perfect-for-us wedding bands from Bario-Neal, and we couldn’t be happier. We worked with Page entirely via email, and she created exactly what we wanted. Plus, it felt like working with a friend. I have APW to thank for pointing me in Bario-Neal’s direction, and I like to think that I’ll carry a bit of them both on our wedding day.

    I’m mostly a lurker on APW but I had to comment on this post! Thanks for all you do Meg.

  • Kim

    I have APW to thank for helping us find Bario-Neal, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about them! We (fiance, his parents, me) visited a few days after they moved as well and had a wonderful time with Anna. She graciously answered so many of our questions – I had a great time and really learned a lot too. Anna made really helpful suggestions about pairing my engagement ring with the wedding band I had chosen, things I never would have thought about. I have appreciated their thoughtfulness, attention to detail, flexibility and of course, their business model. They really care about and believe in their work. Our bands are ready and I can’t wait to see them!

    (I also planned on getting the knot ring sometime in the future, and my fiance surprised me with it for my birthday – and I LOVE it! And I just want to second that you can be a diamond AND bario-neal girl.)

  • I love these – thank you for highlighting them.

  • Kate

    Just chiming in because these ladies deserve it. We ordered my husband’s wedding band from Bario-Neal and couldn’t be happier. They were a pleasure to work with – by phone and email – and answered all of our picky little questions. They also did a beautiful engraving on the inside of his band. We love the ring and he constantly receives complements on it.

  • zs

    I am too shy to email for a quote when this place may be WAY out of our (small) budget. Anyone who’s ordered from here or even gotten a quote want to share what you paid/were quoted? Thank you.
    –first time poster!

    • meg

      You gotta get a quote, lady. It’s going to TOTALLY depend on what you are doing. Their knotted rush ring is $80 in my size in silver, but I’m sure you can do a ring with diamonds in the four figures too. Jewelry is just all over the board, based on how much original design you require, and the prices of the metal and stones that you’re using. But, in sum, their prices vary widely, so I’m sure you can make something work for your budget.

    • Holly

      ZS, I am lucky enough to live in their area and not only is Anna the nicest, friendliest, most low-key person possible, they are very flexible and willing to work within all kinds of budgets. Please don’t be shy! I was tempted by a multicolored custom wedding band (including yellow gold and palladium) that was $400 but in the end I went with a simple white gold band, slightly curved to “nest” with the engagement ring, which was $232 plus tax. (I don’t know if you’ll have to pay tax over the internet… ) Hope this helps!