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Valentine’s Day is approaching (rapidly, suddenly), which – in my book – means one thing only: it’s clearly time to think about buying jewelry (for our partners, from our partners, or heck, for ourselves). And really, if you’re engaged but haven’t bought your wedding bands yet, is there a more romantic (or practical) Valentine’s Day gift to get each other than wedding bands? I think not. So I’m delighted to talk about long time APW sponsor, Bario-Neal Jewelry.

It all started with APW and Bario-Neal back in the early days of the blog, when I wrote about their beautiful and simple Knottedrush Ring. It’s a simple ring that represents ‘tying the knot’ and it starts at just $154? I was, and am, in love. But they have so many other heartbreakingly lovely handcrafted wedding and engagement rings. There is the ever popular Reticulated Narrow Band (for just $230! What?) My favorite (the first picture in the post) the Aldine Thin Band, which is so classic, yet quirky, with its beautiful gold braid. And then there is the men’s Milla Shoulder Band above. Classic, lovely, affordable, and made by people who have values and business practices you want to support.

Or maybe you’re on the hunt for beautiful, one of a kind, wedding jewelry? Or, um, life jewelry. If so, lets talk about Bario-Neal’s lovely options. Like the necklace above, which is their Jute White Necklace, and is made from white vintage enamel track chain. I think it would look killer layered over a simple white sheath wedding dress (or a t-shirt, but that’s me thinking about me).

Or, lets talk about these Cala Saphire Studs, or the stunning and simple Milla Necklace below. If you’re looking for stylish, hip, heirloom wedding jewelry, that you can wear long after the day is over, Bario-Neal has you covered. And frankly, if you’re going to splurge on something for yourself that’s wedding related, I’m a big fan of the jewelry idea. It’s a way to take your wedding day with you any day you want, in a super top secret way.

But mostly, I want to get personal for a second and tell you how much I love Bario-Neal’s jewelry, and what a joy they are to work with. I asked my mom to buy me their Gale Bracelet as a 30th birthday present, and I wear it everywhere. You can see it on my wrist in Italy, at Mighty Summit, and at APW book clubs. It makes everything look effortlessly stylish, and I love the feeling of wearing handcrafted art, made by women who’s business I’m proud to support.

Beyond that Bario-Neal is a dream to work with. If you like their work, but you want it modified (a different metal, a different stone), contact them. They’ll work with you. If you want custom work? Well, check out their amazing gallery. APW-ers have been having Bario-Neal make their wedding rings for years, and they’ve worked to create a number of different affordable and personal wedding rings and engagement bands just for you guys. They are a joy to work with, and they are artists I’m delighted to promote. So go. Get your own art, and wear it every day.

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  • agirlandaboy

    Beeeyooootiful! A friend of mine has a braided gold band like that and I’ve always admired it. LOVE.

  • Sarah

    I found Bario-Neal though APW, and designed my husband’s band with them. It was gorgeous, and they were wonderful to work with!

    • Anna

      So here is a totally self-serving question…how do you get your partner to buy you jewelry? I am notoriously picky (and not very good at receiving gifts that aren’t my taste with grace). But I would *love* it if my husband would buy me jewelry–it’s something I love but never buy for myself. Anybody have great hint-dropping strategies that are still, well, nice, and romantic?

      • meg

        This is how you do it:

        You say, “Husband, I would like you to buy me jewelry for XXXX occasion. Here is why it is important to me. Also, here are some suggestions of things I would like. Thank you, I love you.”

        F*ck hints.

        • Anna

          And that is why we love you, Meg. :)

        • Anna

          I should also say, I got your comment via e-mail, where the commenter was not identified. I knew it was you.

          • meg


  • Laura

    I adore Bario-Neal! We got my engagement ring from them, and they were wonderful to work with. We took a trip to Philadelphia from DC to meet with Page (Neal) in person; she was terrific. She helped find a stone I wanted, and offered expert guidance on the different metal and style options. We’re both thrilled with the end result, and I can’t recommend their work enough!

    • Joan

      LOVE Bario-Neal. And, we have a similar story. My partner and I had decided we wanted to get married and that we wanted to go ahead with the traditional proposal. I discovered Bario-Neal on APW and consulted with my now fiance. We both loved their designs and their commitment to ethical and sustainable jewelry practices. So, we picked a day that my partner would propose and after the proposal drove from New Haven to Philly to check out Bario-Neal. We ended up working with Anna (Bario) on my engagement ring. She was great. This is the ring she designed for us: http://bario-neal.com/bn/collections/bands-rings-diamonds-gems/custom-work/custom-cala-three-stone-ring.html. We both absolutely love it. Yay Bario-Neal!

  • My favourite is the first one!!!