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Today’s post is a ‘Just In Time!’ post for all of you summer brides and grooms. So. I know that piles of you are planning to do your own flowers, like we did. Others of you really WANT to do your own flowers, but you don’t live in a major metropolitan area with a flower mart, so you think you can’t. Well, into that breach steps the fantastic Blooms By The Box. who deliver wholesale wedding flowers all over the US.

Blooms By The Box has been sponsoring APW since, well, a long long time. What I’ve consistently heard from you guys over the last year is that their flowers are fresh and their customer service is unbeatable. They have knowledgable florests on staff, so you can call them and ask questions like, “About how many flowers do I need for XXX, and when do you think I should have them delivered? Do they need time to open?” and they will totally help you. Even after all this time working with them for more than a year, my mind is pretty blown at how great that is. Beyond that, Team Practical members have stepped up to say that when they had last minute emergancies and called Blooms By The Box FREAKING OUT they day before the wedding, they both calmed them down, and fixed the problem. Which? Awesome.

About a year ago, Blooms By The Box actually sent me flowers to arrange. When I came home that day, I was like, “Oh god! The flowers actually show up, on your doorstep, fresh, in a box!” (Cue, head exploding). As you guys know, we used a flower mart for our wedding flowers, and it was kind of a pain in the *ss. If I had to do it over again? I think I’d just get the flowers delivered. Seriously. I’d get to work with nice people and not have to worry? Sign me up.

And finally, you should go look at the Blooms By The Box blog. They have how-to videos and tricks (including my favs the flower color wheel and alternatives to peonies), and um, it would have saved me a lot of pain if it had been around back when I was first figuring out flowers. So go browse already, and then buy some flowers.

Pictures: The amazingly helpful flower color wheel, arranging Blooms By The Box flowers in our kitchen, David’s and my respective arrangements

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  • Jane

    I used Blooms By The Box for my daughters wedding. I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of the roses. They were beautiful and opened up so quickly. They even lasted days after the wedding. I’m so grateful for companies like Blooms By The Box because without them we wouldn’t have been able to afford such beautiful flowers!

  • Elizabeth

    Just wanted to add my endorsement. I found Blooms By The Box here (Thanks Meg!) and used them for my wedding flowers last October. We made 11 centerpieces and 4 bouquets and it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding (and some of my favorite pictures as well). And I definitely saved a fortune – the do it yourself part isn’t for everyone but I loved it, and it was a way to involve several girlfriends in a really fun way.

    The staff is indeed friendly and nice, but I did learn a few things along the way. First of all – have a trial run, it will help enormously and let you figure out how many flowers you’ll need, which types fill your container best, how much filler you like, etc… And then – very, very important – be sure to check w/ BBTB about availability of what you want when you need it. Sadly, I didn’t do that so ended up not having one of the things I wanted – it was a rookie mistake, I just didn’t realize that they might have very limited availability of certain things at different times. They’ll help you figure out substitutions if need be, but it’s easier if you plan a little earlier than I did!

    I also have a few tips about specific flower types – for instance some ship better than others (gerberas don’t do well) and some are easier to work with and prep. Happy to talk more about it or share pics/tips if folks want. I’ve used BBTB several times since my wedding (8 mths ago) for baby shower arrangements, holiday flower gifts, etc… It’s really great fun and the prices (especially if you’re doing a few arrangements) are very reasonable. I estimate I spent about 25-35% of what retail florists would have charged for the arrangements.

    • Jackie

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Can you elaborate on your comment regarding the gerberas? I plan on doing the bridesmaid bouquets entirely out of gerbera daisies for my September wedding and am definitely planning to DIY. Do that really not ship well? Should I consider changing my plan?


      • Hi Jackie,

        This is Danielle from Blooms By The Box! Let me clarify something about gerberas, they have extremely delicate stems. I do not know if that is what Elizabeth is referring to, but they’re fragile stems need special attention. We do our best to package them so are supported and do not loose their quality in shipment. Personally, I have never heard bad feedback about gerberas, but there are a loot of factors after the flowers leave our warehouse that we unfortunately do not have control of (i.e. heat).

        If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (908) 791-0487, or email me at danielle@bloomsbythebox.com. I’d be happy to help you!

        And Elizabeth – thanks for the rave review! We really appreciate your loyalty! I’m glad everything worked out for your wedding. Post some of the pictures to our customer gallery, I’d love to see how your arrangements came out!

        • Elizabeth

          Hi Danielle – my centerpiece and bouquet are on your site (Wedding Bouquet and Wedding Centerpiece, Elizabeth B – such original names). I was very proud! :-) Jackie – re the gerberas, Danielle is right – it’s an issue of the fragile stems. I ordered them in February when BBTB was running a special on them and about 2/3rd of the bunch died within a day (and I followed all the directions). The stems were just too damaged – they were individually placed in a cardboard frame but they still got bent by the frame too much. The ones whose stems survived were beautiful, and lasted much longer than any I had bought from retailers in the past, but that was only about 8 of the bunch. So I wouldn’t order them again. I don’t really fault BBTB (which is why I never said anything too them), because I just think they’re too fragile a flower and it would be too expensive to order enough to ensure having plenty of them. Also (again, just my 2 cents) depending when you make the bouquets, they will be handled/wrapped etc… for a while, which might be hard on the stems. I made ours the day before and kept them standing in water overnight and they were great, but the process of making them means some bunching and gripping. Also, once the gerbera gets damaged it can start dropping petals pretty quickly. Maybe that wouldn’t be an issue if you were making them the day of the wedding.

          But this is all what a test run is great for – you could order a bunch and try it out. See how they ship, how they respond to bunching, etc… and maybe it will work beautifully. I do love gerberas so I’m sure it would be a beautiful bouquet.

          You might also want to order a bunch of roses, or lilies, or mums (the football mums are especially full and fabulous) to play with and get a sense of other ideas. I can’t tell you how much I loved having dozens of roses to play with – it’s such a luxury at a reasonable price. And they will open and last for days. There are some great pics on the BBTB site that might help give you some ideas too.

          It really has made me into a bit of a monster – my husband dreads seeing the big box on the doorstep now because he knows the kitchen will be overtaken with buckets of flowers for my latest scheme. :-) You should have great flower options in September. Good luck!

          • meg

            Want to second all the advice for a test run. Doing flowers for the wedding you inevitably end up under the gun, and running around. I shudder to think what that would have felt like (in my case) if I hadn’t done a test or two and knew what the h*ll I was doing. Sorta. But sorta was enough.

          • Elizabeth – your arrangements are some of my favorites! You did a fabulous job. Good luck with your future flower endeavors! Have you ever thought of doing it professionally?

  • Jen

    Hmm, that’s tempting! We’ve been looking at local sources, but your review (and commenter reviews) is quite convincing! Will definitely look into it!

  • Melissa

    Wish I’d known about this before I booked a florist!

  • sara

    I’m wondering if anyone has worked with hydrangeas, and if BBTB offers those… I’ve heard that they die very quickly, but I’m kinda in love with the idea of using them for our centerpieces. Any advice is very much appreciated!


    • Hi Sara,

      Blooms By The Box does offer hydrangeas! We have mini green, large blue, and large white. I understand your concern because hydrangea are a little high maintenance when it comes to care (which is probably why you’ve heard they die quickly out of water). This is true, but what flower doesn’t die out of water!

      At Blooms we actually ship our hydrangea with a small plastic bag with water rubber banded to the exposed stem, so they are in the best condition when they get to you. In extreme heat we also pack our flowers with cooler packs to ensure they stay cool in transit.

      I always advise people who are interested in hydrangea to be patient and put them in water immediately after receiving them! We also have “special care” for hydrangeas if they don’t seem to be drinking up water under the “Flower Care” tab on our website at http://www.bloomsbythebox.com.

      We basically suggest that you cut the hydrangeas with sharps sheers at an angle under hot water to speed the hydration process.

      • We also offer Large Green Antique / Pink hydrangea as well! : )

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Sara – I used tons of hydrangeas (from BBTB) and they were great. I had no problems at all w/ them lasting, or being finicky. The only trick is that they have such woody, thick stems that if you’re dealing w/ dozens of them you (and your shears) will get a serious workout! But they’re terrific fillers, very sturdy, and they lasted just fine for me. They were one of the base flowers in my centerpieces. I’d definitely recommend getting the largest ones BBTB can find for you. Have fun!

    • Additionally, here’s a blog post about hydrangeas from our BloomsBlog…


      • sara

        Thanks for all your help! One last question – if we order the flowers to be delivered on Friday before our Saturday wedding, and if we arrange them on Friday, do you think they’d last until Sunday morning? Thanks again!

        • Jackie

          I work in Special Events at a venue so I see a LOT of centerpieces come through. I’m not a huge fan of hydrangeas mainly because I see them die all too quickly! I think Danielle’s advice about their care is really good. My only other tip would be to consider staying away from white hydrangeas. From my experience, they tend to brown at the edges all too easily. Good luck!

        • Sara – they would definitely last until Sunday! But for a Saturday wedding we actually suggest having your flowers delivered on the Wednesday before the event so you receive them Thursday (delivery date: Wednesday before the event, Arrival date: Thursday before the event).

          This way it gives your flowers enough time to open up before the wedding. Also, we ship overnight via UPS, so there is no specific time that your flowers will get to you. It’s basically where you are on your UPS driver’s route. So if you did get them Friday (unless you know that your UPS driver comes early), it may be later in the day… giving you a limited window of time to do your arrangements.

  • Meg! This post was perfectly timed. I JUST ordered our flowers from Blooms by the Box on Monday. So nice to hear you, and other commenters, say nice things about them.

    And? We’ve ordered hydrangeas, so thank you Commenter Sara and Blooms by the Box lady Danielle!

  • Wench

    Do any team practical members know if there’s a service like this in the uk? This is what I need in my life!

  • Oh, wow!! This is some impressive support for Blooms by the Box!! I’m planning to DIY for our bouquets and boutonnieres only (non-floral centerpieces), but we were looking into using http://www.FreshRoses.com– but now as I look into it, BBTB might be less expensive (and with great customer service, apparently)!

    Anyone have any thoughts on http://www.FreshRoses.com or other competitor’s sites? BBTB sounds like they might be the way to go, but I just was wondering if anyone had any other thoughts? Bad experiences with FreshRoses.com? Now I’m just nervous. And we’re supposed to order flowers soon!! Yikes!


    Meg, what a great post! THANKS! I’d been looking at some other websites and pretty much wrote off the idea b/c they all want such giant quantities – not of the whole order (which is fine, b/c I need lots!), but of each *individual* flower/color. Like if I want pink and red gerberas as accents in my bouquets, the other sites make me order 40 or 50 of *each color*…But this Bloomsbythebox has really low quantities – with a couple to spare for backup (versus 40 to spare!!!). WOO – HOO! Mix and match heaven! No wonder they did the color wheel. You couldn’t do that on the sites that I found! You’ve totally given me back my DIY flowers!

    • meg