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So, I’m delighted to get to write a post today about Bravo Bride. Bravo Bride is a fantastic resource, a site that allows you to sell and buy all manner wedding items – vases, wedding dresses, wedding rings, you name it, to help you save money, cut down on waste, and keep your wedding green. That, and they have been partnering with APW since the very beginning, and they are seriously good people.

Annnnnddddd…. because they think that wedding planning should not be ridiculously serious, and that all couples planning weddings need a BREAK already, they’ve started the Funny Wedding Pictures blog. And I have to say, I quite enjoy this photo-booth gem… or the shy flower girl… awwwwww. So go enjoy, laugh, and then get serious about saving money (or selling your wedding stuff already).

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  • Jennifer

    My sister/MoH bought her dress for my wedding through BravoBride! It worked well, though obviously that’s partly a credit to the individual seller.

  • I love the idea of a funny wedding pictures blog! My fiancee’s parents got married in the late 1970s and when they went to pick up their photos from the photographer, the secretary had laid out some of the best ones on the desk. They were all pretty standard shots, except one, of the groom carrying his bride shortly after the wedding, both of them drunk, with a maniacal look of glee on his face. The secretary noticed it and immediately got embarrassed and said, “I’m so sorry for this one, the photographer shouldn’t even have taken it.”

    Of course, it remains to this day the favorite wedding photo and occupies the very last spot in their photo album. I am pretty much going to demand that my photographer try to capture all the most hilarious moments of my wedding!

  • bridal girl

    I love the idea of capturing all the funny moments of the wedding. It gives more life to the wedding and more realism.