Sponsored Post: ByCherry Photography In The Greater LA Area

As I’ve tried to build a little portfolio of sane, awesome, affordable wedding elves (or, as I think of it, the vendor directory I would have KILLED for two years ago) I’ve had hard times finding people that fit the bill in a few areas of the country. Some of them made sense to me. Some of them did not make sense. And the place that continues to blow my mind is LA. I mean, how the h*ll are their not a billion bad-*ss, totally sane wedding artists living in LOS ANGELES???? I know. Those of you not from California are thinking, “It’s LA, Meg. It’s just a big soulless strip mall.” But no way. I’m from Southern California, and the urban part of LA is on my short list of really great artsy US cities to live in. So I’ve been beyond frustrated by not having tons of resources to give the bajillion of you that live in LA.

This is, of course, all a lead in to tell you how thrilled, happy, and profoundly grateful I am to get to tell you about ByCherry Photography. Cherry lives in Santa Barbara, but shoots weddings all over the greater LA area. She’s talented, she’s kind, she loves shooting Team Practical weddings, and most of all she’s sane. Oh. And she describes herself as “half-Filipina, half bad-*ss.” Yesss.

I asked Cherry how she’d describe her business and artistic mission statement, and the woman thought and thought and thought about it, and then finally said something really simple. So simple that it always shocks me that this isn’t the whole wedding industry’s motto. Cherry said, “when I thought about how I wanted to run a business, the most profound mission statement that came to mind is that I wanted to be the kind of photographer that I would have hired for my own wedding. I like to be straightforward, efficient, and above all, I don’t want any couple to feel like they got bamboozled when she realizes there were hidden costs. I want the couple to feel like they’ve scratched off the photography line on her “To Worry About” list.” And THAT, kids? That is what you should be looking for in a photographer. And when it comes with talent and rates like this? You win.

Oh wait, plus she’s offering 10% off to all couples that book through APW, because she genuinely loves working with you guys. Win! Win! Win!

Why does ByCherry Photography love you guys so much? Well. For the very best reason, “I love APW brides because I am an APW bride. I want to be surrounded by couples who know that the most important part of the day is getting married and being surrounded by the ones you love. A friend once said a very profound thing to me, ‘As I stood there looking at all my guests I could honestly say that I loved every person in that room and they loved me. How many times does that happen in your lifetime?'”

Plus she promises to work with your budget restraints as much as possible, make you laugh, and grin her head off at you while you have the time of your life. All that and she’s affordable, talented, and in the LA area? I’m beyond pleased and proud that ByCherry Photography is part of the APW team. So go, ladies, go. And please send me pictures.

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  • Laura

    Thanks for showing LA some love. This IS an awesome city! And I’m so glad there are awesome photogs to match.

  • D. Baldwin

    Great to see Cherry getting some love, too. Besides being a great photographer, she is humble, centered, and one of the coolest people you will ever meet.

  • Maybe it’s just the podunk Southerner in me, but can I just say that the shotguns picture is SO BADASS?

  • Jessica

    Cherry is an amazing artist with an eye for capturing all of the beautiful details of the day. On the day of the wedding she made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera (when I was more nervous then I had ever been in my life). During the wedding and celebration, she managed to be everywhere at one time and found a way to take some really creative shots without ever being obtrusive. The whole thing was such an easy process and when we got our photos back…. oh man! We are so unbelievably proud of her work! Everyone who sees them comments that they wished they had hired her for their wedding!! We were so lucky to have her shoot our wedding and are even more lucky to be able to call her a friend!

  • Jason

    I’ve been to a couple of the weddings Cherry has shot. She has an amazing ability to get the shots she needs without getting in the way. One of the weddings, my dad’s, was a nice, low-key event, but Cherry’s pictures made it absolutely come alive! She even made the rain into a positive, turning my dad into an umbrella wielding gent even with his biker’s handlebar mustache!

  • Emily Jacobsma

    She likes APW for the same reason I do! I love brides that are fully aware that the most important thing is to be surrounded by people you love.

    I am a “fan” of my bridal shop on facebook and occasionally they post survey questions just for fun. The other day the question was “What would you rather give up for your budget: your dream dress, or people on the guest list?” I have to tell you, I was THE ONLY person that answered dress! How fantastic would your wedding be if you’re wearing something beautiful but didn’t have all of your friends and loved ones around to support you? I know there are other APW brides out there tryin to make it happen with the budget to accommodate their favorite guests!

  • Tessa VanDalsem

    When you can count your wedding photos as one of the top two possessions you’d save in a fire, you know you’ve gotten extremely lucky by finding your photographer. I want to tell everyone in LA, nay, in the world (Cherry’s quite a jet-setter, you know) how beyond pleased I am with my wedding photos.
    After receiving my photos from Cherry I repeatedly asked how she made us look so good. Yes, we’re in love, but we are absolutely glowing in these pictures. The incognito shots, the dress detail shots, all were unexpected and captured the things I’d never remember otherwise. I am so grateful to have those. What else can I say? The entire experience was nothing but positive, and she had many fantastic ideas for us on our day – which is extremely helpful when you have no clue what to do.
    Cherry also knows how much a bride anticipates these photos, so I was blown away by the turn-around time. I do not share the same horror story with friends… who wait months upon months to see what they’ve paid good money for.

    Thanks, Cherry! I don’t think I could ever thank you enough.