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So! I’m thrilled to get to introduce y’all to calin + bisous photo, out of Boston. A few months ago, Calin emailed me out of the blue. It was just a little love note, about how she’d been Googling around and stumbled on APW, and said, “Your blog is the best god damned blog ever. I love it. I’m so much more interested in getting married to my boyfriend since finding it, and it’s so much fun to learn that it’s okay to be a feminist, hate the idea of marriage, hate religion, and still have the strange desire to wear a white pouffy dress on the wedding day I never planned to have.” Which? Awesome note right? Well. Then. I clicked through to her site, saw she was a photographer, and was like what the mother effing eff, this woman HAS to become a sponsor, she’s just too perfect. But she wasn’t shooting weddings yet, and she was only beginning to build her business, and it just wasn’t the right time. But then she emailed me again this month, and it was on. So welcome to the magic that is calin + bisous photo.

I spend a lot of time looking at wedding pictures (obviously) and part of my job is to be able to evaluate a photo. And here is what I think: I think Calin is growing and blooming as a photographer, and I think she’s on the edge of something hot. Explosively hot, and exactly what APW-ers are all about. I think by the end of next summer, Calin will have shot a whole lot of weddings, and everyone is going to be wishing they booked her back then, back when she was a total, total, steal. I think that those wedding pictures are going to be stunning, and I think all of you are in the unique position of snapping up calin + bisous photo early.

So what should you know about Calin? First of all she’s rad-tastic, and she is TOTALLY someone you want at your wedding (and at your parties). She’s a student, studying cello at Berklee, but she fell into the world of photography, and well… obviously that cello talent translated. I asked her to write about APW, and why she wants to work with you guys, and oh, man, wow:

I love APW couples because they’re naturally beautiful! I seriously must be APW’s biggest fan. These people are real, logical, and they know what’s right and what’s wrong so very clearly. This blog and these women, men and all APW photographers have brought my work and eye to a new place. They confirmed my suspicion that wedding photography is a personal thing, not a cold business. Photography is a collaboration, and I want to run my business truthfully!  The truth is, you can’t do it without my camera, but I can’t do it without your face! I CANNOT flippin’ wait for my first practical collaboration!!!

Everyone deserves photography at a small cost, and I don’t just mean money. Photography should be available at a rate that doesn’t feel like a punishment, it shouldn’t cause stress because of hidden costs, and no one should ever have to choose their favorite photos because the print prices are too expensive. (And did I mention that her rates start at $1,000???? Seriously? They do. And they won’t for long, I bet.)

So I’m thrilled you guys. THRILLED. I’m like dancing in my seat excited. I think you guys are going to love her, I think she’s going to love you, and I think I CAN NOT WAIT to see the pictures. Go! And enjoy.

Mwah! Happy Friday! This is a good way to end the week, no?

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  • I just sent this link to two of my friends getting married around Boston- love to see more vendors in the area! Welcome, Calin!

  • Aw, man, a talented, affordable Boston-area photographer who is also a fellow (but apparently, since she’s at Berklee, way more dedicated and talented than I) cellist? This would be right up my alley if I hadn’t already gotten married. But yay!

  • Leahismyname

    Aww, I wish I lived in her area! (For so many reasons, but she’s currently in the top 10.)

  • I wish she had been available for my wedding. Hooray for wedding sponsors somewhat in my area!

  • Kaitlyn

    These photos are beautiful. I wish she worked in my area.

  • Rachel

    yay yay boston boston!!

  • kahlia

    Yes, this was a wonderful way to end the week. These pictures are gorgeous!
    I’m glad that I, together with the other APW readers, get to enjoy the benefits of Meg’s “thing” for really great photography!

  • Cool Pictures. They all look so natural and full of love. Amazing and natural!

  • Missy

    I hate to poo on a sponsored post (very bad etiquette) but I just have to pipe up and say, based on her e-mail, I’m not sure this vendor is a good fit for APW. Why? Because of her liberal use of the H word. I think a lot of people in this community like to keep hateful people (whether they hate religion or gay people or other things) far far away from their meaningful, photograph-able life events, many of which involve… religion. Gay people. Other things. I’m just saying.

    • meg

      First of all, she’s awesome. I know her, you don’t. And I never allow y’all to trash each other here, it does not create a safe environment. Calling someone hateful? Not cool.

      Second? APW is all about figuring out why we hate the idea of marriage or white dresses or whatever. Figuring it out, talking about it, PARTICULARLY talking about it when it’s outside the cultural narrative of what we’re supposed to talk about. So when I hear people trying to figure that out, I know they are in the right place. Confusing someone hating the idea of marriage, or being atheist, with hating GAY people? Totally, totally, totally uncool.

      You’re right. Very bad etiquette. Please be a little more thoughtful before you write. Thanks.

    • Winston


      I don’t think that Calin’s use of “the H word” is any sort of indication that she is a hateful person. From what I have read “the H word” was used for emphasis and to show her enthusiasm for the diversity that one can find on APW, not to hate on anyone. It seemed to me she was simply stating that she was relieved and invigorated to discover that there are people out there that have a contrasting view to the majority. This is especially important when one is approaching something as dogmatic and rigid as marriage. I honestly could not disagree with you more Missy.

      You also appear to be insinuating that Calin has an issue with gay people. Since when does feeling strongly about one thing immediately imply that you hate gay people? I hate broccoli, but it doesn’t mean I hate carrots; it also doesn’t mean that I hate anyone who eats either of them.

      Based on Calin’s beautiful photography and warm, spirited, and personalized statement I believe she is a perfect fit for this website.