Sponsored Post: Christina Richards Weddings in the Bay Area

This morning I posted Britta & Adam’s wedding, shot by long time APW sponsor Christina Richards weddings. The photos, well, they blew me out of the water. I, obviously, see a lot of wedding photography. I see a lot of wedding photography that I love. So when I see pictures and it literally knocks the wind out of me, when I stare at the screen with my mouth hanging open… then I notice. And that’s what Christina Richards photographs do to me.

To say they are beutiful is an understatement, though yes, they are that. But there is something else about them. They walk this etherial line where she catches something just below the surface of what’s going on. She catches the in between moments. She’s shot a bunch of amazing APW weddings this year, and every time I go and look at the pictures, I’m just sucked in. Because she gets the emotional wedding moments, she gets the documentary shots, and then in between, she shoots these little fine art prints. Like this one:

I know, right? I know.

I got to meet Christina this spring at an APW meetup, where I was speaking. She shot lots of pictures of me, and she’s the kind of photographer I love to work with. She’s quiet. She’s so in the background you almost don’t know she’s there. People will set up a shot, pose, shoot. And then Christina shoots the minute you think you’re done. The minute you turn away to start chatting… you hear her shutter click. And the shots that she gets are amazing, because they catch you when your being truthful.

Posting Britta’s wedding this morning was coincidence. She sent me her wedding this week, and I looked at the calander and realized, oh my god, I’m writing a post for Christina on Friday. What is that? So of course I asked Britta about working with Christina. Other then the plethora of good things she said about her in the wedding graduate post, she told me, “Christina was great to work with and the pictures are more then I could have asked for. Now I’m left with the unlikely regret that our photographer under-charged us.” I know that feeling. That’s the feeling you want to have. I think that’s always how it feels when you work with someone incredibly talented…

Christina lives in the Bay Area, but she loves to travel. She shot Britta and Adam’s wedding in Washington state, and she particularly loves to travel to Boston and New York. She told me, “I have had the privilege of photographing lots of APW couples weddings this spring/summer and it has been amazing. My clients from APW have all been so kind and the weddings are so full of love, fun, and individuality, I really hope I can continue to work with APW couples in the coming months and years.”

So, um…. GO! There are people less talented than Christina who charge five times what she charges. I tell her every time I talk to her that she could charge way more, and be totally justified. I mean, the woman is an established fine art photographer, people. But, she’s building her business, and she loves working with you guys. Lucky, lucky you.

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  • wow, these are stunning, in an I-would-hang-them-on-my-wall-and-it-wasn’t-even-my-wedding way.

    “Now I’m left with the unlikely regret that our photographer under-charged us.”

    We felt this way about our photographer. Definitely a happy and unusual scenario.

  • Kasia

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for over a year now and we were lucky enough to have Christina photograph our wedding 3 weeks ago. I found her on this blog, so… thank you! She did an amazing job and I can’t stop looking at our pictures!
    Expect a graduate post from me in the next few weeks!

    • meg


  • Sarah

    I know you’re just spreading the awesomeness, but damn, it’s hard not to reconsider one’s photographer! Christina sounds like my idea of a perfect wedding photographer, so those of you who can, use her!
    (Now where’s that post about not looking back once you’ve chosen something for your wedding…)

  • I am in love with this woman + her photography! *sigh*