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I’m beyond delighted today to write a post about one of my favorite photographers on the planet, who also happens to be one of the most under-priced photographers on the planet, the amazingly talented Christina Richards Weddings, in the San Francisco Bay Area (who travels very affordably to Boston!) You’ll remember her from this amazing wedding. You know, the one where the bride made the dress from bits of ripped up goodwill lace? Yeah, that one.

Christina Richards has been an APW sponsor for a long time, and I’ve been head over heels in love with her work for just as long. A year ago, I had a chance to have her shoot me a little at the APW/OBB meetup, and my respect for her grew even more. Christina is the photographer that shoots in the in between moments. She moves so quietly that you never even know she’s there, and then when she sends you the pictures, she’s captured the piercingly true moments, and the art in the everyday.

When I look at her work, I’m overwhelmed by her ability to see the beauty in everything. She captures the joy of people’s smiles, the quiet dignity of their faces in thought, the curve of the neck, the way the sun falls, the color of the bride’s sweater against the sky. All these moments that could get lost forever, Christina captures… because she has a way of seeing beauty where the rest of us would see just the everyday mundane.

And since I can’t hire her to follow me around my whole life, capturing it (can I?), I think you should hire her for your wedding. Oh, and did I mention, she has special rates for elopements? (Of course she does.)

Christina described her artistic philosophy this way, “My philosophy towards wedding photography is the same way I approach all my photography. I love photographing real people with natural light.  I look for real emotions/moments, beautiful light, interesting compositions, colors, and small details.” And I think if we could hack open Christina’s brain to see where all the beauty comes from, this is what we would find: quiet observation of the small details that the rest of us miss.

As for why she likes working with APW-ers, Christina Richards told me this, “Some reasons I love working with APW couples… They make up almost my entire client list and I have enjoyed every single one. In my experience, APW couples have been down to earth, fun, open minded, and simply a pleasure to work with.” Which, of course, makes me extra excited, because that means all of the beautiful couples gracing this page? All of the weddings and people that Christina’s photography has made me fall a little bit in love with? Those are you guys!

So, I can’t recommend Christina Richards Weddings, affordable and artistic San Francisco Bay Area wedding photography (And Boston too!!) highly enough. On behalf of those of us who want Christina to photograph our whole lives, can you maybe have her photograph your wedding, and then send us pictures? Please and thank you.

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  • I always love looking at her work, it’s just so romantic!

  • I love Lyn. That is all.

    • kc

      THIS. I was going to write this. :)

  • Why, hello there, Lyn in your fabulous bolero, fancy meeting you here in a sponsored post!

    Also, every time I see that picture of the group smoking on the patio, I think of Marty McFly disappearing as history changed because he traveled through time. I love it.

  • I am SO happy that she’s shooting a dear friend’s wedding in the Bay area this May. [I am also psyched to meet her!]

  • Kate

    I am not yet married (or engaged) so don’t have wedding pictures but hired her shoot some family photographs this December and she was amazing. Super nice, easy to work with and the pictures are stunning. I can’t recommend her enough for ANY of your photography needs!

  • Alanna K

    That’s me (the bride) in photos one and three! How surprising and thrilling to see a photo of myself in my google reader on my new favorite wedding website! (Weirdly, I only discovered awesome wedding websites like APW *after* my wedding.)

    Christina is a DREAM to work with. She is seriously wonderful and clearly has an artist’s eye. My photos were everything I wanted–breezy, sunny, joyful, and of course gorgeous! And yes, totally great prices as well!

    • meg

      What do we need to do to get you to write a wedding grad post, huh?

  • Alanna K

    Oh my! Nothing would tickle me more—I’m gonna get on that! :)

  • Irene

    Yay for Christina!! She totally rocks.

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