Sponsored Post: Christy Tyler Photography – Chicago & Wisconson

Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to brand new APW sponsor and *proud* wedding elf Christy, of Christy Tyler Photography. Christy actually wrote me a tremendously lovely email introducing herself, telling me how much she loved APW, it’s ethos, and it’s readers… and when I told her heck yes she should be a sponsor, she did a dance around her living room, apparently. That’s how much she wants to work with you guys. Actually, she loves APW-ers so much (well, ok, she is one in her own right)… that not only did she go to the Chicago meetup, but she took all the Chicago pictures. She’s a keeper.

Christy shoots in the Chicago and Wisconsin areas, but she’s willing to travel near and far, so you midwesterners? This might be your girl. Before I get in talking to you about Christy’s story and work, lets get some of the practical good news on the table. First, she has hourly a-la-cart pricing, which means A) Those of you working with smaller budgets can make things work with her, and B) You can pay for exactly what you want and need, and nothing else. Second (and I can’t tell you HOW important this was to me when we were looking for a photographer), Christy gives you all of your .jpgs… and you don’t even have to arm wrestle her for them! She told me, “I believe pictures should be shared – not kept by me and given out only in print form for millions of dollars …. so I give each client CDs of all the best images fully-edited in color, and in black & white – for them to print & share with family & friends as they so choose.”

Christy is still growing her wedding business (good for you), but she’s a super experienced photographer (even better for you!) She got her degree in commercial photography, and told me, “When I graduated I got jobs doing shoots for McDonald’s happy meals, and other large company’s events, corporate photos, etc…. but I wasn’t really happy. Honestly, it was pretty boring dealing with all the corporate mumbo-jumbo and I didn’t like that I didn’t have much artistic freedom. Som a friend of mine’s little sister was getting married and she’d seen some of my ‘personal’ work and asked me to shoot her wedding…. and while doing it – I fell in love. With all of it. With bride & groom madly in love, with REAL moments between REAL people – not fabricated BS.  It didn’t pay as well as corporate shoots – but I really didn’t care. I loved the freedom I had to make my own decisions and shoot how I wanted to shoot. And most of all – I love weddings. I still cannot believe for the life of me that I get to do something I’m absolutely in love with – photography! – every day of my life. And I feel SO BLESSED that people appreciate my work & trust me enough to hire me every time I am booked. It is really humbling a thing.”

And then there is her work. Can we talk about the shot above? Can we? About how it’s beautifully composed and has a fantastic perspective, but instead of being cool and artistic, it captures some of the fundamental joy of the day? That is not anywhere near as easy as Christy makes it look.

Christy told me that, “Every wedding I’ve shot since the first was by word of mouth… one bride passing my info on to the next. ” But I think today that’s going to stop, because she’s too good not to share. So Team Practical, go already. Chicago, Wisconsin, Midwest? It’s all about you guys today. And when you hire her and you have a fantastic time together and she shoots amazing pictures? Send them to me, yes? Because I have a feeling they will be great.

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  • liz

    Hooray – I love Christy! She photographed my wedding and I couldn’t be happier with how the pictures turned out. There was a great mix of detail shots, portraits, and then (my favorites) the random, lovely moments throughout the day that she caught so effortlessly. She was sweet and super professional – a great combo! Snap her up before everyone else does :)

    • You are too sweet! Thank you! xo!

  • Mallory

    Christy, I have your site bookmarked… expect a call ;-)

    Unfortunately we don’t have a date set yet… can you just reserve Spring 2012 for us until we figure it out haha? Your work is awesome!

    • Yay! Mallory I’m all over it! March through May 2012… completely set aside for you! ;-) lol. :) Look forward to hearing from you!

  • Ah, Christy, I’m hoping I get to see more of you at the next APW book club meeting. You seemed absolutely super in the few moments we were in the same room, and I loved the pictures you took of the cafe — I looked at them in awe: How did she make such beautiful art out of the very normal things around the room?! Etc. See you soon!

    • I know! I was so looking forward to meeting you and bummed that I had to leave nearly immediately after your arrival! I’m sure we’ll get along fabulously at the next APW meet-up & have much more time to hang! :) I can’t wait! Eeps! (And thanks for the compliments love!) xo! :)

  • Magdalena

    Wow pretty pictures! I love when there are Midwest-y type vendors. There are not a lot of them! I am greedy for more more more!

    So I can keep my street cred as a biaatch I have to say, “she loved APW, itS ethos, and itS readers.” I’m sorry, I really am, maybe this is why I have only a small circle of friends… people don’t appreciate having their apostrophes needlessly nit-picked… I’m going to go try to pull this stick out of my caboose now…

  • Nightfall

    Oh, sure, noooooow you post a Wisconsin photographer. Now I’m going to have to get married *again*!!!

    My new husband’s 40th next year will need some great pics…

    • Sounds lovely!!! That’s definitely something to be celebrated & documented as well!

  • Soooo excited to have an APW photographer in the Chicago area! I bookmarked Christy’s photography website at the time this post was published and before I was engaged… now I’m engaged, booking venues, and about to look at photographers! I’m hoping to give Christy a call soon! I am INLOVE with her photos! :)