Sponsored Post: DIY Wedding Flowers From Blooms By The Box

Ok. So I’m excited to unveil today my most exciting sponsored post to date (drum-roll please…) My fabulous sponsor, wholesale flower distributor Blooms By The Box mailed flowers to my house so I could arrange them and tell you about it. Lets start at the beginning.
First, even though they are called Blooms By The Box, I’m somewhat dull. I’ve always thought of flowers of something you went out and got and lugged home with great/mild annoyance. So when I arrived home one evening to find an enormous box of flowers on my door step, just a few feet from where I wanted them, I was sort of shocked. The sum total of my flower preparation duties were: pick up box, open box, fill container with water and flower food, put flowers in water. Um, what? Yeah, I knnnooooowww.

So, early the next morning I set about arranging flowers. Actually, having the creative partner that I do, David and I both set about arranging flowers, and decided to have a small contest about who could make a prettier arrangement (uh, not that we are ever creatively competitive at all or anything). We have the vases for our wedding, so we were testing them out to see what prettiness we could make. Here is what we learned:1) I was reminded again that flower arranging is supposed to be *fun.* It’s all about playing, seeing what works, seeing what doesn’t. In this picture I’m attempting to create a tall arrangement, that quite frankly was a total failure. So, I shrugged, cut it up for scrap, and made a new arrangement (which you’ll see at the end of the post).2) Flowers all have different personalities. By which I mean some flowers are sturdy, some are less sturdy. Some arrive open, some arrive closed. Some will last for just a day or two, some will last for a week. The advantage of using Blooms By The Box, instead of running out and buying flowers on your own, is they pride themselves in their customer service. So, you can email them or call them up and chat about when your flowers should be delivered, and which ones will work well for your needs.

But enough with the small talk, you want to see what we *made* right? Well, my ever tasteful fiance made something sleek and modern:And I made something a bit more wildflower-y, a bit more rough and tumble. Hilariously, these more or less fit our respective personalities.We had access to the exact same flowers, but our arrangements are totally different and complementary, which I love.Finally, I want to say a word about Blooms By the Box website, which is invaluable if you are doing DIY wedding flowers. They just launched a blog which I can honestly say is so good that I’m going to use it when we do our flowers. Their post on the flower color wheel would have saved us hours of experimentation during our wedding flower trial run. Then there are the videos, and videos are how I learned to make a bridal bouquet. Seriously. And finally, the sample design gallery.

So, all you DIY flower people, all in one fell swoop, I present you the tools I wish I’d had when I started. You’re welcome.

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  • Pretty cute, how you all are different and complimentary!

  • Meg, you've done it again. This week I've been biting my nails and perusing Costco and Fifty Flowers and freaking slightly out about the unknowingness of it all. THANK YOU for this link!

  • Oh. My. Goodness. Imagine my surprise this morning, after having spent a rather restless night not sleeping and worrying about my DIY flowers, to sit comfortably at my kitchen table with my coffee and Reader and find everything I need for flowers!! I nearly died! Thank you so much – your advice here has been invaluable for me.

  • I totally love both of your arrangements! What a great resource.

  • Oh you're so lucky! I want to get home to a big box of flowers and play too! Please?

    I really like your results. So true that flowers express our personalities! I happen to think they're a true art form.

    I like your containers… And so, who won the contest? Do we get to vote? I think your delicate delphinium arrangement is very pretty, but I must say my personal style leans more towards David's.

  • Oh, these are so great! There is so much value in convenience, honestly. It's so cute that David wanted to put flowers together with you- my guy will totally take over any time I bring flowers home, which is hilarious but kind of bugs me sometime. Oh well. Both arrangements turned out beautifully, and the flowers look wonderful!

  • I so needed this right now. I bookmarked their website a long time ago (not sure how I found them, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was through your blog) but I hadn't really perused it much. I was considering using them because they have the best prices I've seen so far (by a LOT), and now that I know they have awesome customer service and more on their website than I realized, they may just be my flower vendor. Thanks for linking to the videos, etc!

  • charlotte

    Hello! A longtime lurker coming out to say that I actually used Blooms by the Box for my June 20th wedding, (found them through this site) and while the experience wasn't perfect, it was pretty darn good and I'm glad I chose them. The bad part was that UPS messed up and sent half my order to the wrong place, so I received it a day late–just one day before the wedding instead of two. Thanks to Blooms' customer service, however, I was able to call and speak to a real person (a very nice man) about the mixup, and he somehow got it straightened out. While it wasn't ideal to have to do half the flowers a day late, it all worked out in the end. They were also able to deliver to a pretty remote place.

    The good part was the quality of the flowers: I ordered 100 stems of blue hydrangea for centerpieces and other flowers including delphiniums, spider mums (gorgeous), and asters for bouquets. Everything was LOVELY, fresh, opened beautifully, was the color promised on the web site, and lasted for days and days after the wedding. I can't say enough about how beautiful the hydrangeas were. They were really blue. I loved them. And I saved a lot of money on them, which was good too.

    If you're a person who worries a lot, (like me) worrying about whether your flowers will be delivered on time is perhaps not the way you want to spend the days leading up to your wedding. I had to tamp that worry down pretty hard, and give myself some stern talking to about how the wedding would be just fine without half the flowers. As it turned out, that wasn't an issue, but it would have been true anyway.

    Also, Meg, your arrangements are both lovely. Thank you for this site!

  • your trials look fantastic!!

  • These are gorgeous! I love the box idea (as opposed to typical vases).

    Also, I just got my professional photos the other day so I'll be finishing up that graduates post and sending it your way soon!

  • Stephanie

    While I love both arrangements, I'm more enamored by your sunlight filled kitchen!

  • love the look of these. so pretty.

  • love these diy flower boxes! awesome for any occasion! great blog.

  • Love them. Also love the boxes. I think you and your boy have a talent!

  • Kelly G

    *Great* post! Love what you guys did — and how your arrangements really are so different but work together!
    I used Blooms By The Box for my wedding flowers in May and they really were SO great. Seriously, I must have changed my order 4 or 5 times. Every time I called they just walked me through it (again…sorry!!!) and in the end I got exACTLY what I wanted, and they were so beautiful and lasted forever (the roses were *Still* alive when I got back from my honeymoon!!!!). I did ALL of my flowers for about $300 — and I had gotten a quote from a florist for the same arrangements for $1500!!!!! So amazing. BEST way to save money on your wedding. And Blooms is way cheaper than any of the other sites I found. And they're the only ones I found that let you order small quantities (like 1 bunch) of something. All the other ones make you get like 100 of each flower. That's probably why I tormented them so much… :)

  • Cate Subrosa

    You do indeed have a very creative fiancĂŠ! Both lovely :)

  • I had to laugh when I saw both of your arrangements…my fiance are folding 1,000 paper cranes and while we fold the same papers, the same folds, his are very architectural & precise and mine are a little more whimsical and artistic. We think it is very fitting of who we are as individuals. You both did a great job! I will echo everyone else and say THANK YOU for this post and for everything else. You're awesome!

  • LPC

    I am imagining that among all these flowers some of them smelled good? How nice.

  • So awesome! Who would have thought such pretty flowers could be that arrive in a box at your doorstep. And your arrangements are precious!

  • I love how you've made these floral arrangements. I prefer the use of a box vase then your usual options. It helps show off the beauty within the flowers even more and this is great.

    Great advice. I see from all the other comments you are a true life saver! You are surely making many DIY brides happy.

  • Awesome! Totally love this idea…Thanks for sharing