Sponsored Post: Emily Takes Photos & A Freebie!

Emily Takes Photos! Bam! Oh, I’m sorry, was that not a proper introduction? Well, lets try this again. Long time readers will know Emily Takes Photos in the San Francisco Bay Area really well, newer readers are in for a treat. Emily started reading APW when I *first* started writing it. She wasn’t a professional photographer yet, and I wasn’t a professional blogger. But somehow we fell in with each others work, and Emily fell in love with APW readers. Emily started advertising with me approximately the first second that I was taking advertising, and she currently holds the record for most APW weddings ever shot. That, and she hosts APW book clubs in her home, and sends me supportive emails, was a wedding graduate herself, and is generally awesome. You want good people at your wedding? You want a photographer you’re deeply comfortable with? Emily for the win.

Recently Emily was telling me about how, in the middle of shooting a Team Practical wedding, lying on the ground, practically up-under the bride’s dress, the bride looked down at her and was like, “You know, Emily? I’m really glad we hired you, because I feel super comfortable with you lying at the ground almost under my dress right now.” And that’s sort of a sum-up of what I think you should be looking for in hiring a wedding vendor.

Or as Emily says about you guys (at risk of repeating herself, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take), “APW couples are like instant friends, and I feel really, really lucky to get to work with such awesome people.” So because she loves y’all so much, she’s offering this deal (that makes me really happy): Any couple who books through February 14th and mentions this post gets a free engagement album/guestbook ($500 value), and wedding can be any time.

It has been such an honor and delight to watch Emily’s work and business grow and evolve over the last almost three years (!!). You can see one of her first weddings ever featured when APW was just a baby blog, then our engagement pictures, then Leah and Omid’s low-stress San Francisco restaurant wedding, then Mayi and Jon’s San Francisco city hall wedding, and then most recently Jen’s wedding. Remember that:

And all the time Emily’s work is getting better and better. So I can’t wait to see pictures and hear tails from the next batch of couples that tie the knot with Emily at their side. Because you know it’s going to be good.

Oh. And that would be an adorable little girl picture to take you out. Because that’s how I roll. So go already, and check out our own Emily Takes Photos.

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  • Gah these are lovely, and what a great name :-) And thank you for the adorable girl pictures.

    • Thanks Emily! :D Yeah that girl was awesome. Her boots even sparkled in the sunshine. It was like Dorothy on a rainy day in Oz!


  • mish

    Beautiful photos. I especially love the first one– that little girl is too cute!

    So excited to have Emily shooting my wedding in August!

    • Thanks! I’m so excited too!!!

  • We asked Emily to shoot our wedding because she seriously acts even more excited about our wedding than we do. ;)

    Thanks for making the connection, APW.

  • robin

    Also? Emily makes me laugh. A LOT. Which on your wedding day, is a really good thing.

  • Rebekah

    Her pictures are beautiful, and she’s obviously talented. But starting at $4100, that was more than half my wedding budget. Even though that’s a fair price for photography, it wouldn’t have been practical for me.

    • meg

      Of course. Not every sponsor is going to be right for everyone, and that’s as it should be. To put it in context, when Emily started with me, her rate for a wedding was $1000. As she’s grown her business, largely thanks to this community of women, her rates have increased. And arguably, women building their businesses through APW is good for everyone – even if you can’t afford her. Why? It keeps APW’s content here and free.

      And Emily is a huge supporter of other business women, so if you contact her but can’t afford her rate, she’ll pass you along to one of the other members of team practical who you can afford.

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