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Today I get to introduce a new APW sponsor, who, oddly, at this point needs no introduction. You guys remember Alex of FedorovFoto in New York City who, with his wife Natalia, decided that they wanted to shoot two Team Practical weddings for free, for people who couldn’t afford a photographer, in honor of their second wedding anniversary? I know, right? Who DOES that? Apparently APW wedding elves do that again and again and again. It sort of blows my mind. But back to the topic at hand.

So! Before I even get in to how clearly awesome Alex and Natalia are, I wanted to give you an update. So, reader Julie, who is *in the middle of planning her own limited budget wedding* left this comment:

Oh, this is the most beautiful gift! My little sister, Kate, is getting married on Sunday September 19 and they have no photographer because of their tight budget. She’s really bummed about it but there really is nothing she could do to make it work. She is a sophomore in college and her fiance’, Joe works for his families small business. They’re just starting out and consequently, are getting married on a shoestring budget. They’ve been dating for over four years and finally decided that they didn’t want to put off being married any longer because of money. I looked into covering their photography charges myself as a surprise but the cost was a little too high for me to handle.

The one snag is that they’re getting married in Columbus, Ohio which will likely disqualify us but I saw this beautiful, generous offer and thought I’d at least give it a try for her sake. If there’s any possibility of this working with your schedule then I would gladly pay your travel expenses to make this work.

Yes, you read that right. A bride, on a budget, decided that she wanted to PAY for FedorovFoto to travel to Ohio to shoot her baby sisters wedding (man, I’m such a sap, because I almost teared up typing that). And Alex and Natalia agreed, and it is so totally happening in two weeks. Ahhhhhhh!

Ok. So now, after that, I’m supposed to tell you why FedorovFoto is awesome, which almost seems pointless because it’s so effing clear (I mean, you’ve seen the pictures so far, right? And the kindness?) Well. Ok. I’ve lived in New York City, I’ve thrown events in New York City. I know. Throwing a wedding on $20K in New York is like throwing a wedding on, uh, $5K? In the Midwest. So when people email me to ask me about sane, kind, New York City wedding photographers who might just be getting started and be affordable, I used to slam my head down on the computer screen before typing, “Um. I got nothin.*” BUT NOW I DON’T HAVE TO!!!

FedorovaFoto’s rates… Oh. My. God. I must have triple checked that they were in New York City, and then looked at the images again, and said, “Whhhhaaaaaaaaa?” So yeah. Good prices. But that’s not all. They are giving you guys a killer discount. Alex sent me this:

Following your blog keeps reinforcing my feelings about wanting to work with practical, down to earth people for whom the wedding is a celebration of their love for each other.   To thank your readers for being true to who they are I would love to offer a 15% discount to all Practical Wedding couples, no matter when their wedding date is (provided that I am available).  My only criteria would be that they would have to book their date with me before October 15th, 2010.  Those readers whose wedding is in 2010 would get an additional 5% off.

Yayyyyy! What else should you know? Alex said that his focus is capturing the spirit and the feeling of the day (translation: not just a bunch of trendy shots, but the real you), and he’s unobtrusive (you know to always ask wedding photographers that, right? Yeah. The screaming photographers are enough to make you loose hope in humanity.) So seriously kids, what are you waiting for? Greater New York City area? GOOOOOO!

*Though Kelly is now shooting in the Tri-State area now too, thank god.

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  • Ali

    Oh my gosh – their rates are so affordable! And then a discount on top of that!?! Makes me wish they were in Texas :)

  • Eat Broccoli

    So I just got goosebumps and tiered up a little, cause Kate’s big sister is awesome! and so is FedorovFoto!

  • You had me at “not just a bunch of trendy shots”…let alone the generosity. How awesome.

  • Lor

    wish I was getting married this year to utilize their generosity!! LOVE apw for this!

  • Heather

    I’ll have to keep this in mind, as I’m most likely getting married in New Brunswick NJ, and some of the photographers around here have me FLOORED with their pricing.

  • Allison

    This post really did make me tear up at 6:30 in the morning…THANKS MEG!
    Julie, you seem like an amazing sister! The fact that you wanted her to get something wonderful instead of saving it for yourself is really amazing!!

    I really admire FedorovFoto for not only the fact that I haven’t seen ONE overly photoshopped image and that they are so generous!
    I have my full-time day job but I shoot weddings on the weekends and I have learned that having integrity and personality are what really help a photographer go far in the business.

    Kudos to you FedorovFoto! If I wasn’t already married and living in California, I’d hire you!!

  • We’re so excited about this! My sister was shocked by their generosity. She’s so grateful, as am I for her sake, to have professional photos of her wedding.

  • faith

    my heart is warmed:)

  • Anaar

    Alex and Natalia photographed my husband and I’s wedding this past July. They were good-spirited, kind, generous and communicative. And – the photos they took are totally gorgeous! Our wedding was definitely non-traditional, and Alex did a great job capturing the spirit and beauty of the event. So, we can’t recommend them highly enough – Alex and Natalia’s work are going to allow us to have really beautiful memories for a long time to come.

  • Peter Winn

    Alex and Natalia did such an incredible job photographing my son’s wedding (he’s the one in the hat!) that I would recommend them to anyone who wants a photographer who can capture the spirit of the occasion, not just do formal portraits. They were also responsive to special requests, sensitive to our concerns and flexible enough to allow for spontaneity.
    And the different formats they used to present the photos means that there is something for everybody. If I had another wedding coming up, I would use them again.

  • Kaitlin

    That is a beautiful story! Also, in addition to professional photographers, what about college or graduate students majoring in photography? Not all of them do the intense, hyper-artistic art photography, and there are probably many who would be willing and able to take beautiful wedding photos for a lower fee than a professional studio.