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Well, on Friday I promised one more post about a hyper-talented photographer who also happens to be a personal friend, and today I deliver.I am thrilled to get to write a post about Gabriel Harber Photography, wedding photographer extraordinaire of Oakland California (ok, photographer-of-any-damn-thing extraordinaire of Oakland). For those of you who missed the truly crazy story, I’m going to tell it again (because it’s that’s good). I’ve known Gabriel and his work (ohhhhh, his work) for ten years, but a while back we fell out of touch. Well, on the afternoon of our wedding, David and I were curled up in our hotel room reading Team Practical’s amazing congratulatory emails…. and what landed in my inbox than an advertising inquiry from Gabriel Harber. And I literally screamed, “DOES HE EVEN KNOW WHO HE’S EMAILING, OH MY GOD WHAT!?”So, long story short, Gabriel got to shoot two team practical weddings at the end of 2009, and I (no surprise) got emails from both brides totally raving about the photographs, about how freaking fun it was to work with Gabriel, about how great his awesome-significant-other-who-if-you-are-lucky-will-show-up-as-his-assistant is. Y’all loved him, and I was not surprised.Let me talk about Gabriel’s photographs. We were at a party at his place on New Years Eve, and at some point a few enormous boxes of his fine art photographs came out. I sat down next to David, with a glass of wine, and started going through them. And there I was, with my notoriously picky eye for photography, grabbing prints out of the box, and sighing and saying, “God, this is a great shot. God.” over and over and over again. And every time, David would run his cool appraising eye over it (What can I say? Two arts majors) and pause, and then say, “Yeah, it really is.”
And then there is Gabriel himself. I’m going to assume that *many* of you are like me, and when you show up to a meeting with a potential vendor, and from across the room you read “Wedding! Person!” you want to run for the door, or hide, or cry. Well. Gabriel is not a wedding person (well he is, obviously, but in all the key ways he’s not. And I mean that in the best-possible-way). He’s the guy with the waxed mustache and the funny stories. He’s the guy dancing around with a tiny kid on his shoulders at parties, and said tiny kid is screaming their head off in joy. He’s the photographer that’s a little bit goofy, a little bit hip, a little bit wry, a little bit hilariously blunt, and exactly who you want to pal around with on your wedding day.Oh. Right. And he’ll be able to roll with the groom and his posse, and they’ll feel like they won the wedding lottery.So go check out his pictures, and then Bay Area couples… you know what to do.

Pictures: (Because it’s cool to know, #2-5 are Team Practical in action. I kind of want to hug you guys when I see you grinning your d*mn heads off in your wedding pictures.)

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  • Lydia

    He's got at least one Team Practical wedding in 2010, and my fiance and I have you to thank for that, Meg — I found him through your blog! We just can't wait!

  • redfrizzz

    These are lovely. If you know of any great, *budget friendly* wedding photographers in the Indiana area, could you please tell us about them? thanks!

  • Oh thank you so much for putting this post up. I now absolutely want him to do our wedding. Even though we live in Vegas, its definitely a possibility, thanks to you!

  • Wow! What a nice surprise to open up your blog today and see us! Funny, we are seeing Gabriel tonight, to share food and do wedding album stuff….he is AWESOME!!! I can't recommend him enough, oh right, I already raved on a previous blog post…but, really…you won't be disappointed with Gabriel's amazing work and overall awesomeness!