Sponsored Post: Glö Paperless Wedding Invitations (Now APW Style)

Long time readers are familiar with Glö, the amazing business behind today’s sponsored post. Glö does paperless wedding invitations and wedding websites, but it’s so much more than that. Today we’re going to chat about what Glö does, and also (this is super cool) all the changes and feedback that Glö has made to their site in the last few months due to APW feedback. I am sometimes overwhelmed by how great it is to work with businesses who really care about you guys.

For those of you who are unfamilair with Glö, what they provide is a simple streamlined way to integrate all the bazillion wedding communications that you’re supposed to be managing. You know, in case you want to feel less like a project manager and more like an engaged person who drinks a lot of champagne. Glö allows you to organize your invitation list all in one place (the worst part of planning, so help me god), and manage who on your guest list has been invited to which events. Because have you ever gotten all the info for the rehersal dinner or a pool party with the bride, only to find out that you were not invited? I have, and it sucks. With Glö, you don’t have to do that at all, ever.

But more than that, Glö lets you send email Save The Dates, animated paperless invitations, A wed-site (called a Glö-site, aww) that matches the rest of your communications, smart RSVP technology, and group thank you notes. You can use Glö for all of your wedding communications, or just some of them, but it’s going to make your life so much easier, and it’s GREEN!!

And now, the point of today’s post. Taryn, the matermind behind Glö, has been working with APW brides for a few months (she literally gave me a list of names, like, “Oh I’ve been chatting with Sara and Kerry and Alyssa and….” And she’s really been listening to what everyone has to say. So here are the new thanks to APW-ers Glö details:

  • More control over your wedding website. Now you can do full HTML editing on the page. You can add widgets, colors, whatever you want.
  • Now you can name your pages whatever you want. Apparently Team Practical does not like their creativity boxed in.
  • The ability to share some pages publicly, and have other pages protected by log-in (because the whole internet does not need to be up in your business).
  • A new super fast way to tag multiple guests  – with categories like adult/child, out of towners, bridal party, left-handers…anything. Then with one click, invite all guests with a particular tag to an event or select them as email recipients
  • Easier emailing capabilitys including sending an email to all if your guests, individual guests, guests who are attending a particular event, guests who haven’t RSVPed to a particular event (bad guests!), and/or guests with a particular tag. Oh, and you can see who has looked at the email and who hasn’t (and needs a phone call).
  • And this one is the most crazy cool to me: You can see the number of guests invited to an event and the number of guests who are attending (Glö calculates the estimated number attending if you ask them “How likely are you to come on a scale of 1-5?” Howcoolisthat?)

So. CLEARLY you’re going to want to go check out Glö. They have a 21 day free trial, and various pricing plans, including a plan for people who are doing old fashioned paper invites, but want access to all of the Glö goodness for RSVP management, emails, and wedding websites.

Oh. And have I mentioned how great it is to support a small business with its values in the right place? I’m pretty into it, and Taryn is the best. She’s moving to the US from London in a few days, but right now her office looks… well… a lot like mine:

So, seriously. Those of you about to take on the guest list? Go, already. Go.

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  • ddayporter

    holy crap. I want to get married again so I can use Glo next time (haha absolutely not true but srsly). I will recommend this to everyone I know who gets engaged, ever.

    • Jessie

      Agreed. What an awesome service.

    • Sarah

      No kidding! I may just have to use it for our party here at home, just because we can.

  • ka

    Seriously, screw my wedding—I now want to use this for my job! It looks like way more awesome that the archaic databases that I should be struggling with as we speak…

  • Christina

    When I first saw a post here about Glo, I decided to give it a chance with the 21 day free trial. I wasn’t too far into my planning or anything, but it was something I was considering. The whole paperless invitation thing appealed to me because I hate wasting paper, but I was really torn because I also wanted to make my own paper invites. About a month after my free trial I decided to go with the package that lets me use their site for RSVPs and all the other helpful applications, without having to use the invitations. The best of both worlds! Also, Taryn is really great! I was having problems so I emailed the contact and she personally emailed me back the next day with a full explanation. I mentioned a change I would like to see and the next month, there it was! Awesome company that I’m very happy to support!

  • Anne

    Oh man this looks so awesome. I definitely won’t be able to use it for the paperless invitations (my family? Not so computer savvy. I’m lucky if they remember to check their emails every month.) but I’m definitely bookmarking it for when I get around to planning…

  • OMG, so this totally slipped in here while I was in the middle of a London->Denver/Boulder move! Thanks so much everyone for the lovely words and also the encouragement. You guys are the reason that running Glö is so much fun. As always – be sure to get in touch with me via the site if you have questions, comments or feedback (or you just want to say hello!)