Sponsored Post: J Wiley Photography in CHICAGO(!!)

You saw that picture and you’re excited already, right? Pretttttyyyyy.  Mmmm. Ok, focus. Achem. You should probably get more excited… Jennifer of J Wiley Photography is one of our first ever Chicago wedding photographers (wheee!!) But it’s actually much better than that. First, Jennifer is offering $100 off to APW couples, because she loves you. Second, Jennifer could be one of you guys. Seriously, I expect that some of you will meet her, hire her, and then become fast friends.

Jennifer was in the middle of her PhD in sociology, when she realized she wasn’t that happy. Then she realized that making people happy with pictures was really fulfilling. So, since she’s brave, she just quit. Ended with her masters and ran off to do what she loved.

She says, “Thinking about society and how people interact with each other has been ingrained in me, so I bring a lot of that to my photos.” Which… that’s like the inside of my brain, and the insides of your brains, and half of what we talk about around here, but now in wedding pictures. So cool. When we first talked over email I told her how many of you were in graduate school, and she got super exctied. She told me, “I always seem to connect really well with bookworms and nerds like myself.”

J Wiley Photography is not new to Team Practical weddings (of course, right?) One of her favorite brides ever was our own Rebecca, and Rebecca sent her over here so that all of you guys could get to work with Jennifer too. J Wiley Photography wants to work with couples that are fun, young, open-minded, and completely NOT crazy, which, um, is you! Plus she’s not crazy! And smart! And kind! And talented…. man….

Let’s talk about the pictures. I mean, first, they are amazing. She has so many shots that are amazingly composed, and emotional. All her images are so strong and clear. But what I was really struck by when going through her portfolio is how versatile her work is, while still staying true to a really clear vision. There are lots of wedding photographers that do artsy, and there are lots of wedding photographers that do traditional. But it’s somewhat rare to find a photographer who is artsy and fun and exciting, but still does traditional shots fantastically well. And while you might not care about traditional pictures, I bet one of your moms does. And Jennifer’s are beautiful. They are pictures that you’ll be glad to see every time you walk into your mother or you mother in laws house. And trust me, that means something.

Oh! And she does hip photobooths! And… I’m dying to hear about how you guys collaborate, so go already. Go, go, go. I expect to see a million amazing pictures and hear all the stories.

PS – And go check out Jennifer’s new collaborative project Free To Be Photography. It’s all about indie weddings and being yourself and the two photographers shooting you being exactly who you are (no blahblahblah you have to hire a makeup artist of I can’t shoot your FACE bullsh*t. Just goodness.)

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  • Um. One of the best things about being post-wedding is the lovely knowledge that I never have to plan my wedding again. But DAMN, these pictures make me want to plan a wedding. In Chicago. And hire Jennifer.

  • Maddie

    Thank you for being brave and doing what you love, Jennifer! These look amazing and are totally inspiring for my own abandonment-of-current-profession-for-pursuit-of-fun-job. <3

  • Love the Free to Be project and her work!

  • shannon

    The guy in the carousel photo is a friend of mine. :) Lovely photo.

  • Oh my gosh! I’m so happily overwhelmed by all the comments! (Is it gauche to comment on my own post?? Well I’m gonna anyway, hehe.)

    @Sharon — you so made my day!
    @Maddie — That made me so happy! Follow your passion, you will NOT regret it. (Even if you have to be broke for a little while in the process.)
    @Lizzie — Thank you so much!!
    @Shannon — No way! Such a small world. Were you actually at the wedding? Didja see me? :)

  • Jerry

    Jennifer, it was sheer pleasure working with you!


    The guy in the photo. :)

    • Oh wow! Hi Jerry! Everyone’s on APW — I love it!! You and Caitlin were A-MAZ-ING! I told you guys you’d be in my portfolio, didn’t I! ;-)

  • Yup. Yup. Yup. What they all said. Jennifer is a dream to work with. One of the things I liked best is that after the engagement session, I felt comfortable enough to tell her what I liked and didn’t like about the end product. I have never been a subject before and so the results were entirely in her hands. (Oh, Tyra, what you could teach me.) She was completely receptive and adjusted the way she shot for the wedding. I recommend the engagement session for this, if nothing else.

  • Amber

    I am thrilled that Jen has agreed to photograph our wedding next year on 11-11-11. Every time I see anything new she’s added to her portfolio, my elation grows! I feel certain that my camera-shy fiance and I will be safe in her creative hands. Beyond the venue and the dress, booking Jen has been the highlight of my wedding planning thusfar! :)