Sponsored Post: Jenn Link Photography – The Amazing DEAL edition

Um. You guys. I’m, what’s the word? A moron. Or maybe we can just chalk it up to the horrible side effects of re-tagging all my posts? Anyway, Jenn Link wants to offer you all an amazing deal… and amazing deal I forgot to mention:

I also would like to offer something special just for team practical for my remaining 2010 dates! Six hours of coverage and a disc of all edited images for $2,000.00 with all additional items at 15% off. I am based in the DC area but will travel anywhere for a modest travel fee. I also offer discounted travel to many area of the country such as Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta most of Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky & North Carolina.

So, because it’s a rad deal, can we collectively forgive my mushy brain? Thank you. And email her now, helllloooo!

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