Sponsored Post: Katie Jane Photography (& HUGE Giveaway)

As you know, I’m always super stoked when a long time reader starts a wedding related business, and then becomes an APW sponsor. And that’s the way it was for Katie Jane Photography in the greater New York City area. I discovered Katie Jane when she left a gushing, “Oh my god, I just got married this weekend, and oh my god you guys,” comment, and I clicked through and discovered she was a wedding photographer specializing in elopements and small weddings (and now big weddings)… but she was just lurking and leaving comments, not being a sponsor? What? No. Clearly Katie Jane was meant to be shooting weddings for APW-ers. And now she is.

Katie Jane told me, “I was an APW bride myself long before I was a sponsor. This community was so important to me through the wedding planning, and has remained important as I navigate my new marriage. I love working with APW couples because they really understand that a wedding is bigger than two people in a lot of ways. I also love APW couples because they understand that the wedding isn’t the most important thing… it’s that thing that comes after a wedding: the marriage.” So! Today I’m excited to tell you guys a little bit more about Katie Jane Photography AND host a giveaway for her: entirely free wedding photography for a couple who needs it (Yippee!! Local Squared returns! Remember how it turned out last time?)

Lets start by talking about Katie Jane Photography. Katie Jane has a soft spot in her heart for elopements, and for New York City elopements she charges $350-$700 (depending on how much of her time you want), and she needs just 48 hours to prepare (I think you should totally do it!). For those of you planning the more traditional, larger, planned-in-advance wedding, her rates start at the so-low-for-NYC-it’s-hard-to-believe $1250. So I think you’ll be wanting to get on that. Plus, she has super affordable travel fees for East Coast cities, and for areas surrounding Wilmington, North Carolina (her hometown).

Katie Jane sums up her wedding philosophy this way:

When everything is said and done, you have your marriage, your memories, and your photographs. And I think that a really powerful photograph is one that can bring back a memory that you didn’t even know was there. When I work, I’m looking for emotion, details, and laughter. I want you to be able to step right back into that day whenever you see your photographs for the first time. So while I love to take time to make sure we get beautiful portraits, I also work really hard to make sure I capture lots of beautiful moments.


It’s also really important to me that we genuinely like each other! Photography is such a personal experience, and I want you to not just like my style and work, but my personality as well. I think that makes a huge difference in the photographs we’ll be able to capture. I like to get to know my clients – I want to know your story. Knowing who you are enables me to capture your wedding in a more personal way.

And I think that’s exactly right. When I look back at our wedding photos, I’m overwhelmed by just how happy everyone is. It’s the moments where people’s eyes were brimming with tears, or when people are grinning their heads off like fools that I want to remember. And those moments get caught when you’re working with a photographer you love. And you know that long time Team Practical member Katie Jane is just that sort of lady.

But now to the super exciting part of the post. After reading the recent post on DIY wedding photography, Katie Jane kept thinking about how their were lots of couples who wanted professional photography, but just couldn’t afford it. So she decided to take matters into her own hands. Katie Jane Photography is giving away a full day of wedding photography (5 hours of wedding day coverage, 200 fully edited high resolution photographs on a DVD, a custom slideshow, and an online proofing gallery) to a couple experiencing some sort of financial hardship at the moment. The wedding should be taking place somewhere in the five boroughs of NYC, or somewhere nearby that is easily accessible via NJ Transit/Long Island Railroad/Metro North trains. She is available anytime in March, May 1st to 15th, June 17th to 26th, July 8th to 17th, October 15th to 31st, November 4th to 13th, or December 2nd to 11th.

We’ll keep the giveaway open for a week, and to enter just leave a comment saying A) You’re entering and B) You’re experiencing some sort of financial hardship right now (no need to leave details, I’ll check in with you if you win. Goodness knows, LOTS of us have financial hardships these days). Make sure your wedding fits the bill on location and dates, and that you’d be ok coming back as a wedding graduate (because, um, yeah, we’re ALL going to want to hear about it). Next week, I’ll swirl everything around in a hat, and we’ll pick a winner. Yay!

As for the rest of you? Clearly you love Katie Jane Photography now, just like I do, yes? So go browse around her site, and then book her (Then send me pictures. For serious.).

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  • Yay! Can I also add to the above that she is SO FREAKIN’ NICE?! (As if that weren’t apparent. But srsly).

  • Kate

    Ooh! Can’t wait to see the outcome of this! Yay!

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  • Mary

    I would like to enter this contest. My fiancee and I got engaged during a recent vacation. And hey, if we can afford to take vacations, we’re not experiencing any hardships, right? Wrong.

    My fiancee is a full-time student. I was able to help him get a campus job where I work, so he did have a little income, and he’s a veteran, so his schooling is covered under the GI Bill. I was providing the rest. Until 1 week before we left for vacation, when the university announced that my entire department was getting laid off. 60 employees were told they had no jobs anymore. The vacation was paid for, so we went. And I’m glad we got away from everything, but now I’m facing the prospect of trying to think about a wedding when neither of us have any actual income to discuss. And I’m from New England, but he’s from Alaska and we live in Alaska now. So there’s no way we can have both families present at a wedding.

    Obviously, I’ve got challenges. But eloping to NYC? That would mean that we would be near my family. And having a photographer to document everything so beautifully would mean that we could have a reception in Alaska with his family and show them kick-ass pictures!

  • Susan Cook

    Such a fantastic photographer – as talented as she is nice. She has the innate ability to zero in on those moments that mean so much and defy formal posing or portraiture. I highly recommend her and she’s always at the top of my list when I’m asked for recommendations.

  • Paranoid Libra

    Damn do I ever wish I was actually on the official side of being engaged already. My guy is waiting to get a job that isn’t min wage before he can ask (damn student loans). With your style Katie Jane and reasonable prices even for travel i would love you to come out to PA for my wedding. Hell I wish i could enter the contest, but without having an actual ring, and no real planning process in place, asides obsessing over APW, seems like it’s a bit out there to do.

    Definitely will be keeping this wedding elf in mind when i finally am ringed.

  • Alison

    Hello! First of all, thank you to Katie Jane for opening her heart and her camera lens for a give-away! My newly-minted fiance, Ken, and I got engaged three weeks ago, and as such, I would like to enter the contest. We are both students (I’m getting my Masters in Public Health and he is getting certified to teach high school math), who are children of messy divorces, who both live with crazy mothers (whose mother isn’t crazy, right?). We thought that planning a modest wedding of our dreams wouldn’t be complicated, but with 4 people’s opinions and almost no budget, it’s increasingly insane. We agree that regardless of our budget, the two most important things to us (besides getting married, obviously) are the food and the photographs. We would love to have Katie Jane shoot our wedding for us and having this one piece of the wedding puzzle set. We’re hoping to have our ceremony either in Long Island or in New Jersey on 10/12/12. Again, thank you!

  • I’ve worked with Katie on a non-wedding shoot and she was fabulous! Very sweet and creative. You can’t go wrong with Katie!

  • Class of 1980

    What a cruel trick to post that delicious picture of the ocean on this cold day. But I’ll forgive. ;)

  • Jess

    My FH and I (we’re not doing a ring, because that’s not the kind of girl I am, and we don’t have a date set because of money stuff plus I don’t like the word fiance SO future husband, not fiance) are in a long-distance relationship, NJ to England. I spent a bunch of time unemployed in 2009/10 and now work at a Starbucks for not much while I live at home to save money and he is a small business owner who got hit hard by the recession. We want to get married and have me move to England but it is a VERY expensive process, between visas and moving fees, not to mention all the money we spend on flights to see each other every few months. We’re struggling to save up for the move and our life afterward. We’d be perfectly happy going to NYC city hall followed by a small celebration somewhere low-key (actually, perfectly happy is an understatement–it’s what we absolutely prefer) but my family is pushing for something a little bit bigger (not BIG, mind you, just biggER). Either way, great photos at a great price (free) would be AWESOME and really help! Anyway, thanks to Katie Jane for offering this, I love the idea of an elopement specializing photographer and I might be giving her a call even if I don’t win! PLUS, she takes pride in doing gay weddings? Score.

  • Katie Jane–you rock the free world. I hope your business and marriage have many, many years of success; someone like you willing to give of your time and energy to someone in need takes the cake! You put a big fat smile on my face today…thank you! How nice to be reminded that people really are kind and good and generous, even when it comes to running a business. :)

  • Jarah

    I couldn’t possibly come across a more hope-inspiring giveaway than this one. Katie Jane’s photos are gorgeous the idea that my partner and I could actually afford a professional photographer would be the hugest gift ever. This Jewish lesbian couple is fighting hard to stay practical! I’ve worked with many couples in planning their wedding rituals, but – wow – figuring out how to pull off the rest of the production isn’t something they teach you in rabbinical school! (So that’s why I’ve been addicted to APW for at least 4 months now, even though this is my first post.) Thanks to Katie Jane and APW for a generous offer!

  • this one is just a comment to say how much i love the pictures! the beach wedding one is so sweet, and I love how gorgeous the one of the bride in the doorway getting her dress adjusted is. that’s a tricky shot to expose correctly & it looks so perfectly done! if we hadn’t yet booked our photographer i’d be emailing Katie Jane right away!

  • That’s so awesome! Katie was in my APW bookclub – and I think we are having another meeting this weekend where we have decided to wear sequins – and just in the few hours we all hung out I got the sense that she would be a calming but superfun wedding elf! All her photos look great and as someone who tried the DIY photography route, I would say that having her in your corner would be totally worth it. Good luck to the entrants, that’s really sweet.

  • yes! nyc is having a meet up and wearing sequins!
    she’s thoughtful and kind. my impression of her from the first meet up: she spent a lot of time listening and then coming out with exceedingly smart and right on comments. BAM! like, whoa.

    someone is going to be a lucky lady!!

  • I live outside of the area, which means I’m not totally right for this contest, but I would pay to have KJ come to me! She’s great, and though we’re pinching our pennies (trust me, we are) I’d love to have her as one of my few wedding vendors!

    And I’d ADORE being a wedding graduate, if that’s any question at all…

  • Savychacha

    I hope that I don’t live to far away to enter this! My fiance and I live in CT (Metro North travels here) and are getting married October 22, 2011. Financially we are just getting onto stable ground. My fiance is completing bankruptcy next month, and will finally have his car paid off, so two huge burdens will be lifted there. We are having a small (50 or less guests) wedding and are trying our hardest to keep costs as low as possible so we can start a savings for an actual house to call our own. Our venue is a VFW that I will be decorating in red satin to envoke a Twin Peaks feeling. I have asked two close friends to take pictures, and fiance feels as though photography is an expense that we do not need to incure, that friends taking photos should be enough. I’m sure that we will have some good photos, but in my heart I really really want a photographer to be able to capture those moments when friends will be preocupied. I love my fiance and my family and my friends – I just want to be able to capture all of that love and happiness with photos so I can remember how I felt 20 years from now.

  • Julzes

    My fiance and i would love to win this! We’re getting married fall 2011, and we just bought a house, but I recently lost my job. We would’ve delayed the wedding but all of our deposits were already down, so it’s been rough recently! We’d love to win Katie Janes photography package, thanks so much!!

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