Sponsored Post: Lauren McGlynn Photography In the UK & LGBTQ Wedding Photography Giveaway

So Lauren McGlynn Photography. Seriously people, this is why I started APW. People like Lauren are part of the whole point of this blog. Why? Because she’s awesome. She’s a fantastic photographer (her work speaks for itself), but she’s also a lot of other things. She’s someone I wish lived close to me so we could go out to beers on a regular basis. She’s a sane part of the wedding industry. And more to the point, she really, really gets what APW is about, on a bone deep level, and she wants to work with you guys.

You might remember from a previous post that Lauren McGlynn Photography just moved from Austin Texas to Scotland (so right off you know she’s gutsy). So! She’s on the prowl for amazing Team Practical couples in the UK and EU. In fact, she’s *so* determaned to shoot your weddings that she’s waving all travel fees for the UK and the EU, for weddings booked in 2010. AND, as she told me last time, “I have a serious soft spot for budget brides, having been one my self. would like to offer a 20% discount for all weddings booked in 2010 through this ad, and also if anyone really likes my pictures, but has a really tight budget I would like to encourage them to get in touch with me and tell me what they can afford and I will tell them what I can do because I think that everyone deserves to have wedding pictures that they love.” By which I mean, A) She’s a great person, and B) I don’t care if you’re getting married next summer, people, jump the h*ll on this deal, nowwwww. Good stuff like this never lasts.

I asked Lauren to write me something about why she loved working with APW couples, and I was surprised and STOKED by what she wrote. It was one of those, “Really? YAYYYYY” moments for me. She said:

I think I really like APW so much because it is so community focused, and I grew up Quaker (big emphasis on community). Also I love how you are more interested in what a wedding should be about rather than details, accessories, decorations, and people looking cool. I love it that there is still a little room for details, accessories and people looking cool. I love it that you tell people, nope sorry a wedding is not all about you, and yes you should respect your annoying future-mother-in-law when it comes to wedding planning. I’ve worked with a few APW brides and they have been some of the best clients I have ever had. Plus once they find out that I sponsor APW, they start treating me like we’ve been good friends for a long time, and I really really like that. I want to find these ladies in the UK!

Right? You’re going to book her, and then you’re going to end up friends who go out to drinks all the time, and then I’m going to be envious. Actually, I’m kind of envious in advance. Humph.

BUT. The good stuff. Lauren asked me if it would be *ok* if she gave away wedding photography to an LGBTQ couple, that she didn’t want to step on other sponsors toes, and didn’t want to copy people who have already given away LGBTQ wedding photography. And, obviously, I told her that copying people doing something awesome is ALWAYS welcome. So, Lauren is giving away free wedding photography to one awesome LGBTQ couple. She told me, “I’m about as passionately opposed to Prop 8 and everything like it as a person in a heterosexual relationship can be. If the wedding is outside of Scotland I would ask that my travel expenses be covered at cost. “

Soooooooo! LGBTQ couples in the UK and the EU, go go go. Leave a comment about why you’d like to be considered for this giveaway. Everyone else… you’re smiling now, right? You’re welcome.

PS You should read this post, which will make you feel like you know Lauren and you want to be her new best friend. It’s about Lauren and her second shooter Zach, who is now a first shooter in his own right, and an brand new APW wedding elf (more on that later).

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  • ddayporter

    you’re right! that post made me love Lauren! AND Zach. can’t wait to see the weddings that come out of this promotion.

  • Meg B

    Awwww, makes me sad she’s not in the States anymore. Scotland and the EU are lucky to have her!

  • Hayley

    My partner and I just got engaged. Sadly we live in the states, but have a great friend in Scotland and are planning our honeymoon there! Props though on the great LGBTQ giveaway. We are going through some really rough times now with wanting to celebrate our engagment and some family not being supportive nor excited(at all). So thanks from one LGBTQ to a supporter!

  • Thanks Hayley (And Meg B & DDayporter… blushing),

    I think that it’s really important to me that EVERYONE be surrounded by love and support on their wedding day, and I am always part cheerleader at every wedding that I go to because, you know getting married is a big stressful scary wonderful deal. To me marriage is just duhhh… a civil right and I can’t believe that we’re even still having this conversation.

    Even in the UK where gay marriage is legal there are still inequities in language as Anna and the Ring so eloquently pointed out in this post: http://annaandtheringlondon.blogspot.com/2009/09/will-you-civil-union-me.html

    So I just want to say congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I hope that your wedding is lovely!

  • Hello!
    Oh wow… must not get too excited… I live in Manchester and my scottish boyfriend actually lives in Glasgow. We’ve been talking about getting married for a while now (but he’s a lot older than me and has been married before so I think he’s feeling a bit paranoid of what other people might think – silly boy!) but I must try not to jump up and down with utter glee at this kind of opportunity!
    A practical approach is the only way I could see this happening really – but it would also be an ace challenge. I’ve really enjoyed trawling through this site – it’s so inspirational and I definately agree that there’s a big sense of community, like Lauren said. Although I’ve never commented before, I can identify with so much of what has been said here. So… thanks to everyone for that!
    Where abouts has Lauen moved to?? If she’s anywhere near Glasgow, I’ll take her out for a pint when I’m next there ;)

    • I’ve moved/ am moving to Aberdeen, though my husband is Glaswegian, and his family still lives there so we visit Glasgow often. Perhaps two meet ups from now (I think for the next meet up I’ll be in TX finishing out the weddings I have here) we could organize a Scotland APW meet up??? I would LOVE that.

  • Michelle Crawley

    Hello there,

    First time I’ve been on the site – get Google alerts, which brought me here and to Lauren’s gorgeous site. So yay for the internet and for your very generous competition.

    Just had a look at your first Scottish wedding Lauren. It’s beautiful. Wondered where the venue was and it turns it I work (almost) across the road from the Pearce Institute! Despite be actively on the hunt for an unusual wedding venue near Glasgow (and actually being in the place for a sandwich now and then), I didn’t know the Pearce Institute had such a wonderfully big space inside. So thanks for that! I presume your in-laws brought in caterers/events team to bring in tables and chairs etc.

    And to second Briony’s post, would be happy to take you out for a coffee or something stronger to welcome you to Scotland and the wonderful world of weddings here.


  • Thanks Michelle!

    Yes, they brought in caterers and hired chairs, though their event team was primarily friends and family (they rented the chairs & glasses, and then we carried them in and set all up) , and really Frankie did most of the pre-planning work herself. The hall at the Pearce Institute is wonderfully huge and romantic, and I’m pretty sure that it’s also really affordable.

    I would love to get drinks with you guys. Perhaps we could organize an unofficial and informal Glasgow APW meet up next time I’m in town? Anyone interested is more than welcome to send me an e-mail, and I’ll be in-touch to organize, . I would be really excited about this, especially as I don’t as of yet really know very many people in Scotland who aren’t related to me by marriage.

    Thank you again for your very sweet comment!

    Lauren, x

  • lor

    I don’t think anyone has as great as sponsors as APW has!!!