Sponsored Post: Lauren McGlynn Photography in the UK

I’m delighted to get to talk about a long time and awesome APW sponsor – Lauren McGlynn Photography in the UK. Lauren has been a sponsor of APW for a year, but in that year alone, I’ve seen her work change and grow. I can only imagine what *this years* wedding pictures are going to look like, but I know for a fact she’s under charging.

How do I know? Well, because I get to announce Lauren’s APW wedding package, which is good for bookings for the next four weeks (so get on that UK and EU!) This offer is good for any wedding in 2011, and expires on February 21, 2011.

APW Package
Up to 8 hours of wedding day coverage
DVD with 200 high-resolution individually retouched images
DVD with all of the additional unprocessed images from your wedding day
Password protected image gallery
Personal use license for all images
No travel fees for weddings in the UK (travel in the EU for roughly £300)


But Lauren McGlynn Photography is way more than a great APW wedding deal, and beautiful pictures. Lauren is the whole package. She’s got the APW ethos through and through, and you guys will love her for it. This is what Lauren told me about why she loves working with APW-ers, and believes in the Team Practical philosophy:

I encounter a lot of wedding media that, while trying to provide inspiration, can make people (especially women) feel a lot of pressure: pressure to have the perfect details, pressure to look perfect, pressure to spend a lot of money. At the same time it implies that women should not get overly emotional or anxious about their weddings for fear of being labeled a ‘zilla. I love APW because it switches the focus from perfection, to being thoughtful about the meaning that your wedding holds, and the impact that it will have on you, your partner and the people in your community. I am absolutely on board with that message.

However, I am also on board with the side of APW that says that it’s okay to show that you care about your wedding. I get so many e-mails from clients asking me lots of questions, or sending me a long list of details about their big day, and inevitably they wind up saying something like: “I’m sorry if I’m being a bridezilla, but…” and it always makes me sad. Why should a woman feel like she’s turning into a monster just because she cares about her wedding, or because she feels stressed out or anxious, especially when she feels the weight of everyone’s expectations and all that pressure to be perfect? I think it’s good to care a lot about your wedding, and it’s okay to show that you’re upset on your wedding day if you’re feeling really stressed out.

I know that other APW photographers have already said this, but I have also found that for me a big part of being a wedding photographer is not just taking pictures, but also offering encouragement and being supportive in the time leading up to a wedding, and especially on the wedding day [Editors note: THIS. This is what you should be looking for when you hire your photographer.] I try to approach every wedding that I photograph with compassion, empathy, and a sense of humor. That is how I make people feel comfortable, that is what helps me to handle other people’s stress, and that is how I find the images that I capture.

So Team Practical UK? Lauren will travel from Scotland (she just moved to Scotland from Austin, TX, brave woman that she is) to wherever you are for FREE. And she’ll get you, and you’ll want to hang out for hours and get drinks, and then she’ll take beautiful, dreamy pictures (and you’ll be able to afford it!) Team Practical EU? Lauren’s travel costs are so affordable, that you’ve totally got this.

So go, browse, book her, and then send me pictures. Oh. And. Did I mention her photo-shoot by a castle in Scotland? Yeah. You’re going to want to check that out.

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  • Sooz

    Yay Lauren! She’s doing us an amazing deal on our photos which means that we can afford the professional photography that I’d just about given up on, and she’s been so lovely to deal with. We’re really looking forward to meeting her in April.


  • Aww, thanks Sooz… I’m really excited about your wedding.

  • Woohoo Lauren!!!

    • I was pondering weather or not to comment on your ad last Friday and say that you’re one of the very few photographers who I wish had been my wedding photographer, as you always make everyone look so gorgeous, but then I didn’t out of shyness. Silly me. & Thank you.

  • I love your work girl.

    I also happen to think you are one lovely lady too!!

    (People will be flocking!)

    • Oh wow, thank you Anna (my favorite UK wedding blogger, because she keeps it real, while being utterly charming).

  • angela

    only if i knew her a year ago……but i will recommend to my friends…go girl!!

    • Thank you Angela, & I am grateful for any referrals.

  • Lele

    I’m considering a wedding in Scotland and now I would have the perfect photographer!

  • lorna

    lauren- how’s your availabilty for christmas? haven’t got my date confirmed yet by venue, but i’m in LOVE with your work, and had a florist recommend you already! expect my email! x

    • Thank you Lorna! I am deffinitly available for Christmas. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

  • marbella

    Lovely! I am British, but live in the US now. I just sent this to a UK bride-to-be though.

  • Priscilla

    Lauren was my photographer for my wedding in September, and she was fabulous. Beautiful pics of everything I’d asked for and at an oh so reasonable price. The best piece of advice I got about picking a photographer was to be sure you want to hang around that person all day on on your wedding day. I’m glad I got to hang out with Lauren. :)

    • Aww, thank you Priscilla, I’m so glad that I got to hang out with you too. Your wedding was so beautiful, and I really enjoyed it.

  • Yay. You are photographing my sister’s wedding this summer. I can’t wait!

    • Oooohhh. Wow. I just saw her blog, and that adorable barn. I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you.

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