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First of all. I saw you international readers just glaze over when you saw a sponsored post. But if you live in the UK or the EU, sit up straight and pay attention. Also, oddly, Texas, also pay attention. Thank you.

Do I always say I’m excited when I get to introduce a new APW sponsor? It’s quite possible that I do, because like with so many other things about this site, the advertising program has grown into something way, way, way beyond my wildest dreams. There are all these super sharp, super talented, super grounded artists who are really dedicated to working with couples just like you guys. They all represent something I didn’t dare to dream about when we were first planning our wedding.

So, all of that is to say that I’m really, genuinely, super excited to introduce you to Lauren McGlynn Photography. And WAIT FOR IT… Lauren is in the process of relocating from Texas to Aberdeen Scotland, making her our second international wedding elf, EVER. Lauren will be serving the UK, and really, all of Europe. No seriously: she is waving all travel fees for the UK and the EU, for weddings booked in 2010.

Before I blabber on about Lauren a little more, I want to blabber on about the wedding that she particularly wanted to share: Jeany and Mose. Lauren said, “Their wedding was awesome, everything a wedding should be with love, laughter, warmth, kindness, tears, dancing, joy, all of it, and it was the best of all of these things and it was done on a seriously tight budget.” So all these pictures come care of Jeany and Mose and their wedding done right (vegetable garden bouquet, a friend’s band playing the night away). Those are the amazing pictures you’re seeing. Achem. Carrying on.

So. Things you should know about Lauren, other than I like her (and I never just say that, m’kay?) She’s really serious about artistic collaboration with her couples (and who does that?) She’ll email with you a billion times over, discussing shots you love, lighting, props for an engagement shoot, emotion, what makes you feel comfortable, anything. She takes her clients seriously as creative people in their own right, and wants to work with you, not for you.

She also told me this (which will melt your heart a little), “I have a serious soft spot for budget brides, having been one my self. I would like to offer a 20% discount for all weddings booked in 2010 through this ad, and also if anyone really likes my pictures, but has a really tight budget I would like to encourage them to get in touch with me and tell me what they can afford, and I will tell them what I can do because I think that everyone deserves to have wedding pictures that they love.”

Can I just say, at this juncture, that APW sponsors routinely offer you guys deals that are actually make me scared about how they will put food on the table – just because they love you guys that much? Just saying.

And now, the details (because I feel like I have nothing to say about the pictures. They do all the talking themselves, no?) Lauren will be in the UK from June 1- July 27, and back in Texas shooting weddings (catch her while you can, Texas, her fall availability is here), and thenĀ  the UK for good as of November 2010.

Oh. And there was one other thing she told me that made me want to kiss her on the mouth; “I never ever use watermarks and all of my package options include RAW files. Pictures come with a full copyright release. All images belong to my clients and I will never use them without their permission. ever. I believe in privacy.” (emphasis mine.)

And with that, I’m just going to let Jeany & Mose’s amazing effing wedding do the talking. I’m not supposed to be showing you so many pictures, but I seriously can’t help myself. And when you’re done, go look at Lauren’s site. And at the rest of Jeany & Moose’s wedding, ASAP.

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  • Sooz

    I’m a little confused by the wording – does ‘weddings booked in 2010’ mean weddings that are taking place in 2010, or weddings that have been booked in 2010?

    Cos this might actually allow us to be able to afford a professional photographer, but our wedding’s in 2011…


    • meg

      It means what it says – wedding booked in 2010.

      • Hi Sooz!

        I was about to say what Meg just said, but then she said it first, and so I just hit the exactly button, because I’ve been wanting too for awhile. I am serious about the talk to me about what you can afford thing too!

        Meg, you might just get a love letter from me soon… <3 Have a wonderful day and congratulations!

      • Sooz

        So it’s related to the date on which you place the booking, rather than the date of your wedding?

        Sorry if I’m being a bit obtuse – it’s been a long week!


        • Yes exactly, if you reserve me as your photographer in 2010 for you 2011 wedding you get a 20% discount.

  • dev

    Yay, Lauren! I am a lurker, but I am compelled to leave a comment today. Lauren was our photographer. In fact, the very first picture of her shooting from on top of the chair is from our wedding. I just have to say that Lauren is amazing. She has a fantastic eye, and manages to capture the most wonderful moments without being at all obtrusive. Like Meg noted, she’s totally open to suggestions and working with your ideas, but if you are less hands-on you can just let her do her thing. Either way you will get amazing images. Plus, you will quickly realize that she’s a really cool lady that you’ll enjoy spending time with. And surrounding yourself with cool people that you’re comfortable with is a really good thing, especially on your wedding day.

    • Thank you Dev! I’ll say it again, we had a wonderful time at your wedding… twisty tie wedding ring substitute…? <3 I should have known that you were a practical lady.

      I should also give credit to my beloved and amazingly talented second shooter Zachery Scott Hunt for the top photo. He is staying in Texas when I leave, so if any of you Texas ladies are interested in him, get in touch!

  • Priscilla

    Lauren is our photographer for our Sept wedding! I think I might have even been the one to direct her here. Way exciting. And she’s serious about working with your budget, she helped us out to fit in ours. Yeah!!

    • Priscilla, it was totally you. Thank you!

  • Tricia

    Full copyright release is amazing. I totally dig that.

  • Vida

    Hi, Meg and the rest of Team Practical!

    I’m a faithful lurker to this site and felt compelled to respond to this post as I was a grateful attendee of this awesome, soulful wedding. Jeany and Mose truly are conscientious, caring, and FUN peeps – and, Lauren, your photos convey the spirit of their wedding beautifully!
    In fact, I’ve recently been babbling all over the place about how impressed I am by your truthful, spirited work.

    Best wishes to Mose & Jeany and kudos to Lauren!