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Ok, you know how wedding photographers are always saying things like, “Oh, we are willing to travel” and this nagging voice in the back of your mind says, “Sure. But what’s it going to cost me?” (Or am I the only wedding industry cynic?) Well. When APW sponsors/wedding elves say they travel, THEY TRAVEL. Like, go big or go home. So today I get to talk about the travelers of all traveling wedding elves, Leah and Mark out of Atlanta. In the spring, Leah and Mark came out with an APW only offer of no travel fees east of the Mississippi, and because you guys are rad (and I love you for that), you were like, “Whatever, amazing new photographers who are still building their business and will travel for free? YOU ARE SO ON.” And y’all have been booking them all over ever since.

In fact, all the weddings in the post today are from weddings all over the country. There is  a kick-ass wedding in Indiana, a Team Practical Savannah wedding (Girlfriend! Wedding graduate post! What!), and an amazing Boston wedding. And they are all beautiful and totally totally different. I love that.

Mark emailed me recently to say how amazing the whole summer had been, and how much they wanted to thank you guys, he told me “While some couples honestly worried that we were too inexperienced and the risk was too great to fly us across several states for their wedding – others have taken the chance on us and we find ourselves flying up and down the east coast over the next year. We’ve got more weddings booked in Illinois, Michigan, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina! We’ll drive, we’ll fly, we’ll arrive the day before or earlier to make sure that we can meet the couple in person before their actual wedding date.”

So to thank you guys for real, for being an awesome grounded community, with awesome grounded brave couples who are willing to invest in emerging creative businesses, Leah and Mark are giving you guys this effing amazing travel deal, for APW readers only: We are still offering 20% off all weddings and no travel fee for weddings East of the Mississippi. For weddings West of the Mississippi – 20% discount + a flat $900 travel fee. And of course – our 100% money back guarantee still applies. Oh right, because did I mention? They have a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like your pictures. Because they are crazy (awesome).

Seriously you guys. I mentioned to Mark that there were parts of Southern California and the Southwest where I had NO APW photographers, and no one I could recommend as both sane and monstrously talented, and they decided to travel to the West for $900 and 20% off. So, San Diego? Arizona? Nevada? Utah? New Mexico? I’m totally looking at you. Anywhere else in the country where you’re having a hard time finding wedding elves who get you? I’m looking at you too. Hire them, they are rad.

Oh, and finally, they are fantastic people. Literally. They give a portion of their profits to micro-lending through Kiva, they have this amazing non-profit project to create images for local non-profits (STEAL THIS IDEA, PHOTOGRAPHERS! Make Leah and Mark proud!) And they have an amazing three month internship program for 15 adults working to build their skills at photography.

Yeah. These are totally people you want at your wedding.

PS Please go read this crazy story about how when they first started they offered to stay at couples houses to cut costs, before they realized people would think that was nuts, and this amazing Offbeat Bride was like, “totally, stay with us.” And then they helped set up the wedding and babysit and do flowers and stuff. That’s Leah babysitting up there. Rad.

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  • Elissa

    I want to throw in my opinion of Leah And Mark… they are totally, completely awesome! I adore them. They are so helpful and want to see other photographers succeed, so when I came to them for advice Mark replied right away. I love their selflessness. Seriously, guys, if you ask them to be your photographer for anything, they will give it their all, because they are awesome people PLUS awesome photographers.

  • Rizubunny

    Leah and Mark are our photographers for our wedding next year…and I can’t wait!

  • Rose

    Shoot, that last post reaffirmed my love for Kate Harrison’s photos and now I am loving Leah and Mark. APW sponsors are the best… I wish I could work with them all!

    • meg

      I know. Sometimes I worry about confusing you guys with the awesome ;) Because they REALLY REALLY are all awesome. I get to know all the sponsors pretty well, working with them here, and they make me so happy.

      Anyway, Leah & Mark. Awesome. And everywhere, which is rad-tastic.

  • Leah & Mark will be doing a photo booth for our wedding and I couldn’t be more excited. I am lucky to live in the same area as they do and they are fabulous people.

    • Aw, thanks, Juliana! We think you’re fabulous, too. Super duper fabulous, in fact.

  • Vmed

    Yay! Ours is the Michigan one!

    Leah and Mark are really prompt and friendly in email and even their contracts are friendly. We are so excited, and also want to thank APW for pointing us in their direction!

  • I hope that whenever my partner and I are ready to take the plunge, Leah and Mark will travel to Canada (I’m still East of the Mississippi, though!) and stay in our apartment, because these photos are beyond gorgeous.

  • Anna

    How about Hawaii? Still only $900 travel fee? I’m looking for someone for next summer but I can hear my mother groaning about having to explain to people I “flew in the photographers.”

    • Hawaii? Yes. Sounds good to me. Email us and let us know about your wedding date to see if we’re available :-) and we’ll discuss details! Thank you!

  • Mark and Leah are amazing. They were customers of ours at our farmer’s market, and shot our ‘green’ wedding on our friends farm. It was an absolute storybook wedding. I cannot say enough about how great they were to work with, they captured family and friends in such incredible photos. We’ll be using them for our belly and baby pictures too! We’re customers for life! I cannot say enough… HIRE THEM!!

  • Not to repreat the already repeated, but we love them, too! They did our enagagement shots a few months ago and will be shooting our wedding in 45 days. (OMG, so soon.)

    Also, for what it’s worth, Leah and Mark are LGBTQ friendly We ran into some southern photogs who definitely were not :(

  • Christina

    San Diego is definitely lacking in decent wedding photographers. I think this deal sounds great and I love their photos. I just sent them an e-mail. :]

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