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Do you guys remember Leah and Mark? The photographers out of Atlanta? Of course you do, they were the one’s that shot Jamie and Max’s beautiful and emotional pictures in the wedding graduate post yesterday. Well, I’m always thrilled to write about Leah and Mark, because I think they are such a fantastic example of everything a small business – and a wedding business – should be.
Leah and Mark are a married team of wedding photographers who started their business (if you can believe it from the amazing quality of the pictures) just a year ago. They started advertising on APW when they had shot just two weddings, and you guys embraced them whole heartedly. Both Nancy & Sean and Jamie & Max hired them when they were just starting out, and Mark told me, “After reading their wedding graduate posts – we cannot express how honored we are, and how much we appreciate them having us at their weddings.”
Excuse me while I get a little weepy.
Leah and Mark have been on fire since they started their business, growing in all these innovative and… can I say ethical?…. ways. They donate 10% of all photography services to Kiva. Also, they offer our 100% money back guarantee – and of course it includes all travel fees – no matter what, even if they fly into town and (god forbid!) someone runs away at the altar. And! They are still offering their APW 20% discount and No Travel Fees for weddings East of the Mississippi – along with a flat travel fee of $900 for weddings West of the Mississippi (sweeeeet). Plus, to really up the ante, they are offering a weekday wedding special for weddings booked on Monday-Thursday, with rates ranging from $650-$900. If that’s not a package with APW’s name written all over it, I don’t know what is.
To top off all of this awesomeness, Leah and Mark have and Internship program where they take on 10 new interns every three months and teach them things that they don’t teach in photography school (or at least teach well). Like, you know, how to run a business. The best part about this, to me, is that Leah and Mark are two of the most generous and no-secrets business owners around. They are succeeding, and they want you to succeed, and I love that. They are currently accepting applications for their next batch of interns (several APW-ers have interned with them in the past and loved the program).
In closing, because as we discussed last week, you want to hire photographers you actually like as people at your wedding, I thought I’d share a little bit of what Mark told me about how they’ve been living their lives the past few years. He says “We like to say that we ‘live like we’re alive’ – as opposed the common saying ‘live like you’re dying.’ Because when you live like you’re alive – you can make long term plans to achieve the things you really, really want in life, and not just the exciting distractions (not that those aren’t needed sometimes.).” Well that, and you can read about what Leah wrote about working with her husband, and look at the pictures of the trip they took to Nepal this winter on three weeks notice. Nice, right?
But mostly, the pictures. I haven’t said much about them, because I think the work is so strong it speaks for themselves. But. The first half are from a Team Practical wedding (I think I speak for all of us when I request a wedding graduate post Theresa). And this last one? Well, I’m not putting it in because it’s the most artsy picture in the world, but just because it’s one of those amazing and real moments (I was totally a little girl just like that), and that’s what you want a photographer to capture: the real stuff.
So go check out Leah and Mark, and enjoy.
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  • Rizubunny

    Leah and Mark are photographing our wedding in September…I can’t wait!!!

  • So… the website is down due to hacking, and is course that’s really convenient… but it should be up in an hour or so…

    • meg

      But, it’s up again now. Yay!

  • Theresa

    Seriously…and I cannot stress this enough: Book LeahandMark.com for your wedding photographers.

    You will not be disappointed! They blend in with the flow of everything. They were happy to do whatever was necessary for your wedding. Leah even helped pierce my ear the day of! And I’m not photogenic…they are just really really awesome photographers. And if you look through all their wedding shots…each wedding is shot different, so it really encapsulates the feelings and images of your unique wedding.

    And I’m sure I don’t have much wisdom to give, but I’d love to do a Wedding Graduate post.

    • meg

      Please? And of course you have wisdom, every one does. AND PIERCE YOUR EAR? That’s a story right there.

    • DO IT! (and I want to hear the pierced ear story too!)

  • Awesome that you guys lend to Kiva. Their office building is right next to my cafe so they come in all the time – it’s an amazing business. I love your photos too! What an awesome business you guys are running.

  • UM. I wish so badly that I lived in Atlanta. And that I knew anything about photography (and that I had a DSLR). Because I want to be one of their interns please please please.

    Maybe they would settle to come hang out in central Illinois and I could offer them a really good cup of tea? Is there any other way I could get them to come hang out with me??

    And those pictures: gorgeous!

    • Lol Kinzie!

      Actually – we have had several interns move to Atlanta for the three months. One from Florida, North Carolina, and this term we’re got one that moved here from Colorado :-)

      • I just spent the last several hours (since my last comment) reading all of your interns’ blogs and looking at their work. I’m now obsessed with the Power Pics and I’m determined to do that myself with the use of my sad little CoolPix camera that makes every picture have a red tint. I think, with enough determination, I can make it happen.

        Your interns are doing genius work and I love your work too. Maybe I’ll get myself a present someday and start playing around with a DSLR of my very own. It’ll happen one of these days!

  • I “know” Leah in that internet-acquaintance sort-of-way, and I just have to say she is awesome! So on top of it and just downright cool. She would be so fun to work with (and I’m sure Mark is, too). I wish you both the best with your business!

    • Aw, thanks Sara! And thanks so much to everyone else, too. We love APW and the awesome folks that hang out here. Can I say hang out? Even though it’s web-space? Well, that’s how I feel anyways. =)

  • Gorgeous Photography!

  • I desperately wish I could just put my job on hold for 3 months and do this… it sounds like a dream come true.

    maybe by the next session I will be ready to leap.

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  • I have been reading your blog for the last 3 days and find so much interesting topics here. It really proves how really nice the photo it is. Thank you so much for sharing this kind of information. Well done.

  • Chelsea

    Great shots! :-)