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LeahAndMark Photography is one of our newest sponsors, but they are here with a vengeance. Leah and Mark (a young married couple) decided that you guys were the coolest wedding-y people in the world, and they wanted to hang out with you all the time.  And how can I not agree with that?

LeahAndMark Photography is based out of Atlanta, But they are shooting practical weddings everywhere this year. They have two special deals going for you guys in particular at the moment: 1) 20% off all APW weddings, and 2) No travel fees east of the Mississippi for APW weddings booked by the end of June (snap that sh*t up… seriously….) So far this year about 80% of their booked weddings are out of town weddings. They have weddings in Chicago, Tennessee, New York, and Florida (LOTS OF FLORIDA they tell me. So Florida, stop complaining you have no elves!).

So, all the pictures in this post are from their most recent wedding (a Team Practical wedding) and man it’s a great one. The couple are both public interest lawyers, and there were just 17 guests. It sort of melts my heart…. This is the first wedding that Leah and Mark have shot in six months, and honestly, the difference in their work is dramatic. They were really good before, but now they are… stunning… they have that something you can’t quite pin down. I mean look at this photo:

But their rates… are… low. (Honestly, I just clicked over to their rates, and my jaw literally dropped. Picture quality and rates are not matching up here, so, you win big time). They’ve introduced a new package that is aimed for couples on a tighter budget. It allows you to get amazing amazing wedding pictures, and then save up and purchase your digital files and/or prints later.

They also just introduced a 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not happy with your pictures, or the wedding gets called off, or there is some sort of crazy act of god. I can’t decide if this is really ballsy or really silly… since clearly you’re not going to want your money back. But it does take some serious stress off the table, which is their goal. They’ve gotten married. They know. You don’t need anything extra to worry about.

And finally, they are clearly just people you want at your wedding. They give 10% of their profits to micro-lenders Kiva.org. They got engaged on the Great Wall of China. Team Practical members who have gone before you adored them. And that’s what matters.

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  • The kiva donation aspect of their packages is so very very awesome.

    • JM + MJ

      They’ll also send you the info on the kiva loan that the proceeds from your photo shoot supports :)

  • C

    Ahhh where are the Canadian equivalents?! (Flying them to Ontario is just not in my budget). Amazing, stress-free and ethical!

    • C! When is your wedding? You should contact us. Depending on the date, I think we can just add Ontario to our East of the Mississippi group – ’cause I’ve never been there and that’d be awesome.

  • C! When is your wedding? You should contact us. Depending on the date, I think we can just add Ontario to our East of the Mississippi group – ’cause I’ve never been there and that’d be awesome.

    • C

      Could you be any more awesome? I’ll contact you!

  • AussieAndy

    Why aren’t there photographers like these two in Australia?? The photos are STUNNING – and not ‘posy’ like many WIC wedding photographers. And Kiva, such an incredible cause (I just love micro lending as a concept… genius). Talented and carrying their own personal good karma to your wedding. What more could you want? Apart from them being from Australia of course!

    Thanks for the post Meg!

    • Hi AussieAndy! While we would totally love to travel to Australia, it probably won’t happen this year. However, a photographer friend of ours just told us about this Australian photographer that you might like… Jonas Peterson. I don’t know him personally, and his prices might be a bit higher than ours, but he’s in Australia and we like his photos, so maybe you will, too! Also not sure how close to Melbourne you are… but check him out if you’re close by! http://jonaspeterson.com/

      And thanks to everyone else for the lovely comments! =)

      • AussieAndy

        My man and I aren’t tying the knot for a couple of years so I’ll be sure to look you up and see if its about time for a trip ‘Downunder’ when we do. JonasPeterson looks stunning – thanks for the recommendation. I’m in Sydney but Melbourne is a lot closer than Atlanta!

  • Sarah Beth

    This is awesome! Ever been to Macon, GA?

    But I’m so torn! On one hand, we really were planning on using our friend who is a photographer, but she wants more money than we can really afford, at least to get what I want. But your photos are so purty! Really, with the discount, I could get wedding coverage, prints, and rights to all the photos, and still afford to use her for Day After, TTD, and boudoir shoots. All for the same amount she would charge for 4 hrs. of coverage and a $100 print credit (which = about 15 prints).

    :\ This is why you should be careful about hiring friends…it’s moral conundrum!

    I think I might go for it, though. I’ll be contacting you in a few days!

    • Sarah Beth – That. Would. Be. Awesome.

      We would of course LOVE to be your wedding photographers ;-)

      When you get around to it – contact us so we can see if we’re available for your wedding date because honestly, and without exaggeration or boasting – we’re getting booked up.


  • JM + MJ

    Leah and Mark are our photographers. They seriously could not be more awesome. We’ve had (and love) our engagement photos and are so excited to see what they do with our October wedding. Book them, and book them now!

    (Bonuses: They are, in addition to being talented, really fun people to hang out with. They’re also super queer-friendly, budget-friendly, offbeat-friendly, and socially responsible. Go, go, go!)

  • JM + MJ

    Oh, and they’re good at being married. That’s the kind of karma you want at your wedding, isn’t it?

  • Ohmighosh, they just might be the perfect photographers for my wedding!