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Because I’m in charge of this-here blog, I decided to line up sponsored posts for two photographers that I’m lucky to count as hyper-talented personal friends, and who I think you would be THRILLED to have as your photographers. Yippee! Fun for me, fun for you!First up, is the fabulous Lillian and Leonard, the wedding photographers made up of the married couple Cara (of Peonies and Polaroids) and Nye. They are based in Scotland, but are more than willing to travel all around the globe (and probably under-charge to do so). I’m going to blather on about how tremendous their photography is in a bit, but first let me blather on about how wonderful Cara and Nye are, and how much you will love to have them at your wedding. Cara is that tremendous mix of wry and together. She’s the photographer that will quietly raise and eyebrow as your soon-to-be-sister-in-law starts loosing her sh*t as you get ready, and the slowly usher said sister-in-law out of your frame of vision, all while taking beautiful pictures. A bit of a wizard, that one. Then there is Nye. Meeting Nye was a bit unexpected for me, since Cara calls him ‘the boy’ on her blog, and it turns out he is A) Not a boy B) Hilarious and C) Can match me for dryness and wit. So. In my humble opinion, just who you want to have around.Their photography style speaks for itself. It’s like nothing else, really. Dreamy and ethereal, yet gritty and arresting simultaneously. Suffice to say, if they take your wedding pictures, you will end up with a book of fine art prints.Lillian and Leonard shot two Team Practical couples last year (lets make them shoot more this year, shall we?) and both couples emailed me to rave about how amazing they were. You’ll remember Dougie and Danae’s pink confection of a wedding:But there was also this amazing wedding, with the singing of spirituals and the Swallows and Amazon centerpieces (sighhhh):And finally, Lillian and Leonard are traveling to New York on April 27 – May 10 and they want to shoot your weddings while they are there. So you last minute practical couples (there are always tons of you), EMAIL THEM. TODAY! And then send me pictures. Please?And even if you’re not in the market for traveling Scottish wedding photographers, you’re going to want to go roll around in their blog a little bit…. yummy…. dreamy… images… makesyouwanttoeatthemallup.

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  • Anonymous

    This pic of the bare feet and the crinoline is priceless! -Katherine

  • Hurray for Peonies and the Boy!

  • Their photography is amazing. Most of your sponsors, especially the ones you gush about are very very good. But IMO and feel free to disregard, I'm a little sad when you note how they undercharge etc. and I inquire as to price and find them very expensive. I am sure they are worth it and I have nothing against you advertising them, but I'd appreciate it if you were just a little more careful not to imply that someone is more affordable then they are.

  • I am lucky enough to be having the lovely pair take our engagement pictures while they are in New York this spring! I am so excited!

  • Meg

    I didn't say they undercharge ( though they charge what you need to make a living, and are more flexble than almost anyone since they KNOW…. They had a teensy wedding budget). What I did say is that they undercharge to uproot their lives and travel internationally to shoot weddings. And that I'll stick by.

    But hey, in general I stick up for my friends scraping by making art :) they get paid much less well than many of us.

  • Peonies and Polaroids


  • I love that the pics here show the wedding and not just staged photos of the hubby & wife…not that I don't love those kind of pics. It's just that they're not real life…these are real life and I love them!

  • and every word of that post is why I booked peonies and the boy over the local photographer I already had semi booked for my wedding this year, I cannot wait to meet them :)

  • Anonymous

    I need to see photos of that wedding with the swallows and amazon centrepieces – is there a link, or a wedding graduate post? Sounds amazing!

  • Don't blush Peonies, every word here is soooo true :)

  • Meg

    No. But perhaps this will make them get it together and get me their GRADUATE POST ALREADY.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    @anon there is a link, there is!


    But Meg's right, a graduate post is sorely needed.

  • I just have to chime in as a client of Lillian and Leonard (I'm the one in pink!) to say that they are absolutely wonderful. On the day, Cara and Nye were a wonderful blend of being present and helpful, yet also seeming to just disappear into the background as your wedding happened around you. We felt so comfortable and relaxed with them, and all of our guests commented about how they managed to take so many shots, yet never interrupt the actual proceedings.

    As you can see, the end results were incredible. Going through our wedding photos is like opening up a storybook of the day itself — it is all there on film as it happened, yet everything also looks so beautiful and special. I can't tell you how happy I am that we booked them – it was a last-minute decision and totally worth it.

    Seriously – hire them. They are such lovely, talented people.